11 Best Fortinet Analyzer for 2021

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Fortinet is a renowned cybersecurity system provider that is known for its quality services. Fortinet offers a range of cybersecurity products to consumers to protect their server from outside attacks. Products like FortiGate ensures protection with an advanced and multi-layer protection mechanism.

Fortinet Analyzer produces a comprehensive graphical report of your network status. This report helps you recognize the potential threats to your network and blocks them. There are multiple free and paid Fortinet Analyzer available for the users. We will be compiling a comprehensive list of some of the best Fortinet Analyzer you can use for your network management.

11 Best Fortinet Analyzer for 2021

  1. ManageEngine Firewall
  2. PRTG Network Monitor
  3. Logic Monitor
  4. Site 24 x 7
  5. Splunk
  6. Zenoss
  7. Zabbix
  8. Cyfin
  9. Fastvue Reporter
  10. ZoneAlarm
  11. Comodo

ManageEngine Firewall

ManageEngine Firewall has been offering quality firewall services to the IT industry. ManageEngine comes with a log server that can extract data from the Fortinet database. With the help of the database, you can get Summary Reports, Protocol Usage Reports, Live Reports, and Traffic Reports that give you the detailed information.

The graphical data is easy to understand, and you can conclude results for analytical purpose. The UI of ManageEngine is basic and interactive that adds an appealing touch to it. ManageEngine comes in three different plans, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise edition. Standard edition costs $395, Professional edition $595, and Enterprise edition $8395.


  • Extract extensive reports
  • Interactive graphical representation
  • Flexible plans

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is another highly preferred platform preferred by users. It offers quality security services at an affordable price making it one of the best in the business. It can monitor the Fortinet device and track CPU Usage, Memory status, data packets, and session count.

PRTG Network Monitor has a wide configuration that helps to identify all kind of threat your network can suffer. PRTG Monitor represents your data in listicle form and filters all the essential information. You can buy it at $1600, $14500, and $60,000, depending on your sensor requirement.


  • Track CPU usage
  • Effective sensor
  • Track session counter

Logic Monitor

Logic Monitor is the next tool on our list compatible with the Fortinet analyzer. You can use Logic Monitor to track Sensor Value, Resource Usage, HTTP Requests and Sessions Blocked, and other useful statistics of your network. The tool represents the data in colourful tabular form along with the pie charts.

Besides this, Logic Monitor offers an interactive Dashboard that lets you effectively manage all the data. Logic Monitor is available in 3 different version that varies according to the number of devices you have. You can try the 14-day trial version before making any final buying decision.


  • Trial version
  • Affordable plan
  • Interactive data representation

Site 24 x 7

Site 24 x 7 is the most affordable Fortinet analyzer that equips you with all the essential elements to tackle cyber attacks. It is a Saas based monitoring tool that can intercept data packets and has numerous tools to monitor Fortinet data. It can track CPU usage, Packet Drops, Session count, Disk utilization along other data.

The vast dashboard of the tool lets you monitor all these data in one place and conclude results. The best part about Site 24 x 7 is that it sends you network alerts via multiple sources to alert you about any unforeseen damage. It can alert you via email, messages or push notifications. Coming to the price, you can first try the 30-day trial version to do a quality check. The price starts at $9 a month then vary according to the servers. 10 servers cost $15, 50 servers $50, and 500 servers $500.


  • Dashboard
  • Alerts
  • Affordable plans


Splunk is quite possibly the most renowned organization observing instruments on the planet. Splunk can take log and machine information from gadgets across your organization and from Fortinet parts. There is an augmentation worked for Fortinet called Fortinet FortiGate App for Splunk. The application gives an ongoing and chronicled examination of traffic, dangers, remote promotions, and the sky is the limit from there..

With the dashboard, you can screen the exhibition and reaction seasons of your gadgets. The dashboard is adaptable so you can pick which constant and notable information you screen.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Real-time data
  • In-built extension


Zenoss is a framework checking instrument that is accessible as a SaaS stage. From the dashboard, you can screen the presence of IT frameworks and gadgets in your nearby climate (counting Fortinet and FortiGate gadgets). The program additionally utilizes AI to distinguish strange examples and malevolent conduct to decrease the effect of cyberattacks.

Zenoss has various modules called ZenPacks. There is a ZenPack committed to Fortigate called Fortigate SNMP Monitor. Fortigate SNMP Monitor splits classes into Network, Router, Firewall, and Fortigate. The client can screen Fortigate firewall measurements like CPU Usage, Memory Utilization, and Number of Sessions.

In the event that you’re searching for a point by point and flexible foundation checking experience, Zenoss is ideal, especially in the event that you need to screen Fortinet gadgets also. To see the value, you should demand a statement from the organization straightforwardly.


  • SNMP Monitor
  • Firewall measurements
  • Memory utilization


Zabbix is an open-source network checking, worker observing, cloud-based help observing, application checking, and benefits observing stage. Zabbix is viable with Fortinet gadgets and there are various Zabbix formats that are intended for Fortigate. One model is the Fortigate SNMP layout.

The FortiGate SNMP format can screen CPU%, RAM%, Disk (Total and Used), OS rendition, Serial Number, and Interface information (connection and speed). These give you fundamental data to screen SNMP information.

The primary benefit of Zabbix is that it is totally free. The instrument is accessible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Raspbian. You can download Zabbix for nothing.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Free tool
  • SNMP information


Cyfin is a log analyzer and web observing stage intended for Fortinet, and other gadget merchants. You can associate your Fortigate switch to the Cyfin Syslog worker to begin checking your organization. The Syslog worker can screen UDP-based and TCP-based log messages. When the log records have been ported into the server you can see them in the Log File Viewer.

For general observing, the Smart motor investigation include assists you with dissecting the information you’ve gathered. Subsequent to gathering the information you would then be able to produce reports for additional examination. Reports are additionally consistent with CIPA and HIPAA making the product reasonable for examining purposes.

In case you’re searching for a log analyzer that is not difficult to utilize and design rapidly, you can opt for Cyfin.


  • UDP and TCP based log messages
  • Smart motor investigation

Fastvue Monitor

Fastvue Reporter is a used announcing instrument for Fortinet FortiGate. Fastvue Reporter has a live dashboard that shows you the ongoing presentation of data transmission, efficiency, and security. There are astute alarms so the client is informed when there is a dangerous movement like curiously huge downloads or a digital assault.

Movement Reports are additionally very helpful for danger remediation. The reports incorporate timestamps, URLs and green bars to show where perusing meetings halted. Having this data promptly accessible makes it a lot simpler to explore execution issues without swimming through heaps of logs.

As the name proposes, Fastvue Reporter’s main element is its reports. You can make and timetable reports for FortiGate switches. To ensure that the reports are shipped off the opportune individuals you can channel by Departments, Security Groups, Offices, or Subnets. Report channels are valuable for reacting to dangers and keeping the fundamental people refreshed on what’s happening.


  • Live dashboard
  • Timetable reports
  • Efficient


ZoneAlarm offers you broad defensive measures, because of which it has procured a spot on our rundown of the best Fortinet analyzer. It has a two-way firewall checking component that shields your PC from inbound and outbound digital assaults. ZoneAlarm conceals your character and makes your organization imperceptible to programmers.

ZoneAlarm Firewall has a protected inquiry program that allows you heretofore to distinguish the hurtful destinations. It filters the URL to ensure that you are going into a safe and phishing free zone. With the early boot security, you can distinguish whether your PC is working on a confided in OS or an unsafe rootkit. There are more highlights which this firewall offers to the clients that settle on it an ideal decision.


  • Protected inquiry programs
  • Boot security


Comodo offers some interesting highlights when contrasted with its rivals. Comodo quickly perceives the conduct of the client to foster customized security instrument. It has an easy to understand and engaging UI that allows you to follow all information in one spot.

Comodo accompanies a promotion blocker, Custom DNS Servers, and Program blocker that helps you in keeping your security flawless. The Comodo Firewall offers various customization choices that tech nerds can use. Comodo has a rating examine highlight that identifies and impedes dubious documents on your organization. You can download the free form of the Comodo from its authority site.


  • Highly customizable
  • Security instrument


If you are planning to buy a Fortinet analyzer for a large IT infrastructure setup, we would recommend PRTG Network Monitor, Splunk, Logic Monitor from this list. Clearly, they aren’t economical but considering best security, it will come at a price. If you want a mid-ranged Fortinet analyzer then Cyfin and ZoneAlarm could prove handy for you. Drop your comment in the comment box so that we can know your valuable suggestions.

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