12 Best HW Monitor Guide and Best Alternatives for 2021

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Tracking the health of your network is essential if a large number of PCs in your array. Knowing the speed, voltage, and temperature of your PC will help you manage them better. HW Monitor is a hardware monitoring program that gives you real-time data on your network health.

HW Monitor tracks and gives a listicle insight into your network health. You can monitor the voltage of your CPU, fan’s speed, the temperature of your CPU, and other relevant metrics. HW Monitor is one of the popular hardware monitoring programs in the circuit due to many reasons.

It gives intuitive graphical representations of all the matrix, has useful tools, and comes at a very affordable price. There are many other options other than HW Monitor that you can use to monitor your hardware matrix. We are coming with a detailed list of some of the best HW Monitor alternatives you can try your hands on.

  1. SolarWinds Server
  2. SpeedFan
  3. Atera
  4. CPU-Z
  5. PA Server Monitor
  6. PRTG Network Monitor
  7. PC Wizard
  8. ManageEngine OP Manager
  9. Aida Manager
  10. Temp Taskbar
  11. SysGauge
  12. Open Hardware Monitor

SolarWinds Server

SolarWinds server gives you a detailed insight into all your hardware information. The tool bifurcates and marks all the hardware information in different colours for better understanding. The running hardware is marked as green, while the critical level hardware marked with a red colour.

With the help of Solarwinds Server, you can track CPU health, temperature, voltage, available and used memory on your device, etc. The best part about the tool is that it comes with templates that are compatible with 200+ apps. After the 30-day trial version, you can buy the premium version at $2995.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Top 10 components by statistics
  • Graphical representation


Speed fan is a multi-utility hardware tracking tool that lets you manage all your hardware numbers. This tool can diagnose the temperature, voltage, and fan speed of the CPU connected to your network. This tool can also help you solve troubleshoot issues which is an additional perk you can utilize.

SpeedFan is a lightweight tool that will not suck the energy of your network when running in the background. It can also increase the lifespan of your hardware components if you utilize them smartly. SpeedFan is free and is compatible with all the Windows version.


  • Efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Free to download


We loved the intuitive dashboard of the Atera programme, due to which it has earned a spot on the list. You can monitor the hardware as well as control the administrative features of your network. You can audit software and install new programs with the help of Atera.

You can monitor the CPU, memory, and space available on your network to manage them efficiently. This tool also provides you with some valuable maintenance tools that you can utilize. You can try the 30 days free trial version before buying the monthly or annual subscription.


  • Administrative functions
  • Audit software
  • Maintenance tools


CPU-Z is a hardware tracking program that you can use on your devices. You can track information like the processor type, power, core, and clock speed. You can also check the RAM availability to manage all your stored files on the device.

Besides this, CPU-Z helps you deal with troubleshooting issues and solve them quickly. You can know the existing OS version as well as the former OS installed on your device. In addition, it has a battery and temperature status indicator that lets you consistently monitor. It is a free tool that you can download from the official website of CPU-Z.


  • Temperature status indicator
  • Processor detailed information
  • Deals with troubleshooting

PA Server Monitor

PA Server Monitor is a complete hardware monitoring tool that you can utilize for multiple purposes. This tool is available in four versions that you can purchase according to your need. You can buy Lite, Pro, Ultra, and Corporate version of this tool, depending on your usage.

You can track the status of 1000+ servers with the help of PA Server Monitor, which makes it a suitable option for corporate use. It also gives frequent alerts when the status of your network falls below the PAR level. You can generate weekly or monthly reports of your data to analyze the overall condition of the network.


  • Monitor 1000+ servers
  • Four different versions
  • Generate reports

PRTG Network Monitor

You can monitor multiple devices with PRTG Network Monitor that makes it the best alternative for HW Monitor. You can keep track of PC, Router, and Switches to manage them. The unique part is you get customized alerts to get notified. This tool is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices. We would recommend you this tool if you are using a wide array of devices on your network. The price of this tool varies according to the number of sensors you get. You can install the trial version of this tool which is operative for 30 days.


  • Customized sensors
  • Wide compatibility
  • Monitor multiple arrays of devices

PC Wizard

PC Wizard is one of the efficient hardware monitoring that gives you in-depth analysis of your network. This tool is free, and you can install it without paying anything. PC Wizard will inspect the hardware status and let you know about the area of improvements.

You can analyze PC memory, RAM availability, Cache, Voltage, Voltage, etc with the help of PC Wizard. You can get a listicle analysis or generate a graphical representation of your data. This tool is compatible with most smart devices and can be installed easily on your PC.


  • Inspect hardware condition
  • Free and easy installation.

ManageEngine OP Manager

ManageEngine OP Manager caught our attention with its beautiful interface. This tool is compatible with all the leading platforms in the tech industry. You can monitor the voltage, Processor status along with other details of your network. OP Manager gives you frequent alerts about the status of your hardware so that you continuously keep it in check. You can buy this tool in 3 different versions.

The user interface of OP Manager is minimal and simple that portrays all the relevant data in one place. The black-themed dashboard coupled with white coloured statistical data seems to be a perfect combination for the users. You can buy the Standard, Enterprise, and Professional version of this tool based on your requirement.


  • Interactive UI
  • Minimal and lightweight
  • 3 Version


Aida64 is extensively used by the analyst to do a quality check of your network. It allows the technician to deduce the performance of your network and benchmark them accordingly. You can test your CPU status, the temperature of your CPU, quality testing of hard drives, and so on.

This hardware detection tool can help you extract useful results to improve the performance of your network. You can access the basic functions of the tool in the free version. The paid version has two categories where the Extreme version will cost you $39.95. The Engineer version also enables network auditing will cost you $199.95.


  • Benchmark
  • Extract useful results

Temp Taskbar 2

Temp Taskbar offers different colour code combination to track and show the status of your hardware. This tool has sensors that detect the status of your hardware and gives useful insights. The colour code is customizable and you can change it according to your preference. It is a free and open-source hardware monitoring tool that can get things done for you easily.


  • Interactive UI
  • Sensors to detect the status


A highly customizable hardware program SysGauge is the next tool on our list of the best HW Monitor alternatives. This tool specializes in analysing and giving real-time data of your CPU. The relevant data are presented in easily graphical form which can be understood by the beginners also.

You can use the System Monitor module which helps you analyze an array of CPU connected to your network. SysGauge is compatible with all the latest and former Windows platform. The free version of the tool gives you access to 10 monitors tracking while the Pro version comes with 3 different variations. You can avail of 50, 100, and 200 monitor plan based on your convenience.


  • Highly customizable
  • Specializes in CPU monitoring
  • Basic User Interface

Open Hardware Monitor

The last hardware monitoring tool on our list is Open Hardware Monitor.

It is a basic tool that can assist you in detecting the base clock speed, temperature, and fan speed of your network. It is an open-source platform that is compatible with Linux and Windows devices. The tool is free and you do not need to pay anything to avail of the features. The interface is minimal where you can track all your data in one place.


  • Free and open source
  • Wide compatibility


This was our comprehensive list of the best HW Monitor alternatives with Open Hardware Monitor. Atera, PA Server Monitor, and ManageEngine OP Manager are highly recommended hardware tools. SpeedFan, CPU-Z, and Temp Taskbar are the free tools you can try from our list.

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