10 Best Free Fonts Download Websites You Should Use In 2021

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Fonts? Why should you care about fonts? For starters, it completely changes the look and feel of any textual data or information that you want to convey to the readers. The aptest example is how “Calibri” and “Verdana” became the new default for Microsoft Word over the years while sidelining Arial and Times New Roman. Certain Fonts exhibit clarity as compared to others that cram the alphabets and numbers due to which the whole reading experience becomes a perilous task.

Fonts were in vogue when there wasn’t much to do with graphics and now even when the graphics and animation have evolved, fonts haven’t lost their charm. Now procuring different fonts can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. We have searched the internet for the best, free and latest font downloading websites that boast of a large collection of new and old fonts, depending upon your project at hand. So let’s take a look at the best free font websites you can use in 2021.

  1. Google Fonts
  2. Font Squirrel
  3. FontSpace
  4. DaFont
  5. Behance
  6. FontStruct
  7. 1001 Free Fonts
  8. Urban Fonts
  9. BeFonts
  10. Pixel Surplus

Google Fonts

The internet seems empty without a Google product in each segment and that includes fonts as well. Google Fonts is one of the largest font libraries available to developers, that doesn’t require you to shell out a dime for them. Google fonts have over 1043 fonts for download that includes the availability in different languages as well.

To refine your search, Google Fonts allows you to sort the fonts by thickness, language, properties, alignment, etc. This feature comes in handy if you are looking for a specific font for your project. Google Fonts also lets you compare two fonts to see the difference before downloading and implementing it.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of the oldest players in the free to download and use fonts segment with a commercially free to use license. The website categorizes fonts based on their appearance and also adds tags so that you can quickly search in one go. The font library is expansive with numerous fonts added each day. Each font has a clear indication of its usage on the desired platforms. There are indication icons for TV, website, mobile, and applications.

The most useful feature, however, is the font search tool, which lets you search for fonts without going through much guesswork. Just upload the image or screenshot of the font and the website does its best to come up with the information. Most fonts can be used commercially without the chances of a penalty but the website doesn’t provide a sure-shot guarantee of that. Font Squirrel is a reputed website that has thrived over the years due to its immense attention to managing and distributing fonts for free.


FontSpace transcends the above-mentioned free fonts downloading websites by a long stretch. It has a vast font library that constitutes over 80000 plus fonts as of now and which can be directly downloaded without any trouble. FontSpace presents s colorful interface that displays the font appearance and also describes its usage restrictions. It is a valuable piece of information that lets you stay out of copyright troubles once you integrate any font into your project. It clearly labels fonts as “free for personal use” and “100 percent free”, so that you can pick up the latter if you are building a commercial application.

FontSpace has numerous categories that can be slightly perplexing but helps you to find out the best font for your use case scenario. There is also a free font generator that randomly displays your input text into different font styles. Another enticing feature is the Lenny Face Generator that helps you generate a unique combination of Lenny Face as per the input text provided by you.


DaFont is a clean website that isn’t confusing to navigate or download fonts. There are no irritating pop-up ads that ruin the experience or phony download links which is an absolute plus for free font downloading websites. DaFont doesn’t mention the exact number of fonts available for download but neatly categorizes the available ones on the front page.

Most fonts available on the DaFont website are for personal use only which a downside if you were willing to integrate them into a commercial project. Also, it clearly illustrates the users to completely read the terms and conditions embedded in the download file about its definitive permissions. DaFont says, “If no author/licence is indicated that’s because we don’t have information, that doesn’t mean it’s free.”


Behance is a community of artists that use the platform to share their creations within the community. Behance has a little bit of everything including arts, illustrations, fonts, designs, etc and most of that is downloadable by visitors. Being a community platform, content diversity will blow your mind. Most of the fonts are free but some require you to directly purchase and contribute to the creator to keep up the good work.

Behance is also a job search portal that lets you browse for jobs within the creator domain such as UI/UX designer, photography, videography, motion artwork, etc.


FontStruct is also a free font downloading website with a different approach to font downloading. Rather than just picking up from the selection, which most of the visitors end up doing anyway, FontStruct has a font generator tool that lets you play with different types of designs. This way you can generate completely original fonts that are unique to your use case scenario. Of course, if you don’t want to go through the trouble, there are numerous preconstructed fonts available for download. Our only suggestion is to read the terms of use carefully before deploying fonts for your use case.

1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts. That isn’t a good number. Right? Well, no. The creators seemed to have very low expectations so they named it 1001 but the reality is that it has sixty times more fonts than that number. 1001 Free Fonts is one of the simplest-looking websites that has managed the test of time and is still a popular hub for searching and downloading free fonts for personal use. Fonts can be sorted alphabetically, or by categories, even by color and a few other parameters.

1001 free fonts have a direct download tool that lets you download 10000 fonts in a single click for a price of almost 20 USD. 1001 Free Fonts claims that all the fonts present in this bundle can be used without any difficulty for both personal and commercial use and. So if you have an impending need for a vast font library, and are not willing to scrape every page of the website, a paid option is there.

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts neatly categorizes the available fonts for download in separate categories of free and premium tier. The website has a vast yet easily traversable collection of fonts in a variety of formats. It also provides the users to view the input text in the selected font format like Google fonts. Urban Fonts aims to bolster and monetize the contributions of artists and therefore has a separate premium tier for users that want to help the community.

There are two useful sections, one which randomly displays the top 100 fonts on the website, while the other presents a collection of fonts that are handpicked by the website management. Urban Fonts claims that most of the fonts are freeware but some belong to skillware or linkware category, which requires you to contact the author before using it.


As expected, BeFonts is also a simple sober font downloading website with a decent and diverse collection. There are no visible guidelines or anything and just two tabs, one of which shows all the available fonts, while the other lets you search a font. BeFonts provides fonts to be downloaded in OTF, TTF, and TXT format, as per your need.

There is also a gallery to showcase paid fonts by highly acclaimed artists. So either you can opt for the freeware fonts that can be used for personal and commercial use or you can go with the exclusives, which requires a payment.

Pixel Surplus

Pixel Surplus is more of a nuanced website that promotes both free and paid fonts. However, it is not just limited to fonts and even offers PowerPoint templates, vector graphics, and templates, to name a few. Pixel Surplus offers custom bundles each month that are available for a limited time and cannot be purchased once gone. There are free and paid bundles that can be procured using their store. Pixel Surplus is very transparent about the freeware available on its website and ensures that you are completely free to use s font for commercial purposes, it is listed under that category.


These were the 10 best websites to download free fonts without paying a dime. Our best recommendation will be Font Squirrel and Font Space due to the large assortment of free-to-download fonts for personal and commercial use. 1001 free fonts are also a great alternative to find free fonts while if you are willing to shell out some money in lieu of commercial use, Pixel Surplus is a great option as well.

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