11 Best ADA Compliance Software for 2021

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The right to information is a basic fundamental right of every individual. ADA or Americans with Disability Act, 2010, was introduced in 2010. The act made it mandatory for all web pages to comply with the ADA act. ADA implies that web pages should be easily accessible to the especially disable or impaired person.

It is essential to make your website comply with the ADA regulations, as failing to do so will lead to legal consequences. There are numerous ADA compliance software and agencies that can help you make your web page ADA compliant. Following are some of the best ADA compliance software (free & paid) that you can use to comply with the webpage with ADA regulations. It is mandatory to meet the ADA compliance for

  • State and local government agencies
  • Private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Businesses that operate for the benefit of the public

Before moving further, we are listing some of the reasons to highlight the benefits of ADA compliance:

  • Create brand Image

Complying with your website with ADA regulations will create a positive image of the brand. It will build a positive reputation for the brand that will ultimately result in long-term benefits.

  • Wide reach

Reports suggest that between 10 to 15% population of the world are specially disabled. Wouldn’t it be great that your brand can reach those 15% population? ADA compliance will help you fulfil this target. You can achieve this target and increase your reach by making your website accessible to all.

11 Best ADA Compliance Software for 2021

  1. Level Access
  2. Audio Eye
  3. AccessiBe
  4. Deque Axe Monitor
  5. Equal Web
  6. Accessible 360
  7. Wave Web
  8. Tenon
  9. User Way
  10. Site Improve
  11. CrownPeak DQM

Level Access

Level Access is an ADA compliance software that can make your website accessible to all. Level Access has Browser Extensions that do frequent scans of your web pages. Extensions are capable of scanning and testing all kind of web pages. After testing the web pages, Level Access generates reports that you can look into to improve the performance.

Besides ADA, Level Access can also help make your website WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant. With its handy interface and wide range of compliance services, this software should be your top priority while looking for ADA software. There is no official information about the price of Level Access which means you need to ask for a quote from the company.


  • Web extensions
  • Generate reports
  • Graphical representation

Audio Eye

Audio Eye is a highly customizable ADA compliance software that you can rely on. With its AI capabilities, Audio Eye inserts Javascript to check the compatibility of your website with the ADA regulations. After scanning, it rates your website out of 100 to give you a clear picture of ADA compliance.

Audio Eye automatically adjusts your web page to make it ADA compliant. You will also get a certification from the company after the ADA compliance scan is complete. Visitors can also request to make the web page more compliant according to their suitability. This cloud-based web compliance software is available for 30 days trial period, after which you can switch to the premium plan.


  • ADA compliant AI capabilities
  • Compliance certification
  • Cloud-based platform


AccesiBe offers vast AI technical services to the users to make their websites ADA and WCGA compliant. It uses the contextual and image recognition understanding to hold the nerve and enter into the heart of the website. After scanning the web page, AccessiBe adjusts it to make it ADA compatible. It runs a scan once a day to monitor the web pages and generate detailed reports.

The best part of AccessiBe is that it offers an Accessibility Feature to the users. It means that visitors can make changes and adjustments to the website according to their requirement. This feature will help to identify and implement more ADA parameters to your web page.


  • Contextual understanding
  • Accessibility feature
  • Weekly compliance reports

Deque Axe Monitor

Compatible for PC and mobile scan, Deque Axe Monitor is the next best ADA compliance software you can try. It is ideal for small as well as medium-sized enterprises. It can run a scan and generate an accessibility status report of your website. You can also use the mobile scan feature to make your web page compatible with mobile devices.

You can track the accessibility based on severity and compliance score directly on your dashboard. It will list all the issues your web page faces to meet ADA compliance. It will then take corrective measures and make the necessary adjustment.


  • Track accessibility status
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Mobile Web Testing

Equal Web

Amazon, Google, and Mcafee Security are some names associated with the Equal Web ADA compliance software. With more than 90% compliance and 10M+ web pages scanned, it is one of the best ADA compliance software in the industry.

Equal Web has the best AI Machine Learning algorithm that allows users to test a website’s accessibility. It scans the website from the core to diagnose the issues. You can use the voice command feature in Equal Web to make the mobile and desktop website easily accessible. Equal Web has received certifications from Mcafee security which makes it a highly reliable platform.


  • Advance AI algorithm
  • Voice command
  • Enhance browsing experience

Accessible 360

Accessible 360 is user-friendly compliance software that developers can find handy. It makes sure with its tools that your website meets the compliance regulations. It offers strategic planning to diagnose and resolve all the compliance issues. This software is capable of scanning desktop and mobile web pages.


  • Easy to use
  • Developer friendly

Wave Web

Wave Web is a feature-rich web accessibility tool that lets you scan all kind of web pages. You can use the Wave API or Stand Alone API to scan your website for accessibility test. All you need us is to put the URL of the web address you wish to scan. After a diligent scanning, it will provide a detailed accessibility report along with the issues.

You can look into the reasons for the issues and correct them with the necessary measures. There are numerous web extensions this tool offers making it one of the best ADA compliance software.


  • Web extensions
  • Diligent scanning


Tenon identifies all the compliances issues and categorizes them in different sections for easy understanding. This tool is capable of quickly identifying the accessibility issues and take necessary measures. Accessibility issues are categorized as Warnings or Errors that will be adjusted accordingly to meet the ADA compliance.

Besides ADA compliances, Tenon can help you meet the legal requirements under WCAG and Section 508 compliances. Tenon also offers a range of browser plugins that you can use with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

You can try the free version of Tenon, after which you will be charged on an API calls basis. We would recommend Tenon to the medium enterprise as the charge are not based on per URL scanning.


  • Issues categorization
  • Easy to use
  • Range of browser plugins

User Way

User Way is a highly customizable compliance software that provides quality resolution. The compliance features of the User Way is unique based on the web page requirement. It comes with a smart AI and machine learning that diagnose accessibility issues and resolve them swiftly. You get real-time data that can help to diagnose and understand the areas of improvement.

The software works on the Document Object Model principal which automatically detects the faults. As for customization, you can change the text size, colours, themes, contrast, and much more. You also get AI widgets that can be handy in managing all your compliance needs. The UI of the User Way is efficient and easy to use which creates a high appeal factor.


  • Highly customizable
  • Unique compliance features
  • Provide services to 800K+ websites

Site Improve

Site Improve is a web accessibility tool that has been providing quality compliance services to users. You can scan the web pages to check the compliance level. The issues are then placed based on their severity and resolved with necessary resolutions. The best part which we loved about the Site is how it resolved the compliance issues.

It directs you to the web page where you can read the Accessibility Guidelines and take the neccessary corrective measures. Another striking feature of this sofftware us on-page and in-code highlighting.This helps you better understand the compliance issues. All the compliance issues are marked as tasks that you can resolve accordingly.

The graphical representation of all your accessibilty test is a convenient analysis methodology. You can customize the dashboard to extract the required details.


  • Easy resolution
  • In-code highlighting
  • Customizable dashboard

CrownPeak DQM

CrownPeak DQM or Digital Quality management can meet the compliance needs for ADA, WCAG along side other legal compliances. The compliance overview feature of the software gives a detailed insight into all the compliance issues and how you can tackle them.

You can scan the web page, URL, images, and Metadata of your web page to make sure nothing is left to meet the compliance needs. To easily scan and look up for the issue, you can use the source code. Crownpeak DQM is a must try for you if you are looking for rhe best ADA compliance software.


  • Source code
  • Privacy
  • Effective


With this, we are done with our list of the Best ADA compliance software. You can use any of these software to improve your web accessibility. Our pick of the list are AccesiBe, Level Access, and Accessible 360. These 3 softwares can be suitable for every organization size. Besides, you can also try your hands on Teno, Crownpeak DQM, Wave Web, and Audio Eye to fulifill the ADA compliance and enhance the user experience of the visitors.

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