13 Best Plex Plugins 2021

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Plugins are just like day to day hacks that makes your life easier. Plugins are software add-ons that assist you in performing the additional function a browser, program, or app cannot do. Plugins can also be a valuable source for digital content creators and can help them to optimize their content.

We hope you are now clear with Plugins and can define it precisely if someone asks you in future. We are compiling a comprehensive list of some of the best Plex plugins to try right now. Many plex plugins are inoperative now, but we will only provide you with the active plugins.

  1. Web Tools
  2. Sub Zero
  3. FilmOn
  4. Trakt Scrobbler
  5. Kitana
  6. Tautulli
  7. Manga Here
  8. Ombi
  9. Filebot
  10. Ice Films
  11. Bazarr
  12. Lambda
  13. Open PHT

Web Tools

Web Tools offer multiple plugin utility, due to which it has topped our list of best Plex plugins. The plugin gives you administrative content of all your content. The plugin can effectively manage subtitles where it will help you download additional subtitles. You can download any video and look for the subtitle in web tools.

You can keep track of the log files so that you stay updated. It plugin can detect all the media files available on your device. The best part of Web Tools is that it gives access to an unsupported app store that allows you to install, remove, and update the existing plugins.


  • Download additional subtitle
  • Preview log files
  • Detect media files

Sub Zero

All the content on the web is not available with subtitles. You may need to struggle to find a suitable subtitle for your media files. It is where the role of the Sub Zero plugin comes into play. Sub Zero plugin fetches subtitles from 10 different websites and comes with the best for your media.

The plugin also updates the existing subtitles with the latest ones as soon as they are available. You can customize the colour, size, font type of the subtitles as per your liking. You get subtitles in various language, due to which the plugin is best in the business.


  • Fetches subtitles from 10 websites
  • Latest updated subtitles
  • Customize subtitles


Online streaming platforms are one of the best sources of entertainment for digital content consumers. FilmOn is a free plugin service that provides a wide range of streamable content to users. You can stream the latest content in categories like movies, sports, and comedy from across the globe.

The standout feature of the plugin is that it has no geo-restrictions, and you can access the content of any country in your region. The plugin has a simple interface that guides you through all the content that you can stream. There is some paid content on FilmOn which needs payment for access.


  • Wide range of categories
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Simple interface

Trakt Scrobbler

Keeping a track of all your watch history is one handy feature one would want in streaming services. Trakt Scrobbler is the next best plex plugin that will help you track all your watch history across different streaming platforms. As of now, the plugin is compatible with streaming services like Netflix, Kodi, Mediaportal along with some other platforms.

You can track your watch history, playback progress, ratings, overview with the help of the Trakt Scrobbler plugin. All the data is uploaded on your Trakt profile where you can access it whenever you want. You can create multiple profiles and can access them across different devices.


  • Create multiple profiles
  • Sync data across different streaming platforms
  • Detailed watch history


Kitana is a complete plex plugin that can assist you in managing the installed plugins on your device. This cross-platform plugin is compatible with all smart devices, and you can install it to get started. Kitana is one of the oldest plex plugins that users have been relying on for a very long time. We recommend you use the plugin with a VPN so that there is no possibility of intrusion.


  • Manage all plugin in one place
  • Safe and secure


Next on our list of best plex plugins is Tautulli, which can be a handy choice for admins. The plugin offers you a statistical insight into your server for analysis purpose. Tautulli helps you check recently added content, visitors across the different demographic location, and the time when they visited your server.

The graphical representation of the data gives you a detailed insight od the performance of your server. You can also send newsletters to the users as soon as you upload fresh content on the server. It is a cross-platform plugin that helps you access it from different devices.


  • Statistical insights
  • Easy to understand graphs
  • Cross-platform plugin

Manga Here

Manga Here is a reading plugin for the plex users. Here, you get access to all the latest anime and comic at your fingertips. It is a highly recommended plex plugin for anime lovers. The plugin offers diverse content that will keep you hooked. The reading interface of the plugin is user friendly that makes it an appealing choice for the users.


  • Fetch data from multiple Manga servers
  • Engaging comic and anime


Not able to find the desired content on the Plex server? Ombi Plex plugin can help you to get out of this situation. You can visit the plugin and request the content which is not available on the server. The whole process is easy and will not consume much of your time. It can also happen that the content you are searching for already exists on the server, so make sure to have a suitable check.


  • Get the desired content
  • Easy process


It will be a cumbersome process if the file stored on your device is unsorted. For Plex users, we bring Filebot that will be a handy plugin to try your hands on. As users have multiple Plex plugins stored on their devices, Filebot will be useful to sort them. Filebot will sort and give appropriate naming to each file.

The plugin also comes with a subtitle downloader feature which is an added perk for the user. You can look for the subtitles of your favourite media files. It is a paid plugin where you need to pay some bucks to avail all the features.


  • Smartly organizes plex files
  • Proper naming to each file

Ice Films

Ice Films is another streaming plugin for Plex users that offers diverse content to its users. The plugin can be a good option for users who are familiar with the Roku app. You can redirect all your content from Roku to plex servers and enjoy them in high quality.

The plugin has an average user interface which may make you think twice before using it. Overall the plugin can be a good alternate streaming option for Plex TV users.


  • High-quality content
  • Lag-free streaming
  • Redirects content from Roku servers


Bazarr is a more comprehensive subtitle finder as compared to the sub-zero plugin on the list. The plugin fetches subtitles for your media files from diverse sources to provide you with the best results. The plugin is compatible with Windows and Python platform that you can use to download your files. One major limitation of the plugin is that it only fetches subtitle for the files downloaded via Sonar or Radar.


  • Latest subtitles
  • Wide download sources


Lambda offers its users the privilege of using the locally downloaded media files on other video players. It is one of the most useful and best Plex plugins that will help you in many ways. You can sync all your data with Lambda directly through the Plex TV and access them whenever you want. You can also download metadata, album art, posters, and subtitles with Lambda. The dark black them would be loved by most of the users and adds an appealing factor to the plugin.


  • Play media files outside plex
  • Precise categorization of media files
  • Download high-quality posters

Open PHT

You might be tired of opening a web browser to access content on the Plex TV. To save your time and help you search for the best content, we have the Open PHT on our list of best Plex plugins. The app lets you check your server or the uploaded content without entering the new web page over and over and over again. You only need to run the Open PHT and you are good to go. The plugin does not get frequent updates which is one limiting factor users should look out for.


  • Simple interface
  • Do not need to log in every time


These were some of the best Plex plugins users can use right now. Though many of the Plex plugins have become inoperative over the years, we have only included the active ones. Subzero remains the best Plex plugin that offers a crucial feature to download subtitles. Ice Films and File Bot are also great options to customize your Plex and find out unindexed files.

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