10 Best Project Management Software With Time Tracking

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Project management software is available in abundance and that is the situation with time tracking software too. The former serves as the heart of a project right from the start of the project until its culmination, while the latter uses time as a primary factor to calculate the productivity, and the hours put in by each team member. Relatable examples of project management software include Hubstaff Tasks, Monday.com, Liquid Planner. Similarly, Hubstaff, Timesheet.io, Beebole, Timely by Memmory.ai, etc are examples of time tracking software. You may have a question regarding why there are different software for project management and time tracking and the simple answer is, it is required. 

Not every business with a project needs time as a primary factor that needs to be factored in for further insight into performance. Some project management software is applicable in this scenario that pays more attention to projects, teams, and tasks at hand and is okay with the eight-12 hours a day completion window. No stress whatsoever. These are a great fit for projects that involve daily gigs and do not have a long course of implementation. Time tracking software for a contractor just requires to log in the hours put in by his team members for each day, manage shifts, and ensure that no one is absent without a reason. It has heightened focus on the hours that a remote employee devotes to the job and the pay that will be disbursed to him based on that data. Simple solutions for two different problems. 

But for large enterprises, this is where the worlds collide. The enterprises with massive projects that include tight deadlines, elaborate workflow management, and also need to use time as a factor to measure performance and productivity, create invoices based on that data, and pay their employees accordingly. In a remote work environment for a large project, both the factors become equally essential to measure the overall feasibility of the project. After all, shelling a huge sum for a job not well done doesn’t exactly suit the big league companies. This is where project management software with time tracking comes into play and is a boon for both minutely tracking the hours put in my employees and ensure a seamless workflow of all the modules of a project.  

The project management software with time tracking eases the burden of the managers and team leaders by focusing more on the project and less on the briefing and reiterating the workflow of the project. They just have to amass a competent team assign projects and tasks and monitor their productivity. At the end of the project, the analysis reports are also easily constructed using the data obtained from the project management software with time tracking. So all bases are covered if you are using a competent solution for your project that manages all the tedious, time-draining work for you. 

Options are plenty when it comes to choosing a project management software with time tracking but we’ve narrowed down it to ten software that are a viable choice for the requirement, both small and medium sized business and enterprises with gigantic projects that are large in number. 

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1. Hubstaff Tasks and Hubstaff  

Hubstaff Tasks and Hubstaff, the name implies two software but we were just discussing the benefits of a singular one, so why choose the two? The answer to that is Hubstaff was or rather is a time tracking application and an effective one too. The Hubstaff task is their new product that uses the agile methodology of workflow management. The application far supersedes the basic project management software like Trello and introduces multiple views for comprehending the data. They came up with the Hubstaff task later so using both will cover all the needs of a remote workflow management software with time tracking. 

Both the software work hand in hand. One automates the workflow while the other uses active time tracking using the GPS. The presence can be guaranteed using the GPS while enabling geo-fencing would automate the time they step in for work and when they leave the site. Using agile kanban-board the software enables assigning projects and subsequent tasks and following the status of the project very easily. The time tracking enables the manager to formulate performance reports and payroll automation with ease. 

Hubstaff Tasks and Hubstaff are only recommended because of the unwavering focus on both aspects of the requirement that no other competitor provides. Be it geofencing, visually appealing, and illustrative Kanban-style workflow automation, information sharing among team members, and even the micro-updates ensure that no issue gets overlooked, even the minute ones. The pricing is also not on the super expensive type and makes the software worth a try. 


Mavenlink is the first in line to the throne of the best project management software with time tracking if that manages to transcend the time tracking varieties Hubstaff provides to its users. But Mavenlink is not very far from perfection. It provides the option to add and view numerous projects and their current status without flinching for a second. You can quickly select from projects and project portfolios to filter your desired projects and gain insight into the work done so far.  

Understanding all that is simplified by the implementation of Gantt Charts that help you visualize the data and make notes from it. It is so layered and descriptive that it can feel overcompensating at times but a dedicated manager never runs from a challenge. Mavenlink uses time tracking to present a risk analysis that can be helpful to save capital in a dying project. The time tracking data is combined with the project workflow data to predict the time required to achieve the culmination of a project. The templates of the past projects are saved and can be used if required for future projects. You don’t have to worry about saving that either. 

The application ensures easy communication among team members and allows all types of file sharing between them. Mavenlink is priced a bit high at 39 dollars for all the bells and whistles that it has to offer. 


Replicon is the most comprehensive project management software and time tracking that can be a little hard to grasp in the first attempt. The company offers a diverse range of solutions that include Project and Time management, easy payments and billing, identifying diminished workflow areas to improve productivity, time attendance, and compliance, and resource management. From the first look, it is an enterprise-grade solution perfect for business where the money is not drained into mediocre ventures. 

Replicon is based on the agile framework like Hubstaff tasks meaning it can adapt to the changes in workflow with ease and point out the areas that are underperforming. They have prebuilt templates for creating timesheets and can be even customized to include other quintessential factors. The projects that you feed to the system are easy to track and can be altered if the need arises. The approval system is built-in for any query or core changes that need to be done to the project. It views the project calendar and identifies the time-off to schedule the next member for the time being. 

It is also useful to log in daily attendance of the team members involved in the project and point out the one impeding the normal workflow. Its analytics engine gives detailed information about every asset associated with the project by using time as a primary factor. Replicon is available for thirty bucks a month and is nowhere a cheap solution, but an effective one. 


Wrike is a very visual project management software with time tracking that overs an omnidirectional view of everything happening in a project. The software makes sure you never miss a thing when it comes to elaborate on projects where every input and update is crucial. It displays the information in terms of graphical charts for easy comprehension by the managers. The metrics can be included as per your requirement and makes confusing logs traversal a lot less cumbersome.  

The dashboard of the software is both elaborate and minimalistic as per your liking. Wrike also offers you to run multiple projects in parallel and use each of their collected data to draw out comparisons between different projects and their team performance. The software provides the manager or the team leader a live notification pane that can be used to view the task that is being worked upon right now. 

Active time tracking feature is available to see how your team members perform a designated in due time and which among them are overworked during the projects. By identifying potential burnouts you can give the member a cool-off period before he/she starts working on the project again. It is available on every major platform and is a suitable option to manage remote workers. 


If you thought Mavenlink was expensive, Proofhub usurps it in terms of pricing for now. With a 45 dollar plan, it sure is on the expensive side of the spectrum based upon the service that it offers. It is a project management and time tracking software that doesn’t feel like running away from it, at the first glance. The user interface is pretty intuitive and uses the kanban board to assign tasks in an orderly fashion that reduces commotion among the members.  

The application also uses a Gantt chart view as well as a table view to help you easily fit the pieces of the puzzle together. The Gantt charts can be used to find existing flaws in the workflow and can be used to correct them without disturbing the peace of the members. There is a discussion option that allows members to easily chat with each other without integrating a third-party service for the same. It uses the calendar view so that no one can back off and complain about the tasks they didn’t know about and also displays the project’s life cycle.  

Integration of third-party apps is made very easy by Proofhub and there is a centralized repository for managing all the files created during the project. We hope that the pricing was kept a little lower than what its currently at. 


Trigger values your capital and time equally and tries to minimize overspending to a large extent. It originally was designed for consultation purposes so that every major and minor aspect of a project could be tabulated but evolved into a project management system after that. The design is simple and as soon as you have the green light from the client you can create a project on the software and manage it from thereon. 

 Assigning tasks is very easy using Trigger, and then working and submitting them is no hassle at all. The software implements two kinds of time tracking both real-time and after the completion of tasks so that no cents are wasted on a task. The time tracking feature enables you to manage budgets and expenses and see whether the project would culminate before the funds dry out. Real-time expense tracing is possible using the timesheet data. 

Like most project management software, Trigger uses Kanban boards for project creation and task designation to the members. Three new features that include on-hold, feedback, and complete are soon to be added as per recent posts by the team. Switching between list views and Kanban view is also a possibility with Trigger. All in all, a decent project management software with time tracking feature. 

7. 5pm 

5pm is a simplistic project management and time tracking software although the latter is done by using a third-party integration and not their in-house one. The thing that team leaders love about the software is its collaborative approach toward project management that ensures no team member feels left out from a conversation. It enables seamless sharing of projects, tasks, notes, in work files among the members and is fit for a project that further refines a task with each stage. 

The layout is customizable by the admin to suit his/her view and molds to their preference. The timeline view showcases the progress of various tasks in a project over the course of time. Identifying areas of improvement is pretty easy with 5pm. The software has admissible timesheet creation and maintenance but lacks active time tracking using GPS features. If your work demands that, it may not be the right fit for you. 

All members of a team can chat with each other directly using the social toolbar inside the software that display the online team members right now. Asking for help is made very easy with 5pm and there is no restriction to the intercommunication between employees. 5pm could do better in terms of pricing and has been around for 13 long years. 

8. Avaza 

Avaza uses a right-aligned list menu with all the quirks and features for effective project management and time tracking. The software offers an option to switch between views that include Kanban, List, and Gantt charts. Kanban and list can be used to manage the workflow but the Gantt chart offers real insight into what has been accomplished since the project began. Creating new tasks, setting deadlines, and collaborating with the corresponding team members is very easy on Avaza.  

Avanza offers a dedicated chat system making it easy to communicate with your team members and existing clients. A secure chat mechanism is effective in relaying confidential work information and ensuring that not every remark is made public until desired by the managers. There are no functionality limitations when it comes to sharing files, attachments, pictures, or videos. There is a centralized repository for accessing public files uploaded by all the team members while working on a project. 

Expense management is also an area where the software deems useful with the upload of receipts, initiate approvals, and verify the assets exhausted while servicing a client. Time tracking is made effective with their new timesheet module that supports one-click time tracking, log billable hours, upload the timesheet for approval, and get paid easily for your time and efforts. Avaza has three tiers of pricing that include a free one and two paid ones that can go up to 40 dollars per month. 

9. Harvest  

Harvest is one of the most popular and integrable time tracking and project management software that has been around for fourteen long years. The simple notion about harvest is that the pricing is cheap, so the functionalities are minimal, but that is not the case. Instead, it is a viable option for those budding entrepreneurs that are just starting and don’t have a very precise business model. You can create projects and add tasks that much is understandable. 

After creating a task, as a member, you can select a task and start an individual timer on that one and calculate the actual billable hours spend in completing it. Stop the timer and then move onto the next task and repeat the process. It’s that simple. After a recent update, the software has introduced an analyzing feature that lets you gain insight into the overall time consumption and room for improvement and then relay those insights to the members as well. 

Harvest currently integrates with over 80 popular apps that include Paypal, Slack, Github, etc just to name a few. The free trial offers up to the addition of two projects and can be purchased for 12 dollars per month. 

10. Dovico 

Dovico is a simple project management and time tracking software for remote team management and easy execution of projects within due deadlines. The software acts as a good project management system and even introduces the timesheet management without much intervention. But the real-time tracking aspect is not used to formulate that. You just slap on the timer do the task and then move onto the next one. Distinguishing between billable and non-billable hours is easy but active time tracking could work wonders for productivity. 

The software generates prompt email notifications about the completed tasks, deadlines, project overview, critical standoffs, and failures if any. It uses a dashboard to relay all the project information to the manager and the status quo of each of the tasks at hand. It is simple to learn and operate and doesn’t overburden you with complicated, good for nothing features. 

The software presently lacks a robust communication module between team members although file sharing is not a feature until now. It can log the timesheets and save them for offline use if necessary. Not many things to praise about but still a cheap alternative for users on a budget. It currently goes up to 15 dollars a month and does offer discounts on large purchases for enterprise systems. 


Hubstaff and Hubstaff tasks are the best choices for project management software with effective time tracking in place. Replicon and Wrike are great solutions for enterprise-grade systems while Harvest and Dovico will suit the people with a tight budget for now. 

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