16 Best Disney Movies in 2021

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Disney plus is growing fast. With the surge in the number of users and original shows, it has become popular amongst the likes of Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Hulu. The movie library of Disney plus is nothing short of extensive and often overwhelming due to the frequently updated content each day. To help you with your movie searching woes, we have crafted an elaborate list of movies that are available on Disney plus, are the greatest hit of their times, and belong to either of the three genres, namely comedy, action, animation. Without further ado, let’s explore those flicks one by one.

  1. Soul
  2. Iron Man
  3. The Toy Story trilogy
  4. Star Wars – the original trilogy
  5. The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
  6. The Avengers Saga
  7. The Incredibles
  8. Up
  9. Avatar
  10. Black Panther
  11. Bend It Like Beckham
  12. George of the Jungle
  13. Home Alone
  14. The Fault in Our Stars
  15. National Treasure
  16. Thor: Ragnarok


Soul is by far one of the best-rated, Oscar-winning flick available on Disney plus now. It is an animated flick that tells the comic tale of an aspiring musician that dies as soon as he gets the opportunity of his lifetime. He goes to heaven and tussles with the guardians to find a way to go back to his body. An erratic soul named 22 enters his body and the chaos begins. The movie explores the simple desires of human life and the miracle of life.

Iron Man

Iron Man marks the start of the ever-expanding, much loved marvel cinematic universe that has a special place in our hearts. Iron Man starts out with the story of Tony Stark, a genius who has a big weapons business, passed on to him by his father. Having everything but love makes Tony Stark a haughty individual who is shaken to the core to question his identity after he is captured by terrorists. He creates the first ironman suit and the rest is history. You get to see the first-ever suit-up scene that the Iron Man movies are popular for and a movie that changed cinema for the better.

The Toy Story trilogy

The Toy Story trilogy is among the select few compelling movies that had it all, drama, emotion, comedy, and the best in class animation at their time of release. It is a movie that explores the idea of toys that are living beings but appear lifeless to their owners. How they group, talk, meet, and try to escape rude owners and the impact of toys on childhood is deeply expressed in this movie. The toy story Trilogy appears to be for kids but is far more complex and emotional than that.

Star Wars – the original trilogy

Star Wars – the original trilogy is deemed to be the greatest trilogy of all time. As kids, we all have been fascinated by the way of the Jedi and the struggle to break free of the shackles. If you are one of the oblivious humans that hasn’t watched the Star Wars – the original trilogy, give it a try. We guarantee you that you will be blown away by the characters, the intense storyline, and the supporting cast. If that doesn’t amaze you, we’re sure lightsabers will catch your eye.

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is one of the best of Jhonny Depp’s performance to date. In pirates of the Caribbean, he plays a Buffon, a renowned yet disgraced pirate with no crew, no love, and his affection for tum that gets him by. He and other bands of misfits join to search for riches of the sea that are beyond the comprehension of the mere mortals of the world. Do skip the fourth and fifth parts if you do not want to spoil your experience.

Avengers movies

Avengers marked the unison of our favorite MCU superheroes and brought in much-loved characters such as Thor, Loki, and Captain America that went on to become successful independent series. It is fascinating to see how the writers and director connected the dots to bring us an epic ending of the Avengers saga with four films over a decade. If you want to relive the experience, Disney plus has all the MCU movies available for binge-watching and making your weekend, a memorable one.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is what cast away avengers would look like in real life. The Incredibles follows the story of superheroes that are shut down by the government and forced to live a normal life without helping people. As cruel as it sounds, the movie follows a superhero couple and their children as they live with the normal crowd yearning for attention and the fame they once had. The Incredibles recently had a sequel but like most sequels, it didn’t even come close to the fun storytelling, unpredictable nature of the original one.


Up is a take of an old man with a determination to fly his house by using balloons to fulfill the last wish of his wife. It seems like a dumb concept but the old man manages it with the help of a kid, an ambitious boy scout, and manages to fly in the sky. Up had us sobbing at times due to the display of unwavering emotion for the character’s wife and how empty life is if you have no one to support you. An animation masterpiece by Pixar studios.


Avatar was envisioned by James Cameron, set in the future where humans are trying to extract natural resources from a planet brimming with the same. It is a perfect display of greedy human nature and how it is crippling the future of future generations. Best watch it on maximum settings possible as both the VFX and the action will keep you hooked till the very end.

Black Panther

Black Panther was the role of a lifetime for Chadwick Boseman. His portrayal of the heir of the Wakanda tribe, his mourning, and his journey to becoming a ruler after his father’s death is some of the captivating storylines that the MCU has to offer. Black Panther was among the few movies that showcased the African culture, its history, and a movie that garnered recognition from every critic on the globe. And the soundtrack is a masterpiece.

Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham covers the story of an aspiring girl football player. That’s common, right? No. The movie is about an Indian family where girls lead a simple sober life and their sole aim is to marry and run the family. The protagonist goes through a series of hurdles to realize the dream of becoming the best football player, like David Beckham. The movie stars Anupam Kher as the stern father who disapproves of his daughter’s infatuation with football.

George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle follows the aptest adaption of Brendan Fraser as a man raised away from the humans, by animals in the African jungle. His life takes a turn when he sees a girl for the first time and falls in love with her. Being oblivious to the standard of living in the city and makes his transition very difficult. Brendan Fraser was delightful in George of the Jungle although he took many years off before finally returning to Doom Patrol a few years back.

Home Alone

There are many Christmas movies but nothing like this one. Starring McAuley Culkin, the movie is about a boy stranded at his house while the rest of the family is off for Christmas vacation. He learns about the two thieves plotting to steal from his house and musters up the courage to stand against them. The movie led to three more sequels but nothing captures the festivities season like this one.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars makes you yearn for your better half even more. It is a drama that has a male and a female lead, both suffering their woes with cancer. The movie went on to become a gripping flick about emotional deprivation and the horror of living with cancer. We cannot give any spoilers but do watch this beautifully edited, tear-shedding tale of love, relationship, and battling uncommon illnesses.

National Treasure

Nicholas Cage may be the most despised and made fun of actor now but he was fabulous in National Treasure. Think of him as Indiana Jones of the modern era who tries to solve riddles to find hidden treasures while attempting to clear his family name. It is the story of a historian who discovers that the Declaration of Independence is really a treasure map. National Treasure is not loved by gen Z but believes us is a good treasure hunting, mysterious tale that has its comic bits.

Thor: Ragnarok

So many Marvel movies but we cannot help it. MCU has made a lasting impact on global cinema. Thor Ragnarok successfully saved the dwindling fate of the Thor franchise which was on the verge of collapsing. Thor Ragnarok shows the introspection of Thor and his powers, the character development of Hulk lost on a distant planet, and the introduction of Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Thor Ragnarok has the best Hulk vs Thor fight, even though it is a tiny bout. And you cannot ignore Jeff Goldblum in the best movie depicting the Asgardian god and his life.


Disney plus continues to bring a lot to the table with newer releases every week. If we missed a timeless classic on this list, please help us out in the comments section.

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