1337x New Proxy List For 2021

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Accessing torrent websites is a constant tussle as they keep vanishing in thin air without any trace of their newer counterpart. 1337x is a popular torrent peer-to-peer website. It offers a multitude of content be it games, applications, movies, music, documentaries, books and TV shows. Websites like 1337x keep disappearing from search results due to legal action levied by government agencies and ISPs. Even VPN comes to a slight rescue as the websites are blocked globally and not based on a few geo-locations.

You may wonder why the authorities are so stern towards many peer-to-peer websites? The obvious answer is due to the circulation of copyright content that lands them in trouble. Although torrent was invented as a global network to facilitate blazing-fast file sharing, a few websites use this to pirate content. The result is highly popular websites like 1337x, the pirate bay, kick-ass torrents, being blocked by many nations and their ISP’s.

1337x rose to popularity after the sudden demise of kick-ass torrents that was at the pinnacle of torrent websites. According to global survey results, 1337x now holds the third rank in all search results and pertaining to torrents. It is one of the most visited websites but has migrated to other domains over the past few years due to global blockage.

1337x has many proxy websites that can be used to access the main website. The proxies keep on changing due to the ever-increasing strictness imposed by internet laws over copyright content. You can use these proxies to access the main 1337x website even if the original one is blocked in your country or by your ISP.

We have sorted out a few working proxies that can enable you to access the 1337x website with ease. The proxies are working as of writing this article but some of them may result in disappointment.

Disclaimer- Downloading copyrighted content and its further distribution or reselling can result in strict legal action. We do not support or encourage piracy and advise our readers to refrain from it. The information mentioned is only for inquisitive readers that want to learn more about torrent and its working.

1337x working Proxy Sites 2021

 1337x new Mirror Sites 2021

There are several 1337x mirror sites that can be used if the original 1337x website is unreachable.

2021 alternatives for 1337x torrent

Even if you have all the proxy websites of 1337x, there might be a few times that the website is still not accessible. Luckily, there are many other similar torrent websites that act as an alternative to the widely popular 1337x. These websites are somewhat less prone to blockage and index a high number of torrents daily.

  • The pirate bay

The pirate bay website is one of the oldest and still active torrent websites to date. It has a vast collection of media of all genres, TV shows, games, and applications. It is among the top accessed torrent websites that have a somewhat bleak user interface. Pirate bay also encounters shutdowns but not as frequently as the 1337x.

  • Kick-ass torrents

Kick-ass torrents’ sudden demise was not welcomed by the fans. The torrent websites have slowly gained in indexing torrents and new releases over time. It is alive all thanks to the community of old kick-ass torrents users. It is also blocked for a few hours every month so there are a few proxies available to access it.

  • ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent also has its major obstructing factors when it comes to accessing it, that includes the ISPs and governments. Despite that, new proxies appear each month so that you can access them. The user interface of ExtraTorrent is similar to the 1337x and results in accurate search results. It has a vast game and TV shows library, all of which can be downloaded using a torrent client like BitTorrent.

  • Rarbg

Rarbg is slightly more visual than most torrent websites like torrentz2.eu. It categorically organizes the media library so that searching for recent or old content does not pose a problem. Rarbg is also an apt alternative to the 1337x website that can be accessed if the latter isn’t available.

  • Yts

Yts or Yifi torrent is the most popular website for downloading movies of all genres in one place. The website serves as an alternative to 1337x, only in the movies department. Yts does not index TV shows, games, or any other content making it slightly difficult for frequent 1337x visitors.


These are our 5 best recommendations for 1337x torrent if you cannot access it. These torrent websites offer a similar-sized content library with download links via a torrent client.


  • Can I direct download content from 1337x?

No. These websites index torrent and present you with torrent file links which can be run in a torrent client like BitTorrent to begin download. Direct download is not yet supported but is expected to be introduced as a premium feature.

  • Is there any other alternative to a torrent client?

Websites like seedr.cc act as a cloud-based torrent client that allows direct download at blazing fast speed. The only problem is that you are confined to tiny file sizes and it is paid if you want to download big files.

  • Why is download speed so slow?

The torrent that has a tiny number of active seeders results in sluggish download speed. It is the main reason behind any slow downloading torrent. Other reasons can include your ISO throttling the speed when you are attempting to download a file via a torrent client.

  • Which torrent client is the best?

BitTorrent and Utorrent are the two most downloaded torrent clients that are reliable and are regularly updated by the developers.

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