12 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in 2021

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One of the most beneficial inventions of this era is the Alarm Clock. It helps you to wake up on time and reach your office. It assists you to go to college and school on time. It has snooze features that repeat the alarms so that you do not miss anything. There are multiple utilities of an alarm clock that we all are not aware of.

To fully utilize the features of an alarm clock, we are compiling a list of some of the best alarm clock apps for Android. These alarm clock apps help you manage your daily routine and keep you updated with your day to day schedule.

12 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in 2021

  1. Alarmy
  2. Rise Alarm Clock
  3. AlarmMon
  4. Early Bird Alarm Clock
  5. Timely
  6. Google Assistant
  7. Loud Alarm Clock
  8. Loud and Proud
  9. Sleep as Android
  10. Sleep Cycle
  11. Sleepzy
  12. Clock


Alarmy tops our list of the best alarm clock apps for Android. It offers a wide range of features that can be useful in handling your daily tasks. You can assign a mission to every alarm to keep you motivated and clear about your plans. It is one of the unique features which we loved about this alarm clock.

You can set customizable missions like solve a math problem to dismiss the alarm. The app also offers a summary of the latest news of the world. Besides the unpaid version of Alarmy, you can try the paid version at $4.99 per month.


  • Assign missions
  • Solve math problems
  • Feature-rich

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise alarm clock is an easy to use and best alarm clock apps for Android that offers maximum features. You can set customizable alarm sounds or music tunes to wake you up from a deep sleep. You can sync the app with your iTunes stores and select any song of your choice as the alarm tune. You can set multiple alarms at a time with labels on them. You can also set repeating alarms as per your requirement. The theme of the Rise Alarm Clock is minimal and interactive. You can buy the premium version of the app at $0.99 to avail more exclusive features.


  • Customization features
  • Choose any soundtrack
  • Minimal UI


You get all the functions in the AlarmMon app added with some twist. The app has some cartoon characters that make you do some brain exercise before going to bed. You can set multiple alarm or repeating alarms with the label in the app. You can choose from the numerous preset audio sounds to set as your alarm tone. The app is free, and you can download it from the play store without paying anything. You can access some additional features after buying the in-app purchases.


  • Cartoon characters
  • Extras with in-app purchases

Early Bird Alarm Clock

As the name suggests, the Early Bird Alarm Clock helps you wake up on time and kickstart your day. You get all the basic features in the app with some appealing themes. You do not need to change the alarm every day as it can automatically change tune, saving your time. Some of the additional features of the app are weather and alarm challenges. The paid version of the app costs you $1.99 that gives you access to some exclusive features.


  • Automatically change the alarm tune
  • Basic features
  • Interactive UI


You can sync the Timely Alarm Clock App with all your devices, so you never miss an alarm. The app has interactive gestures that let you easily manage all the alarm activities on your smart devices. You can use the app with your smartphone and tablets. You can assign challenges to dismiss the alarm. The app also has colourful themes which appeal to the users.


  • Cloud Sync
  • Interactive gestures

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most convenient clocks that most of us often neglect. Google Assistant offers you numerous features that make your tasks easier. You can ask Google Assistant to set an alarm for you, which it will do in seconds. Besides this, you can also set countdown timers, reminders, and calendars on Google Assistant. You can set voice labels to the alarm to remember its purpose. Reminders will remind you about the deadlines, meetings, and daily activities.


  • Easy to use
  • Reminders

Loud Alarm Clock

If you often fall into a deep sleep and misses many events due to laziness, then Loud Alarm Clock is the perfect choice for you. It has numerous noisy sound that will wake you up from slumber. The alarm tone gets automatically changed so that you do not get bored and sleep the regular sound. The volume boosted audio will help you to wake up and kickstart your day.


  • Annoying noise
  • Volume boosted audio

Loud and Proud

You can make alerts with custom sounds from either your telephone or a URL increment vibration levels, and even add notes to your cautions so you recollect why you need to get up toward the beginning of the day. You can set assignments to debilitate the caution and set alerts to be area mindful (so they just go off in specific spots).

The application likewise incorporates a resting log of sorts where you can include the time you hit the sack every evening—accommodating in case you’re attempting to wrestle your rest plan back altogether. You can buy the ad-free version of the app at $2.99.


  • Increase vibration levels
  • Easy to use

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android includes a lot of choices for the actual alerts, as customizable nap times, slow volume increment, and difficulties like tackling CAPTCHAs to kill the caution, it additionally includes some astounding rest following capacities. Rest following works through a smartwatch or wellness band or your telephone’s inner sensors.

When utilizing your smartphone, you can pick between utilizing the accelerometer which requires the smartphone to be sleeping with you, or sonar which expects it to simply be close by. These actions how long you’ve really rested, rest cycles, the amount you thrash around, wheeze, rest examples, and it can even recognize and record rest talking in the event that you need.

The entirety of this information is then taken care of into different diagrams and charts so you can monitor your rest and attempt to improve things—Sleep as Android can even assistance at sleep time with its delicate bedtime songs. Rest as Android’s engineers are in any event, working together with Google to help improve rest following through smartphone in all cases on Android.


  • Monitor your sleeping pattern
  • Multiple alarm sound
  • Syncable

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle utilizes the smartphone’s or tablet’s mouthpiece and accelerometer to follow your napping and figures out the best time (during your lightest rest period) and technique to awaken you.

It’ll show how your rest quality thinks about to the remainder of the clients of the application. In case you’re still sleeping, get the telephone or tap it to nap, however, each rest gets more limited on the off chance that you utilize the Intelligent Snooze include.


  • Analyze sleeping pattern
  • Syncable
  • Intelligent snooze


Sleepzy is one of the generally more up to date clock applications. It attempts to follow your rest just as wake you up. Obviously, that implies laying down with your smartphone in your bed. Besides that, it functions admirably. A portion of the more uncommon highlights incorporate a repetitive sound, climate update includes, an end table mode, and that’s just the beginning. The rest following is somewhat simple, however, it might work for certain individuals. The paid version of the app costs you $39.99.


  • Easy to use
  • Vast functions

Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock is all things considered, one uproarious morning timer. It’s anything but a sound promoter to make your alert tones really uproarious. It works generally like a typical morning timer application. You set cautions, set the rest, and you can set the alert tone or leave it irregular in the event that you need to.

There are additionally a few topics for some additional fun in the event that you care about that stuff. Be cautious since very boisterous sounds may harm your telephone after some time. On the off chance that you stress over such things, you should skirt this one.


  • Loud sound to wake you up
  • Alert Tones


Clock is totally free, simple to utilize, and adjusts across gadgets. While it comes up short on the further developed highlights you’ll discover in outsider applications, it does the essentials amazingly well and furthermore permits you to set a “Sleep time” plan—an element that will quiet your telephone and play mitigating sounds to help you nod off at an at once. Generally, the Clock application is as yet an incredible alternative in any event, when contrasted with the more vigorous contributions of outsider engineers.


  • Multi-utility
  • Sleep time plan


Rise Alarm Clock, Alarmy, Sleep as Android, And Google Assistant are some of the multi-utility alarm clock apps we would recommend to our readers. Loud and Proud, Loud Alarm Clock, Sleep Cycle, and Clock could be some of the handy options for deep sleepers.

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