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If you are a person who is new to Kodi and its applications, then I can bet you. You’ll be surprised by its usage, capacity and functionality. In the beginning it may look a little bit difficult to cope up in using the Kodi app. It has numerous functionality and options to explore in the Kodi applications. All these problems can be solved easily by following your guide’s advice. This article is like a guide to you in explaining about the Kodi, installation process of Kodi, additional extensions to be added in the Kodi and many more to explore.

This article contains the brief explanation about the Kodi apps; it also makes the installation process a lot simpler. So without any further due! Let us have a look into the article.

Chapter 1: What is Kodi?

It is a misconception by many people, that Kodi is just media player software. But, the truth is Kodi can do more than that. It is actually a personalized library where you can have your own files of your choice. The library means that you cannot only store the files and then use it afterwards.

Kodi will serve you as the best entertainer for you and your family. Kodi has a capacity to work without any addons. In your Kodi you can also stream online movies, videos, web series and many other things. It can also work along with the addons and also with the third party addons. Using your Kodi, you can browse, surf of internet and you can also Netflix and chill on your couch. When, the Kodi is installed in our system or in the device. We can able to watch the online videos and the videos which are live streaming. If additional features are required we can get those features from the Kodi addons. The Kodi addons can be available in both the free of cost manner and also in the paid subscription mode. Further details about the Kodi addons is explained in the article later.

Chapter 2: Installation process of Kodi

The good news is that, Kodi does not demand any charges for the usage process. Then it works on almost every operating system that exists. If you are so much worried about the installation process, then surprise! The installation process is so simple and it also does not need any technical knowledge for the process. So now, let us install the Kodi in your device. It has the following steps

  • Installation of Kodi on Windows: On the windows operating system, the installation of Kodi is simple. You can directly install it from the windows store and there is also another option. You can also download the EXE file.
  • Installation of Kodi on Mac: In the macOS, the installation process is not a big deal. You have to just download the Kodi from the application’s official website.
  • Installation of Kodi on Linux: In Linux operating systems, simply you have to find out the version and begin the installation process without any interruption.
  • Installation of Kodi on Android: For android mobiles also Kodi application is available, you can simply download the Kodi from the Google play store.
  • Installation of Kodi on iOS: In iOS, the installation process is somewhat different from others.
  • Installation of Kodi on Raspberry Pi and Firestick: To improve the entertainment and quality of stuff in watching. We can install the Kodi in the Raspberry Pi and also in Firestick.
  • Installation of Kodi on Xbox: The Kodi app can be installed on the Xbox and it can be run on the Xbox without any interruption.
  • Installation of Kodi on smart TVS: The installation process of Kodi on TV is very simple. Actually it will be the best entertainer you’ll ever have. The installation process is not that much complex.
  • On the other media streaming devices: it can also be installed on the other media streaming devices such as Nvidia Shield TV, Razer Forge TV, Roku and also on the Apple TV. So you don’t have to be worried for owning an Apple product.

Chapter 3: Configure settings on Kodi

Once the installation process is done and the next step to do is to configure your Kodi. While configuring your Kodi, we will eliminate the unnecessary options. And, all the options which are required to increase the performance of the Kodi are added. This following article will guide you to configure your Kodi.

Pick a new language

By default Kodi comes in the English language, but there is a wide range of language available in the list. We can select whatever we are comfortable with. Then according to the user’s location time zone is also set. Then key board layout system can also be changed according to the user’s choice.

  • Find the settings menu from the Home screen
  • Then select “ Interface”
  • Then select” regional”  from the left side of the menu
  • And select the new region, language, character set and more.

Enable Airplay streaming

This option is exclusively for the Apple’s streaming technology like iOS and MacOS. Actually not to our surprise, Kodi actually works with the Apple’s devices. If you are a Mac user, then you can absolutely take the advantage of it.

  • Find the settings menu  and ten click services
  • In the left side menu, click the Airplay
  • Then enable the Airplay option.

Add multiple Users

   As we know earlier that Kodi servers as the best entertainer for your whole family. In the Kodi app, we can add upto more than one person to use the applications. When the family members are added n the Kodi application, each member of the family can personalize according to their taste. It involves the following steps, they are

  • Find the “ Profiles”, from the Settings menu
  • Then click o the profile option, to add or remove the number of profiles in the application system.
  • Then find the” General” option, where you can adjust the login settings of your Kodi application.

Use essential Kodi  Shortcuts for Keyboard

Before going further deep into the Kodi application, let us start from the basics. Shortcuts are such things, which will reduce the time and effort made by any users. So if you want to be a expert in Kodi, it will be more helpful.

  • We can use the space bar to stop/play the playing video. Then “P” is used to ply the video. The letter “X” is used to stop the video.
  • If you want to fast forward, then you can use” F” on your keyboard and if you want rewind your video, then you can use “R”.
  • Then “T” is used to toggle the subtitles on and off in your Kodi.
  • You can use the “Esc” key at any moment to return back to main menu or Home screen.
  • The “+” key is used to rise the volume in the system and “ –“ key is used to turn down the volume in the Kodi application.

Chapter4: Add your own Media to Kodi

We know that, the main advantage in Kodi is that, we can personalize our Kodi app according to our choice. It would be so much better if we add all our own favorite and personal media to our Kodi. Actually, this is possible in the Kodi app

Import Locally stored Files

When we enter into the Kodi app, we can able to see the main menu in one corner. In that menu, we can see a many number of options. If you surf through the options, you will find out the “Enter Files Section”. After importing all your personal files, now you can able to see the files n your Kodi app.

Import Network- Based Files

We can able to fix a particular location to all our files and Kodi files. It can be any Cloud storage or any External media hub. We can able to set up the location to any category, which are present in the options. When we click the desired option and then move to the Browse option and then click the “Add the network Location”.

Use External Drive Files

The process of adding the external files is very similar to adding a new location. The following are the steps to add images which are present on the external drive. When the external drive is connected to the system, the following steps should be followed.

  • Click the options pictures on the main menu
  • Then move to “  Add pictures” and you’ll see a window named “ Add picture source”
  • Then hit the “browse” option.
  • Then move to the external drive and include the media file.

Chapter 5: Install Kodi Addons

Before installing an addons to your Kodi, it would be so useful if we install any kind of VPN to our device. These VPN’S will unblock all the regional based contents which are blocked. This will also provide security and keep the online user hidden. They also provide the protection through the process of encryption.

Official addons for Kodi

If the developers of the Kodi addon have their own repository of addons, they are called official addons. These kinds of addons can be directly installed from the Kodi software.

  • Open the Kodi app and ten search for the “ Add-ons” in the main menu
  • Then click on the “download” button located in the menu.
  • Then you will able to find many categories. The most popular among all is the “ video addons”
  • When you reached the addon of your choice. Then hit the install button.
  • The newly installed will be placed on the “addons “section.

Unofficial Addons for Kodi

There are many numbers of addons which are available from the third party addons. In this article, we will see about the interesting suggestions which are available in the Kodi.

  • Using this unofficial Kodi addons, we can able to see best HD  movies
  • If you are a cartoon lover. Then you can watch cartoons using unofficial Kodi addons
  • All the sports games can also be watched both online streaming and the old ones, without any restrictions through the Unofficial Kodi addons.
  • There are many number of movie related addons, where all types of movies can be seen.

Chapter 6: Customize Kodi using Skins

It is well known that, Kodi is very customizable. We can able to customize the Kodi app according to the user’s choice. When it comes to the user interface, it can also be changed according to the user’s preference. There are many types of Skins available in the market when the skin is changed in the Kodi. The overall layout of the Kodi addon will be changed. And hence, it would be very experimental to play with wide range of skins available in the market.

Chapter 7: Use Customized Builds

It would be easy when you can install your favorite addons less in number. But it becomes very tedious when we have to install much number of addons in our Kodi. To solve this problem, the solution has come up with Builds. These builds consist of much number of Addons for Kodi and skins are present in the Kodi.

The installation of build is very much similar to the installation of addons.The builds are normally a complete package of many numbers of addons and skins. When these builds are installed, we can enjoy online streaming videos and movies.


In this article, we have come across much process starting from the beginner’s basic to the complete detail about the Kodi. Here we have seen about Kodi, the installation process, the additional extensions to the Kodi, the Kodi addons both the official and the unofficial ones. The beginner’s who are excited to lean about the Kodi can take this article as a guide to understand the concepts and process in the simpler way.

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