12 Best CES 2021 Announcements for 2021 for 2021 (Combating Covid)

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CES or Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most awaited tech events that take place annually. Leading tech brands showcase their innovation via their products. Tech brands at CES provide a glimpse of some of the upcoming products.

Likewise, there were many inspiring and breath-taking tech gadgets in the CES 2021. We will be discussing some of the key highlights of the CES 2021 along with some innovative products to look out for.

12 Best CES 2021 Announcements for 2021 (Combating Covid)

  1. Biospectal OptiBP
  2. Lasso
  3. Shower Power by Ampere
  4. RoboRock S7
  5. B-Box
  6. Twinkly
  7. Popsockets
  8. YeeLight
  9. Hex Homes
  10. LG Cinebeam
  11. Engageli
  12. Airpop Mask

Biospectal OptiBP

This pandemic has made us realise the importance of health. Users now prefer health tracking apps to track their health status. Biospectal OptiBP is one such innovation that we will be using on our Android and iOS smartphones in the coming times. You can use the Biospectal OptiBP app optically to track your blood pressure. The app is in its initial stages and will receive approval from government bodies. It was the standout innovation of CES 2021, due to which we have included it at the top of our list.


The Lasso is one promising innovation of CES 2021. This innovation will help improve our future and make the environment pollution-free. Lasso is the first closed-loop domestic appliance that can smartly sort recyclable left out. Your left out will go through the steam and grind process to filter all the material. You can also schedule a pick up of your storage bin when it is full. You can book the pre-order of Lasso that is available at a price tag of $3500.

Shower Power by Ampere

Showe Power by Ampere is made of recycled ocean plastic that can fit every showerhead. You can listen to your favourite podcasts and music with this fully waterproof speaker. There is also an LED light addition that you can buy to enhance your experience.

Shower power automatically turns on when you switch on the powerhead, offering a 360 surround sound. It also has a Proprietary Hydropower System that firmly sticks with your showerhead. The company has kept in mind the sustainable development factor to eliminate plastic usage. The durable ocean plastic makes this product long-lasting.

RoboRock S7

RoboRock S7 is the next highlight of the CES 2021 event on which we would like to put some light. This innovation can be revolutionary for household cleaning. It comes with Sonic Technology that can scrub floor up to 3000 times in a minute. It will help you remove all the tough stains from your carpet, whether it’s dust or mud.

It is made of a new rubber brush coupled with auto-map lifting that can remove all the tough stains. The upgraded floating helps you conveniently mop off and clean your house. With the help of a 300 ML electronic water tank, you can clean your house at once.

The intelligent Mop Lift feature is a time saver for the users. It automatically lifts the mop when any carpet of hard floor comes under the radar. The device runs on a 5200mAh battery that can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. RoboRock is a must buy appliance that we would highly recommend to our users when it is available in your region.


If you are a pet lover then B-Box will be an enthralling experience for you. Ever thought about keeping a bee as a pet? Now it will be possible with the innovation of B-Box. B-Box is the first-ever beehive designed for domestic beekeeping. It is a highly innovative product that is designed to make the co-existence of this beautiful creature and humans.

The beehive has a transparent wall through which you can enjoy watching this beautiful creature. You can witness the beautiful process of creating honey waxes right in front of your eyes. You can separate the honey wax later when the process is complete.

The square honey beehive has been designed to extract only the excess leaving enough for the bees. The product is available in more than 100 countries and loved by the customers. It is one of the favourite announcement of this year CES event.


Twinkly always gives tough competition to its peers in the light smart light market. The market has also seen exponential growth in the past few years with the advent of gaming consoles and channels. In this year of the CES event, Twinkly has introduced Twinkly LED strips, Twin flex LED Tube, and Twinkly Smart LED panels.

The LED string LED comes in two options that you can use in different locations. LED Tube by Twinkly comes with 200RGB LED light that you can fix anywhere in your studio. LED panels of Twinkly comes in as et of 9 or 16 that you can set on your walls.


Popsockets are an extraordinary method to keep a stronghold on a larger than usual cell phone, however leaving them on the rear of your telephone constantly can be irritating, and it can even incapacitate remote charging.

Because of the iPhone 12’s MagSafe arrangement of attractively appendable adornments, PopSockets has a superior arrangement. The famous PopGrip is presently MagSafe-viable, so you can without much of a stretch pop it on and off your telephone. It has a nonslip elastic base that makes it longer than expected, however, this is to keep it from disengaging from the telephone when you put it in a pocket.


Yeelight is also a popular name in the smart light market. Yeelight has given us some glimpse about some of its products we can expect in 2021. It has launched 4 sets of smart lights that can be used for a different purpose.

LED Bulb W3 by Yeelight comes with 16 million high-quality colours that can be synced with music and gaming. The Arwen ceiling light S series also supports 16 million colours which are compatible with all the major voice assistant.

The next product launched at the event was GU10 smart bulb W1 that you can use to light up your home. Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar is the last product launched, which can be a perfect choice for gamers. It comes with 16 million vibrant colours that change with the gaming events.

Hex Homes

Hex Homes is a Home assistant that comes with a futuristic AI interface. You can track any kind of intrusion in your home with the help of wi-fi waves within an area of 1500 square foot. The waves created in your house will bend as soon as it senses any external intrusion.

Hex Homes has been designed keeping in mind the safety of your home and family members. This tool has 3 different modes that you can use as per the requirement. Home and Away are the two modes along with a Vigilant mode. With Vigilant mode, you can monitor the elders of your home and keep them safe from any harm.

LG Cinebeam

LG Cinebeam is another futuristic product we witnessed in this year CES event. LG, being a reliable name in the product, makes this product one of the best launches of the event. LG Cinebeam can produce an exceptional image quality, thanks to the 8.3 MP 4K UHD Laser Technology.

CLG Cinebeam has a brightness optimizer that makes it suitable for both dark and light environment. Adaptive contrast adjusts the contrast to make it suitable for viewing. Iris Mode makes sure that your eyes are protected from harmful radiations.

You can play 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution videos up to a screen size of 300″, sounds amazing right! You also get a dual laser with the lens shift technology which is a handy feature.


We have also witnessed an unwanted revolution in the education sector in this pandemic. Yes, it would be correct to term it as “unwanted”. Engageli has been developed keeping in mind the suitability of both teachers and students. We might be seeing Engageli as the future of education in this technologically advancing era.

Engageli gives complete authority to the teachers to control their classrooms. Teachers can take use multiple monitors to conduct classes. The privacy of students has also been considered by Engageli which makes it one of the standout innovations to look for in the future.

Airpop Smart Mask

It was inevitable. When veils turned into an absolute necessity have embellishment, they began donning style plans, innovative textures, and now, applications. The Halo sensor implanted in the AirPop Active+ Smart Mask screens the air quality in your present area, which contaminations it has sifted through, and when to change the channel. In Active Mode, it additionally tracks your breaths each moment and breaths per pace, which you can beware of your telephone.


There were hundreds of products launched during this year CES event. We have extracted some of the most innovative product that can help improve our lives. Robo Rock S7, Hex Homes, Lasso, and twinkly are some of the product innovation we would highly consider you to try. Hex Homes can be the best for the security of your home and family members. Some of the products on the list are in the initial stages that will be available in the coming times.

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