12 Best Android TV Apps

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The introduction of Smart TV has changed the entertainment sector. Smart TV offers you many unique features, out of which one is installing applications to enjoy entertainment on the big screen. You can also use the wireless method to get the best viewing experience.

Best Android TV apps are one good option to try if you are looking to get an enhanced viewing experience. With the help of these best Android TV apps, you can stream TV channels, play all your content in high quality at your fingertips.

Best Android TV Apps

  1. Sling TV
  2. Netflix
  3. Disney Hotstar
  4. Twitch
  5. SFTV
  6. Kodi
  7. Plex
  8. SonyLiv
  9. Xplore File Manager
  10. TV launcher
  11. VLC Media Player
  12. The Weather Network
  13. Retroarch

Sling TV

Sling TV offers the widest range of entertainment which could be one of the many reasons to install the app. The app has 200+ live TV channels ranging across different categories. You can stream content in categories like sports, Kid shows, sports, and international news.

The app has channels like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, Cartoon Network, and History TV 18 where you can stream the content in high quality. The app is one of the best international streaming services that are available in 22 languages. You can stream content in Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic.

Standout Features:

  • 200+ channels
  • 85000+ movies and shows
  • Available in 22 languages


Netflix has replaced TV as our primary source of entertainment in the past few years. It can be one of the best Android TV apps if you are looking for quality content. Smart TVs nowadays comes with a dedicated Netflix button that gives you direct access to the content.

The best part of Netlflix that makes it apart from its peer is you can operate five profiles from one account. The app recommends shows based on your watch history. You get curated kids and family section in the app that only recommends family-friendly shows. The app notifies you of all the latest episodes and updates.

Standout Features:

  • Notifies about latest episodes
  • Family-friendly content
  • Daily new content

Disney Hotstar

Disney Hotstar is one of my personal favourites in this list of best Android TV app as I am a sports lover. I would highly recommend you to install this app if you are also a sports geek. The app stream all the live sports directly on your smart TV. You can watch cricket, football, tennis, and other major sporting events.

Besides sports, the app offers hours of high-quality content. You can stream some of the most popular movies and shows on the app. You can stream the content in multiple languages that makes it a much better option to opt for. The app is available in both freemium and premium versions. The Premium version will give you access to more high-quality content across the globe.

Standout Features:

  • Live sporting events
  • 100000+ hours of high-quality content
  • Wide range of content


Streaming video games is the new norm in this tech-savvy generation. Twitch allows you to stream games on your Android TV and show your gaming skills to the world. You can live stream games via Xbox and PS4 or discover new multiplayer games on the app.

You can stream games like PUBG, FIFA, League of Legends, and other adrenaline rush games. You can do live chat while streaming your favourite game. The app is available in light and dark theme options that you can choose according to your liking.

Standout Features:

  • Interactive user interface
  • Live chat


Internet is readily available nowadays to all the users. But, there are still some users that download and store the files on their smartphone. So if you are that guy who is more into offline viewing, then this app could be your ideal choice.

Send files to TV or SFTV allows you to connect your Android mobile with the smart TV. You can connect your device and send large files to your smart TV in no time. No internet connection is required to transfer the files which makes it the best in the business.

The app supports cross-platform sharing which means you can transfer the file across different operating platform devices. You can share files between Linux, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Standout Features:

  • Fast and private transfer of files
  • Cross-platform sharing
  • No internet connection required


Kodi can be of the best Android TV apps for the music enthusiast. The app has one of the best interface and management mechanism that smartly organizes all the media files stored on your device. The app supports all the audio and video file formats, so you can afford to put in any kind of file.

Once you install the app on your smart TV, it will auto-detect all the media files. The media files are sorted into easily accessible categories for your convenience. You also get some add ons in the app which can be used to improve the overall experience.

Standout Features:

  • Sort file into categories
  • Add-ons
  • Appealing UI


Plex is another streaming best Android TV app that smartly organizes your data. The app gives you access to more than 180 channels in categories like news, kids, and sports. Stay updated with the latest news from media channels like CBS, financial times, and Euronews.

The app adds a description to your media files like photos and videos so that you can easily locate them. You get access to the latest anime movies and kids movies of high quality. The app has an intuitive media player that lets you search for your favourite podcasts.

Standout Features

  • Content from 180+ channels
  • Adds a description to the media file
  • Intuitive media files


Sony is one of the leading names in media that offers a wide range of entertaining content. SonyLiv can be a one-stop solution if you want to access unlimited content in every genre. You can use the Google Chromecast feature and start streaming all the content on your Android TV.

You can stream the original web series, sporting events, local and international shows, and much more on SonyLiv. The app allows you to use 5 personalized profiles that you can create for your family members. You can stream your favourite shows on 2 screens at a time which is an exciting feature to have. The Premium version of the app will give you an ad-free experience along with some exclusive content.

Standout Features:

  • 5 personalized profiles
  • Stream content on 2 screens at a time
  • Covers major sporting event

Xplore File Manager

Next up on our list is Xplore File Manager that smartly organizes all the data stored on your Android TV. You can access any file in seconds with the help of Xplore File Manager. You can perform all the basic operations a file explorer can do. You can cut, copy, paste, and move files from to or from your Android TV.

The app offers you a vault for encrypting the sensitive files stored on your TV. The app can be useful for managing media files. It has an in-built video player that can play any format of video files along with the subtitles. You get a built-in image viewer that to preview the images in high quality. The app has configurable buttons and shortcuts keys that will assist you to complete the operations quickly. The app can help you to sync your files across various cloud storage.

  • PDF viewer
  • Configurable buttons and shortcut keys
  • In-built video player with subtitles

TV launcher

We have Streaming apps, multimedia apps, file explorer apps for your Android TV. Besides these genres, next up we have a launcher app for Android TV developed exclusively for the big screen. TV launcher is a custom launcher that is made to be used with a remote or controller.

You can create a tile view of all your files and manage them according to your suitability. You can create customized sections for easy access to all your files. The app is ins the initial stage of development and we can expect some promising features in the coming time.

Standout Features:

  • Curated launcher for the big screen
  • Create customized section

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player used to be a common name in our PC during the last decade. The app can be one of the best Android TV apps for playing high-quality content on the big screen. It is an ad-free open-source multimedia platform that can be used to play audio files, video files, and discs.

The app comes with adaptive streaming that makes it one of the standout apps on the list. You can play MP4, AVI, MOV, FLAC, Wc, and ACC file formats with a VLC media player. Download any file, sync it with a VLC media player and you are good to go. You can download subtitles of your favourite shows and enjoy them on the versatile media player of VLC.

The app supports multi-track audio and subtitles that can prove to be useful in some cases. You can also use the audio widget of the app to sneak into your audio files or make necessary adjustments.

Standout Features:

  • Open-source multimedia platform
  • Support multi-track audio and subtitles
  • Download subtitles

The Weather Network

Knowing the weather forecast for the coming days can be a smart thing. The Weather Network app can help you to track the current weather and forecast for the coming 2 weeks. The app has been exclusively designed for Android TV.

The app has a simple and interactive user interface that guides you through the necessary weather information. The app offers you a detailed 14 days forecast within 1 mile of your location. You will get weather warnings based on your location so that you can avoid getting stuck in an unwanted situation. The app also includes radar and traffic flow maps that can further assist you in extracting relevant weather information.

Standout Features:

  • Compatible with Android TV
  • Forecast with 1 mile of your location
  • Traffic flow maps


It was a comprehensive list of the 12 best Android TV apps that you must install to expand your spectrum of entertainment. We hope this list would be useful for you if you are looking for the best apps for your Android TV. Do comment and let us know which app you will be installing on your Android TV.

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