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Best Mac antivirus software of 2021

“macOS is impenetrable, so I don’t need antivirus software.” It is a common quote among macOS users, specifically the MacBook and iMac users, that...
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1337x New Proxy List For 2021

Accessing torrent websites is a constant tussle as they keep vanishing in thin air without any trace of their newer counterpart. 1337x is a...
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Best Laptops for Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is at the pinnacle of documentation applications globally. It has become intertwined with our daily lives and is an inseparable documentation tool...
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Best laptop for teachers

The pandemic has urged the need for online education. This emerging need compelled both students and teachers to go for a laptop for online...
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Best laptops for Minecraft under 300 dollars

300 dollars is a very stern budget. Purchasing a laptop under the 300 USD bracket is only recommended if you want a machine that...
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