5 Best Android browsers in 2021

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Android users are bombarded with application options of all genre which includes mobile browsers too. Mobile browsers for android are not just limited to big tech brands like chrome and opera. Numerous tiny yet effective browsers have slowly climbed their way to the top of the play store charts in the category of the browser.

These mobile browsers incorporate the latest and greatest features seldom found in mobile browsers with their own modifications that increase the ease of usage while using the browser. A modern mobile browser can save passwords, block advertisements, create personalized webpage settings, apart from the traditional surf and swipe feature. Let’s look at the best android browsers in 2021 that will revamp your browsing experience altogether.

5 Best Android browsers in 2021

  1. Chrome
  2. Opera
  3. Firefox
  4. DuckDuckGo Private Browser
  5. Microsoft Edge


Chrome browser remains the numero-uno choice of the users on the play store for Android platforms. The latest version of the Chrome browser stresses heavily on privacy and incorporates the Google Safe Browsing feature to warn you about the malicious file types while downloading and raise concern over websites with poor security and those that try to run background scripts. Chrome browser adds a new feature to club frequently used websites together in one group with no limit on the grouping. You can thus separate work and recreation websites with ease.

Data inadequacy is a constant issue with smartphones, especially if you are on a limited bandwidth connection. Chrome has an in-built data saver that helps you to save over 60 percent of your bandwidth by loading webpages in lite mode. Users are not confined to the lite mode and can view the websites in their full-glory after they switch off the lite mode.

The primary features like ad blocking, incognito mode, etc are retained in the mobile version of the chrome browser. You can view the websites in desktop mode as well as search for text on a webpage. IF you have signed in with your common google account, the mobile version and desktop version can cross sync data to present a similar experience.

All your saved passwords are also accessible via the password manager with the option of viewing them by entering your device password. A handy translation feature is also present that tackles the problem of auto-translating webpages to your preferred language. Extensions are not present as a feature that is common across all the mobile browsers mentioned below. We expect it to launch for mobile devices sometime soon.


  • Adblocking
  • Auto-sync feature


Opera has stuck around for a long time, being one of the oldest browsers for mobile devices irrespective of the platform. The latest version of the opera browser is more fluid, clean, and capable of loading websites of all capacity without any problem. There is an option of desktop mode too, should the need arise. According to us, the standout feature of the Opera browser is that it comes with an inbuilt VPN service. VPN subscriptions cost a lot and considering that you are getting it for free, Opera VPN surely manages to provide great download speeds and enables you to access geo-location blocked websites.

Opera browser uses a native ad blocker that works great. While using it on the spammiest websites of them all, you will barely notice any abrupt ads. Ad blockers on chrome browser are good but the google ads are still present. There is a personalized news feed, like the one you get in Google Chrome as soon as you open the page. Opera allows you to choose from a list of categories that suit your preferences.

Opera browser employs a dedicated password manager to save and secretly house all your password in one place. There is an option of adding your credit card for easy payment on any website using the credit card autofill feature. Users can also select the dark mode for more convenient browsing in the nighttime. The opera download manager is very intuitive and supports swiping gestures to stop a download. It also supports background downloading so you can minimize the application and continue with your work. It has a browser sync feature to enable you to sync your data with your opera browser installed on any other device. There is no extension support for Opera in works as of writing this article.


  • Inbuilt VPN
  • Auto-fill credit card


Firefox is one of the few browsers that are not interested in placing a lot of trackers on its users. Privacy has always been the strong suit of Firefox and the latest version for Andriod takes it even a step further. Firefox recently refreshed its layout and now presents you with the option to position the search bar in whichever position that suits you. The search bar is positioned down by default which can trouble new users that are transitioning from other mobile browsers like chrome.

Enhanced Tracking Protection is embedded into the new Firefox browser that blocks the most notorious trackers on the internet without requiring input from the user. So, you can browse for longer sessions without having doubts about malicious entities tracking and logging your every move. A private mode is there to support incognito browsing which automatically deletes the browsing history as soon as you close the private mode. The dark mode is supported with an accessible toggle for the users.

Cross-syncing your data across all platforms is possible with the firefox browser as it can provide you with full access to your search history, passwords, and bookmarks. The new collections feature lets you combine and create a collection of frequently visited websites that can be reopened when needed. The opened tabs now appear in a grid pattern that displays elaborate information about the website. Firefox browser supports add-ons but there is a small list of available and usable add-ons that don’t cost a dime. So extensions are a possibility on the mobile version of the Firefox browser.


  • Extension support
  • Websites can be grouped into collections

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has privacy in its name. So, its intentions are pretty clear. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for desktop has always raised awareness about how different search engines use your data to push unnecessary advertisements that are a direct breach of your privacy. The mobile version is a lightweight version of the same principles adopted by DuckDuckGo. If you can bear some toned-down functionalities, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is the most advanced privacy-focused browser for Android.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has a fire button in the center that allows you to instantly clear your tabs and history at once without diving into the settings pane. Each time you visit a page, you get a popup informing you about the trackers that were impeded by the browser. This is all automated and doesn’t require you to lift a finger or fiddle with the settings. You can mask your actions on the internet by using a private browsing tab combined with searching via their search engine.

 DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser also enforces HTTPS on every website you visit to make it more secure while encrypting your data from the malicious snoopers active on the internet. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser also assigns a Privacy rating to each of the websites that you visit ranging from (A-F) based on their attention towards user privacy. The browser lacks a dedicated VPN service like the one inbuilt in the opera browser which is one of the important tiers of user privacy. Also, no desktop syncing is present in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.


  • HTTPS enforcing
  • Effective tracker blocking

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a mobile browser. The fact might be hard to digest for Android users but it is there and offers a funny functional suite of features that make it one of the popular browsers on the Play Store. The most intuitive feature is the book mode that focuses on the text present on the webpage rather than the whole webpage which is often filled with media and ads.

Microsoft Edge offers a password manager to save your passwords along with an ad blocker, translation service, and even a price checker that might come in handy for avid shoppers. There is a separate feature called News Guard that determines the credibility of news published on a web page based on their “journalistic standards of credibility and transparency.”

Microsoft Edge has a note-taking module built inside the application where you can store your quick thoughts. Microsoft Edge also comes with the option to change the browser search engine that is set to bing by default. Extensions are not supported by the browser and the browser is slightly sluggish than the desktop counterpart which may be fixed in a later update.


  • Note-taking app
  • News Guard


There isn’t a competition to the throne that can de-rank the Chrome browser from the top. If you love a more privacy-focused browser, Firefox and DuckDuckGo Private browser will not disappoint you at all. Opera is a popular alternative to chrome that comes with an in-built VPN to help you access global websites blocked by your ISP. The Microsft Edge browser needs to have some more features to be recommended to android users.

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