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In this article, we will see about top best and safe Kodi addons for movies. And also, we will see about Kodi addons which are safe to use. The most popular Kodi addons which is very popular among people and it has been hijacked in recent times. This article shows clear steps for installing safest Kodi addon to install apart from the hijacked one. This hijacked Kodi addon should remove from our system, if we have installed it.

If you are a person, who is looking for top best 25 addons for your system. This article takes you a swift tour to the best Kodi addons available in April 2019. Hope the below discussion would be helpful to the people who all are looking forward to it.

New Law

According to the recent laws implemented by some of the organizations, it is legal to sell our browsing information to other persons. The internet provider can able to see the data we search for, social sites we visit and the videos we see and all this information can be sold to other person.

The only way to overcome this situation is that, to use a VPN. The Virtual Private Network hides all the information from the internet provider. VPN actually encrypts all the browsing data and keeps it hidden from the internet provider. IP VANISH is a VPN, which is suggested by most of the Kodi users.

Most popular Kodi addons which are unofficial

There are many numbers of Kodi addons are present. Without any knowledge about the safe and unsafe Kodi addons, people tend to install some of them. Some of the popular Kodi addons are actually unofficial. Due to less knowledge about them, people actually use them. The following Kodi addons are the unofficial ones, it is not recommending by any of the Kodi users or an organization.

In the year of 2018 and 2019, many Kodi addons were available. Even though they are unofficial, but they were recommended by many Kodi users. But the thing is most of these addons are dead by now. Exodus and Genesis are the addons which belongs to this family.

But they are already replaced by many other Kodi addons such as Seren, Placenta, Gaia, which are popularly now used by many. These addons are not recommending by the experts, try to avoid them.

25 best addons

 The following list contains 25 best official addons, which are declared as safe. The hidden content in these addons can retrieve by using IP VANISH.

Latest Kodi developments

The latest Kodi development as recognized two most popular Kodi addon, they are 13 clowns and stable release of Kodi V18 Leia.

13 Clowns

This addon is identified as the best addon in recent times. It has gained much popularity and reach among the people. The 13 Clown Kodi addon is the on demand movie and TV show addon. This addon uses the Civitas Scrapers, which collects data from many other websites.

Recently the owner of 13 Clown suddenly deleted his Github account. Now this account is not maintained by his legal user. This website collects the content and data from many other websites and displays them in Kodi addons without any proper permission.

It is advised that, these 13 Clowns can easily attack and hijack. Now it is also not maintained by the original developer and hence it is better to avoid it. If it is already being installed in our system then delete it immediately.

Kodi V18 Leia Release

Finally, the stable version of Kodi V18 Leia has been released. But many bugs and errors are identified by the Kodi addon development team. We can directly download this from Kodi.TV official download page.

The Kodi error and bug fixes includes the following,

Rapid share decided to charge unofficial Kodi users

While file hosting many of the unofficial and illegal movies and videos gets displayed through addons. To prevent this action Rapid share, a free subscription organization decided to cost their services to the Kodi users. As Kodi users are trying get the unofficial data from many scrapped websites and they also blocking up the ads. By doing so, much revenue generating websites may get a lag in their profit.

So, this move to the paid subscription account will gradually reduce the unofficial third party addons.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

Actually, the Virtual Private Network is used by the person, who wants to hide their illegal activities from the people. But the Kodi users should use a VPN for their privacy. The hijackers normally use a Man in the Middle Attack to obtain all the details of the person.

The ISP will always look after the browsing history, social sites used and the contents used in the addon. To hide all these details from the internet provider, a VPN should be used. It actually encrypts all the credential datas and browsing history of the Kodi user.

By doing so all our data gets security. The most recommended VPN by the Kodi users is the IP VANISH. It provides top level security to the user’s data. The IP VANISH is not only suggested for Kodi users, but Amazon FireStick also works well with it.

Recent Favorite new Kodi – Sling TV

Sling TV is an official Kodi addon which provides on demand streaming service. It provides Live streaming of sports and TV shows. The person should have a sling account; it should cost a little about $25 per month.

The Sling TV is available in the official Kodi Repository. It can be installed at free of cost. But it requires subscription amount to watch the live streaming of movies and TV dramas. The live streaming and TV shows are available in 7 days free trial.

For this upcoming April 2019, the list has been redefined and many excellent Kodi addons are listed below. Some of them include malwares which is also discussed below.

Best Kodi addon for movies

While trying to find the best Kodi addons for movies, we have to find the addon which offers a wide range and selection of movies and TV shows. We are searching for the best Kodi addons in the repository. We would have come across many addons that provides free movies and TV shows.

It is seen that many contents are kept hidden due to the geographical blocking sites in few countries. To overcome these issues, we can use VPN.


Crackle is an on demand streaming service which offers varied selection of movies and TV dramas. It is absolutely free to use and it also offers some of the famous classic tittles. While using crackle some of the countries block the content, to overcome this issue. We can use a VPN which is connected to an American server. It is locating in eracknaphobiaAddon Repo.

Film Rise

Film rise is actually of free movies and TV shows. This company offers two addons for watching the movies. One addon is used to watch TV shows and it is known as Film Rise. The another one is known as Film Rise – YouTube is used to watch free movies, videos, TV shows and many other television programs. It is locating in Kodi Addon Repository.


It is one of the best addon which is available in the Kodi repository. It is a free streaming addon, which contains movies and TV shows. It has wide range of movies with very good quality. An additional advantage of this addon is that, it contains a huge library for anime. It does not block any of its content based on the geographic site. It is locating in the official Kodi Repository.

Shout Factory TV

This addon provides a cult of classic movies and TV shows. This addon is absolutely free and it contains very interesting TV shows and movies from almost all the genres. The famous stand upcomedy episodes and other interesting documentaries and movies are available in this Kodi addon at free of cost. It is locating in the official Kodi addon repository.

Black and White movies

The Black and White movies addon present in the Kodi repository has a wide range and selection of classic black and white movies. The quality provided by this addon is also on the top level. It contains many classical moves of the olden times. The movies present in this addon are collected from the expired copy rights. It is locating in the Metal Chris Repository.


The snagfilmsaddon contains movies and documentaries at free of cost. This also contains movies and TV shows which are free to watch. All these movies and TV shows are organized and classified based on genres.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free video and movie streaming addon. It has more than 50,000 titles which includes both the movies and TV shows. The Tubi TV is absolutely cost free and it does not require any account for login. When we watch movies and TV shows in the Tubi TV, no ads get generated.

The Kodi addon also blocks ads generated in the Tubi TV. So that we can enjoy our movie without getting disturbed. The Tubi TV is locating in the official Kodi1 Github repository.

BigStar Movies and TV

The Big Star Movies addon provides the top block busters and award-winning movies from all over the world. This addon provides free movies, TV shows and dramas at free of cost. When downloading movies from big star addon. We don’t need any credit card details as this does not ask for payment.  It is locating from the Metal Chris Addon Repository.

Top Kodi Addons for TV shows

Many people in our society who loves to watch TV shows than any movies or reality programs. For those people these following Kodi Addons will be great. The following Kodi addons are best to watch TV shows.


The USTVnow provides us the Live American TV programs. The USTVnow contains both the subscribed and also the unsubscribed account. The unsubscribed account provides us the networks of seven channels in the US. But the subscribed account which costs about $20 will unlock 21 channels. This addon is locating in Kodi Addon Repository.

iPlayer www

The iPlayer www provides us the Live streaming news and programs which are published in the BBC news channel. It is absolutely free. It does not cost any subscription and the installation amount. It is locating on the official Kodi Addon Repository.

PS Vue

The traditional TV and cable subscription is replaced by the play station Vue. When compared to other subscriptions, they are some what costly. Still their quality is worth able. These addons are locating in the Kodi Addon Repository.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the best Kodi addons available in the market. This Kodi addon provides new movies, TV dramas, Live streaming videos for free of cost. These addons provide entertaining videos, movies and contents. It is available in Kodi Addon Repository.


This addon provides more than 100 free channels. These channels can be seen through any web browsers or through any applications. The Xumoaddon is absolutely Legal and it is locating in Kodi Addon Repository.

Comet TV Live

This Addon provides unique and live TV shows. It also provides classical movies and many more interesting movies which includes sci- fi movies, documentaries. It also contains movies and videos about live streaming the Kodi installation. It is locating in the Kodi Addon Repository.


It is an acronym, which stands for Home and Garden Television. It provides all its shows and episodes fully online at free of cost. It is locating in the Kodi Addon Repository.

Best Kodi addon for sports

If you are a person, who loves to watch sports. Then Kodi does not fail to present you the best sports addon which streams on demand sports channels and required matches to watch. The following article will present you some of the best Kodi addons for sports.

Fite .TV

It is considered as the best sports addon of December 2018. It provides you with more than 10,000 hours of free sports videos to watch. This Fite.TV is available for installation at GitHub.


Dazn is a subscription base Kodi addon, which costs almost 20$ a month. it is only available in Germany, Canada, Austria and Japan. To enable this in our very own country, we can simply connect your Kodi addon repository to a Virtual Private Network. It is locating in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

Sling TV

A perfect addon for those who loves to watch US based TV programs. This addon is currently trending as it provides quality assured video, movies and TV shows. Though it is a subscription based Kodi addon it also offers free trial. Even though during the free trial period ESPN and Fox sports are also available.

Best Kodi addons for Cartoons and Anime

If you are a person who loves to watch cartoons and anime, then this Kodi addon is the best. If you want to keep children busy with some useful and educational cartoon videos, then these following Kodi addons will help you.

PBS kids

It is a legal and cost free on demand service. It offers high definition cartoons to children. The cartoons which are available will be both entertaining and educational. It is mostly available in the US and within the local areas within the country. The Kodi users who are outside US but wants to install PBS kids they can install it by connecting to an American server. It is locating at the Kodi Addon Repository.

Funimation Now

 It is one of the best animation sources, which is available in the Kodi Addon Repository. It is an on demand streaming service. It costs upto 7.95$ per month. It requires a newly joined account with premium subscription. But once when subscription is over, we can enjoy new cartoon movies and videos every day. This addon is available at any official Kodi Addon Repository.

Best Kodi Addons for general videos

These following addons actually won’t fit into any of the specific type. They contain almost everything starting from movies, documentaries and news content. We can enjoy entertainment, news and everything when these addons are installed in our system.


YouTube is the most popular Kodi addon which is available in the market. It provides movies, videos and educational documentaries at free of cost. If you are already having a YouTube account, then you can directly integrate with the YouTube Kodi addon. It is locating at official Kodi Repository.

Documentary Storm

The Documentary Storm provides addon provides documentaries about current affairs and historical events. It is mostly used to educate people and college students with these documents. It is mostly used to create awareness among the people. It is locating in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

Miscellaneous Kodi Addons

The following Kodi Addons which are listed below don’t contain any of their own content. They are provided with additional functionality just to improve the user experience with these addons.


The media consumption can be tracked by Trakt. When we use Trakt Kodi addon, it provides us with movies and TV dramas. So, when we enter into our account the next time, it shows us the next episode, season or the part to be watched. It is locating in the official Kodi Repository.

Third-party Addons for miscellaneous

The following list of addons are very popular and suggested by many users. But they are not available at the official Kodi. These addons are actually harmful as they contain unlicensed content from many websites. This may restrict the functionality of the addons.


Indigo is an add on, which allow us to install and maintain the addons on our own devices. These indigo addons works very similar to the Ares Wizard. Sometimes to change the outlook of an add on, we need to install a build. But by using this indigo add on we can able to change the overall look without installing any build. It will find in the Fusion Addon Repository.

Future of Kodi Addons

With new addons emerging every day, the above article contains a list of best articles which are both official and unofficial. The new Kodi users should have a look at this article to get an over view of Kodi Addons.

Offline Addons in 2019

In the past years many addons are disappearing. Because the new addons are emerging and some of them are replaced by the new ones. the third party addons are rising and emerging very vastly, the developers of the old addon have left the market. But still some of the developers are still maintaining their repository.

2019 new Kodi Addons

The new Kodi add on version Kodi V18 Leia, has released its stable version. Even though it had many issues and bugs. The Kodi team rectified all the problems. And all the third part addons issues will also clear by the Kodi team. 

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