15 Best Kodi Skins 2021

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Kodi is a cross-platform media player and entertainment centre where you can play media files of any format. You can play video in all format or stream the videos from your favourite online platform on Kodi. You can track the watching progress of your favourite web series and seasons with Kodi.

Besides playing video files on Kodi, you can play audio files, look for the latest games, record live TV, and much more. The app has vast community created add-ons that you can try if you want to experience something new. There are tons of Kodi skins available out there that you can change from time to time as per your suitability. We will be helping you to find some of the best Kodi skins you can use to enhance your user experience.

  1. Arctic: Zephyr 2
  2. Aeon Nox
  3. Black Glass Nova
  4. Xperience 1080
  5. Confluence
  6. Chroma
  7. Refocus
  8. Bell0 7
  9. Embuary
  10. Titan
  11. Metropolis
  12. Box
  13. Grid
  14. Fuse Neue
  15. Nebula

Arctic: Zephyr 2

Arctic Zephyr 2 is a simple skin that will transform the look of Kodi into an appealing one. The main content categories are placed at the bottom of the screen. The precisely organized content can be easily located in seconds. The skin also allows you to add shortcuts to frequently used items.

The app is best suitable for large-sized screens, so I would suggest you try this case if you have one. One catchy thing which I liked about the interface is the transition of background images while switching between the different categories.


  • Precisely sort items
  • Appealing design and UI
  • The transition of background images

Aeon Nox

It would be no wrong if I call Aeon Nox a complete package. It is a familiar name in the circuit which Kodi users are aware of. The latest update of the Aeon Nox also promises to offer some impressive features to the users. In the first impression, the skin has a thumbs up from our side in terms of design and appeal.

Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, Aeon has kept its primary focus on visuals. Your content is arranged in grid posters form that helps you easily find the thing you are looking for in your library. The minimal yet effective interface of the skin makes it one of the best in the business.


  • Grid posters
  • Large visuals
  • The appealing colour texture of the skin

Black Glass Nova

Next up, we have Black Glass Nova which offers an intriguing user interface to its users. Its elegant skin colour will surely catch your attention in the first go. The fine transparent borders at the boundary do appeal to the users.

Once you install the skin and apply it to the Kodi, you can browse all your content by swiping the left of the screen. The thing which I liked is the sub-category feature of the Black Glass Nova. While you are watching your content, you will see three sub-categories at the bottom of the screen. You can see the recently added and in-progress categories that will help track all your progress.


  • Transparent border
  • Smooth user interface
  • Elegant skin

Xperience 1080

The name of the skin says it all, and you might have also guessed it right. Xperience 1080 is a Kodi skin that is designed for HD viewing and to enhance the visual experience of the users. The skin is highly recommended for those who love to watch anime movies.

The HD panel-based theming of the app makes it a standout performer from its peers. The dark theme of the app looks appealing where all the content is organized in an easily accessible form. Gamers can also prefer Xperience 1080, as it gives a lag-free gaming experience.


  • Ideal for HD viewing
  • HD viewing panel
  • Dark theme


Confluence is another familiar name amongst the Kodi user community. It would be easy for you if you choose Confluence as your Kodi default skin. You get a horizontal main menu on the home screen which bright colours, primarily the dark blue theming.

All the latest movies are displayed on the top of the screen in a rectangular box. At the bottom, you get sub-categories where you can also search for your favourite content. The app utilizes the metadata of your movies to provide you with other useful descriptive information.


  • Convenient installation
  • Uses metadata of movies


Chroma is highly recommended for users with 4K Android TV, though the skin works fine in lower formats as well. The skin has also been a part of former updates of the Kodi, which could be one prime reason to choose this as your default Kodi skin.

The content can be organized horizontally or vertically in the listicles form, based on your liking. On the home page, you get a horizontal main menu where you can search the content across various genres. Every category will provide you with detailed information so that you only get the best. You also get to know about the ratings and synopsis of the movie which you are planning to watch.


  • Detailed information on each category
  • Multiple categorization interface
  • Ratings and synopsis


Applying Refocus skin in the Kodi on your Android TV will give you a listicle category on the extreme left of your screen. The categories include videos, audios, shows, music, pictures, and live shows that you can use to browse all the content.

The remaining part of the screen will highlight the content you are currently viewing. It will also display a brief description of the show along with a number of the unwatched episodes. The app comes with skin widgets that you can apply according to your mood.


  • Skin widgets
  • Customization features
  • Recommendation based on the watch history

Bello 7

Bello 7 is an all-around performer that can work on all smart devices, whether it’s a smartphone, PC or your smart TV. The app presents a lot of information on your home screen, thanks to detailed typography. The skin has a bright polished look that feels pleasing to the eyes. The skin is also ideal for touch use, which is not common in all the Kodi skins.


  • Detailed typography
  • Smooth touch support


Embuary comes with a similar interface which we witness in most of the online streaming platforms. The app will divide your home screen into three categories where you can browse all the content. On the top, you get the My Media option that contains all the stored files on your device.

Below that you can browse the Continue Watching option which will take you through the shows you are currently watching. At the bottom of the screen, you can browse other categories. The skin has a light black coloured theming with a partially transparent background, which do look impressive.


  • Convenient categorization
  • Appealing theme


Titan is a powerful skin option for the Kodi community if they are looking for something impactful. The minimal yet effective design of the app will make you fall for the skin. The skin is ideal for a large screen, the reason being its interface.

You can browse the latest shows, movies, and web series on your smart TV with the help of this app. Content available on your smart TV can be located at the bottom of the screen in small thumbnail form. Titan has been there in the Kodi community for a long time which is the reason why I have suggested it to our readers.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Ideal for large screen


Retro look is loved by everyone and that is why the next app on our list of the best Kodi skin is Metropolis. The skin is a blend of a retro feel with a touch of modern elegance to it. I like the retro look and feel of the skin with some cool colour combination.

The skin provides maximum information about your media files so that you do not need to hover here and there. You can choose the preferred viewing mode as horizontal and vertical. The skin provides a custom logo for your favourite shows which makes it class apart from other Kodi skins on the list.


  • Present maximum info on the home screen
  • Custom logo


The Box is a customization rich best Kodi skin which is a blend of the former skins. The app has a minimalistic approach when it comes to sorting your data. The movies are sorted according to the genre, release date, actors, studios, and other categories.

Many Kodi users prefer the system’s skin to be less complicated, more organized and customizable. The skin uses different skin depending on the content. As for customization, you can change the theme, enable visualization, and hide touch control in the Box skin. Music files are sorted according to a playlist, files, artists, and sources. It is one of my personal favourite Kodi skin which I would recommend you to try your hands on.


  • Minimalistic approach
  • Highly customizable
  • Custom skin type


A lot of time will be saved if you choose Grid as your default Kodi skin. Reason being its simple and buttery smooth interface. The app has an eye-pleasing feel which adds an extra flair to the overall look. Your content will be transformed into a transparent horizontal column where you can access all the content.

While you are viewing the content, you can see beautiful animations running in your background. You can choose the horizontal or vertical categorization as per your liking. The skin offers you lots of customization options which makes it one of the best Kodi skins on the list.


  • Smooth interface
  • Customization options

Fuse Neue

Fuse Neue is a lively Kodi skin option that could be a good option for the movie enthusiast. All your content is displayed with appealing images and detailed description. The colour combination of the theme is bright and catchy, so we would suggest it for the users fond of such fusion.


  • Detailed description
  • Appealing images


The light-dusky theme of the skin justifies its name as Nebula. The app has a simple and easy to use interface that guides you through your content. When you apply Nebula skin in Kodi you will witness a soft greyish theme on your home screen.

On the home screen, the movies are displayed inside a rectangular box along with the thumbnails. The top part of the screen has a search bar where you can find your desired content. You can choose any category and it will provide you with all the relevant information related to your choice.


  • Soft dusky theme
  • Detailed information on each category
  • Intuitive UI


It was a comprehensive list of some of the best Kodi skin available at your disposal. There are tons of Kodi skin options available right now, but we have listed some of the leading names. We hope this list would be useful for you as we have provided Kodi skins in different categories. Do comment and let us know about your favourite skin on the list which will be landing on your smartphone soon.

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