10 Best Free Firewalls For 2021

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Sensitive data stored on your device is vulnerable to attack by outside threats. A Firewall acts as a shield that protects your PC or laptop from potential cyber threats. It identifies unwanted traffic and blocks the potential threat from entering your PC. Firewalls are now extensively used by corporate and government bodies to protect their sensitive data.

Mainly, there are two types of firewalls admin operate on their network. The first is a client-based firewall used to track information traffic, while the latter is an appliance-based firewall placed between two networks. Firewall blocks entry of foreign elements that may cause damage to your PC if they get access. Following are some of the best free firewalls that you can use to protect your device.

Why do you need a Firewall on your PC:

As online data is sensitive and subject to breach, it becomes very necessary to have a protection mechanism to tackle such threats. A firewall is one such software that can help you to tackle all kind of threats that can do collateral damage to your PC. Following are some of the reasons that make it necessary to have a firewall on your PC:

  • Protection from cyberattacks

Phishing is one of the common and most prevalent forms of cyberattacks users face. A firewall with its multi-layer protective mechanism and scanners makes sure that you have entered a secure zone. It scans URL and files to eliminate all the possible threat.

  • Two-way monitoring

All the firewalls run two-way monitoring on your PC that is it checks inbound and outbound files of your network. It scans all the communication sources between your network and foreign network to makes sure that there are no malicious files.

  • Enhances Performance

Malware free network ultimately enhances the performance of your PC. Regular scanning of the network makes sure that there is no room for cyberattacks on your PC.

10 Best Free Firewalls For 2021 are as follows:

  1. Glasswire Firewall
  2. Norton
  3. ZoneAlarm
  4. ManageEngine Firewall
  5. Lifelock
  6. Comodo Firewall
  7. Windows Defender
  8. AVS Firewall
  9. TinyWall
  10. Netdefender

Glasswire Firewall

Glasswire Firewall monitors the present and past connectivity status of your PC. It runs a quality check of the networks you have been connected to and diagnose the threat. It can detect spyware, malware, suspicious apps and blocks them. The interface of the Glassware Firewall is user-friendly, which enhances your experience.

Glasswire offers you a graphical representation of all the data that helps you easily track all the details. It gives you instant alerts about any new app which requires network access. You can also keep track of your data usage limits to keep in check your usage pattern. You get detailed usage statistics of your network. The basic version of Glasswire is cost-free, while the Pro and Elite version gives additional perks.


  • Instant alerts
  • Graphical representation
  • Detailed statistics

Norton – MAC

Norton provides real-time threat protection to your PC, making it one of the best Firewalls to choose. Also, Norton is a popular name in the antivirus industry known to provide quality services to its users. It has a smart firewall for your PC that checks the communication between your and other networks.

The Smart Firewall makes sure that no one gets unauthorized access to your PC and blocks all the possible threats. The Norton also has a password manager that smartly manages all your passwords in one place. Norton is compatible with all the devices and, anyone can opt for it. Norton can be a suitable choice for the Mac OS users.


  • Smart Firewall
  • Password manager
  • Wide compatibility


ZoneAlarm offers you extensive protective measures, due to which it has earned a spot on our list of best free firewalls. It has a two-way firewall monitoring mechanism that protects your PC from inbound and outbound cyber attacks. ZoneAlarm hides your identity and makes your network invisible to hackers.

ZoneAlarm Firewall has a secure search browser that lets you beforehand identify the harmful sites. It scans the URL to make sure that you are entering into a safe and phishing free zone. With the early boot protection, you can detect whether your PC is operating on a trusted OS or a harmful rootkit. There are more features which this firewall offers to the users that make it an optimal choice.


  • Secure search browser
  • Anti-phishing tool
  • Two-way monitoring
  • Advanced access protection

ManageEngine Firewall

ManageEngine Firewall can be the best option for professional use. It provides the necessary protection to corporate and government bodies. ManageEngine comes with a Firewall analyzer that keeps a check on every incoming and outgoing file.

Firewall Analyzer effectively diagnoses potential network threats that can harm your devices. It then restricts the access of all the suspicious network files to ensure safety. ManageEngine comes with a 30 day free trial period, after which you can buy the premium subscription.


  • Firewall Analyzer
  • Ideal for corporate usage
  • Ensures policy changes


LifeLock is a Firewall service offered by Norton that helps you protect your device from intruders. It will block the access of unauthorized users to the PC via the internet or Wi-Fi. Browser and apps are protected via the strong shield of the LifeLock firewall.

With five layers of protection, the firewall makes sure that no one can enter and tamper with the sensitive data stored on your device. For further safety, the LifeLock firewall scans and filters every file and flag the new files. You get a 30 days free trial period of the LifeLock firewall to make a quality check before buying it.


  • Strong protection shield
  • Five protective layers
  • Flag new and suspicious files

Comodo Firewall

Comodo is the next firewall on our list of the best free firewalls. Comodo offers some unique features as compared to its competitors. Comodo swiftly recognizes the behaviour of the user to develop personalized protection mechanism. It has a user-friendly and appealing UI that lets you track all data in one place.

Comodo comes with an ad blocker, Custom DNS Servers, and Program blocker that assists you in keeping your security intact. The Comodo Firewall offers numerous customization options that tech geeks can utilize. Comodo has a rating scan feature that detects and blocks suspicious files on your network. You can download the free version of the Comodo from its official website.


  • Personalized protection
  • Adblocker
  • Rating scan

Windows Defender

Windows Defender by Microsoft is one of the oldest firewalls in the circuit. It comes pre-installed with a Windows PC that gets half of your job done. Windows Defender automatically detects the malicious files and URL that makes sure your network is free from harms. The thing which we loved about Windows Defender is the wide variety of scanning options.

It has a Quick Scan feature to run a real-time check of all your files, custom scan to check files and folders. It also has a boot scan that is capable of eliminating all the threats while your OS is loading. It is a simple and pre-installed firewall that could be an ideal choice for Windows user


  • Variety of scans
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Real-time detector

AVS Firewall

Feature loaded AVS Firewall is the next option you can opt for from our list of best free firewalls. AVS has an ad blocker that blocks the random and unwanted pop-ups you counter. You can choose from the different level of security level offers by AVS, depending on your preference. AVS allows you to control the traffic on your network and keep an eye on every activity.

AVS assist you to tackle malware, scan apps, and run a quality check on the URL before entering any new website. You can also blacklist the URL to avoid any future threat. The best thing about AVS is that you can apply the filter on the undesired websites which you do not wish to encounter.


  • Create configuration rules
  • Blacklist undesired websites
  • Several security levels


TinyWall Firewall is an easy-going firewall which makes it one of the best free firewalls on this list. TinyWall effectively runs a quality check on your PC and look for malicious files. It can block virus, worms, Trojan files, and other harmful files that can be a possible threat to your network.

TinyWall has a sophisticated UI that easily manages all your apps and files stored on the device. You do not need to make a change in the settings of the TinyWall as it comes with suitable default settings. It is a free Firewall that can look after the overall protection of your PC.


  • Sophisticated UI
  • Suitable default settings
  • Blocks all forms of the virus


The last firewall on our list of the best free firewalls is Netdefender. It is simple and easy to install a firewall that has the necessary features to tackle online threats. You will not encounter unwanted pop-ups that enhance the user experience. You can diagnose and block all the threat that will harm your PC. It is a free firewall software that you can download from the official website of Netdefender.


  • Simple and easy interface
  • User-friendly


We hope our comprehensive list of the best free firewalls will end your hunt for the best. ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall, and Windows defender are our pick on the list. Norton would be the perfect choice if you are looking firewall for your MAC os. AVS and Netdefender can be the best free firewall software options for you that offer all the necessary protection features.

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