12 Best IT Asset Management Tools for 2021

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Managing your tools becomes very important if you are running a mid-large organization. As the industries are now heavily relying on technology for every task, it becomes necessary to manage all the IT tools. It is where IT Asset Management tools come into play. With it, you can track all the tangible and intangible IT assets available at your disposal.

Tangible assets include all the PC, Laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and notebooks. With IT Management tools, you can keep track of the purchase price and date, maintenance cost, guarantee, warranty, and inventory details. Intangible assets imply the software, licenses, and subscription plan which are currently active.

Benefits of ITAM tools:

Following are some out of the many benefits of an Best IT Asset Management Tools that makes it a necessity for every user:

  • Fulfil compliance and prepare IT audits

Auditing ensures the quality check of every department. ITAM helps you to have a complete overview of all the assets actively used by the organization. It gives you complete information so that you can create timely reports for analysis. Comprehensive reports will help in the smooth completion of IT audits.

  • Improves efficiency

IT Asset Management helps to improve the efficiency of assets. You might be thinking how? ITAM gives you an overview of the usage of all the software and hardware asset. With it, you can check whether the assets are operative in their potential capacity or not. You can then take corrective measures to improve efficiency.

  • Saves Time

Manually tracking the comprehensive details of your asset is next to impossible and will eat a lot of time. IT Management tools help you smartly organize the assets with less effort that ultimately saves your time.

12 Best IT Asset Management Tools for 2021

  1. Blissfully
  2. Atera
  3. Asset Tiger
  4. Solarwinds Web Help Desk
  5. IT Asset Tool
  6. Paessler PRTG
  7. Snipe-IT
  8. RefTab
  9. ManageEngine Asset Explorer
  10. Asset Cloud
  11. Alloy Navigator
  12. Fresh Service


Blissfully is a cloud-based IT Asset Management tool that provides comprehensive coverage of all your assets. The software can help you in Saas Management, Vendor Management, extract reports and insights. It builds a strong network of security and compliance that help you in Access Management, Auditing, and Compliance workflows.

The interactive dashboard of Blissfully gives detailed insight about every IT asset, its costs, licenses, subscription, and so on. This ITAM tool is easy to use and can be a one-stop solution for all your IT needs.


  • Security and Compliance
  • Detailed reports
  • Keeps track of asset costs


Atera is a cloud-based ITAM service provider that offers an array of services for Asset Management. Atera has Professional Services Automation or PSA tool that manages the ticket raising and tracking functions. The user help portal and help desk give a complete solution to IT admins of the organization.

The help desk is operative via multiple communication channels that technician can use. The Network Discovery feature of Atera helps you monitor the performance of servers and applications connected to your network.

This software comes with a 30-day free trial version, after which you can buy the monthly or yearly plan. The subscription plan varies according to the number of technicians.


  • Network Discovery
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Array of services

Asset Tiger

Asset Tiger offers a complete solution to all your IT management needs. It comes with a wide variety of services that can be handy for IT admins. One of the services of Asset Tiger is Asset lifecycle tracking that lets you calculate the lifecycle of your asset.

Besides this, you can scan the barcode of the assets with any Android or iOS app. Asset Tiger can extract detailed reports on the status of your software assets, like the due date of license and subscription plans. You can also give access to an unlimited number of users based on your choice.

The free plan of the Asset Tiger can manage up to 250 assets at a time, which is commendable. The paid version of this tool will cost you $100 annually.


  • Asset lifecycle
  • Extract detailed reports
  • Affordable and easy to use

Solarwinds Web Help Desk

Solarwind offers a range of IT services that makes it a leading name in the industry. It provides services like Network Management, Database Management, Asset Management, IT Security Management, and much more. Purchase Order Management and Parts and Billing Management are some primary services you get in the Web Help Desk.

Solarwinds Web Help Desk can discover the IT assets and track their status. It optimally manages your IT inventory and makes handy forecast plans for the best results.

The report gives you a detailed summary of assets and their status that gives you comprehensive insight. The software is available for a 14-day free trial version along with other paid plans.


  • Purchase Order Management
  • Manages IT inventory
  • Billing Management
  • Detailed summary

IT Asset Tool

IT Asset Tool is the next best IT Asset Management Tool you can use to manage your tangible and intangible assets. It can give you detailed insights into your intangible assets like license and active subscriptions. You can create PDF files of the listicle details which you get from the IT Asset Tool.

The tool keeps a close eye on your asset inventory and gives detailed information about purchase date, manufacturer details, maintenance history, and so on. The best part is that the software is available in the free version also. The free version supports monitoring and management of up to 35 assets. The paid version will cost you $178.


  • Import and export data
  • Listicle detailing
  • Decent premium plan

Paessler PRTG

Tracking and allocating the IT assets is a tough job, but not for Paessler PRTG. PRTG offers a combined network server that will help you monitor your IT setup. The tool has an Autodiscovery feature that will intercept each device connected to your network.

After completing the Autodiscovery process, PRTG will create an inventory of your IT asset. You can use the inventory details to track every basic information of physical and virtual assets. Inventory details get frequent updates as soon as you make any modification.

One unique feature you get is the asset sharing strategies. It displays the asset details in a layout form for easy understanding. The dashboard of the tool is also impressive. You can try your hands on the 30 days free trial version before buying the paid plan.


  • Autodiscovery
  • Asset sharing strategy
  • In-depth inventory details


Snipe-IT can be the best IT Asset Management tool if you want to prepare audits for your firm. This tool has some valuable features that let you prepare audits conveniently. The audit and Supplier Management tool helps you prepare detailed audits for analysis purpose. The user interface is simple, and you do not need to put many efforts into executing operations.

Snipe-IT can also effectively maintain all your physical and virtual assets, which would be helpful in Inventory Management. You also get frequent alerts when active subscription plans and license are about to expire. Snipe-IT has a $39 monthly premium plan, which is impressive, given the features it offers.


  • Audit and Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Email alerts


RefTab is another cloud-based IT Asset Management that offers a wide range of IT assets maintenance services. It can be an effective tool to manage work orders. You can set user-based custom work orders that help you effectively manage all your physical and virtual assets.

You can also scan the bar code to easily feed all the relevant details about the new asset bought. Other features of RefTab are license tracking, work order management, Inventory management. The free plan of the RefTab can manage up to 50 assets. The paid version cost $30 monthly that can manage unlimited assets.


  • Scan QR codes
  • User-based custom workloads

ManageEngine Asset Explorer

ManageEngine Asset Explorer is different from its peers. It is a browser-based ITAM tool that purely focuses on asset management. ManageEngine can track all the expenses made on the purchase of tangible and intangible IT assets. It can track the complete lifecycle of the asset, from the date of purchase to the date it was retired or scrapped.

Any change in the inventory status automatically feeds into the database of ManageEngine Asset Explorer. You can try the 30 days free trial version with limited features and switch to the paid plan if you are satisfied.


  • Browser-based ITAM
  • Track complete asset lifecycle
  • Can also manage Non-IT assets

Asset Cloud

Asset Cloud is a cloud-based ITAM that is capable of maintaining that can manage physical and digital assets. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. You can frequently plan asset maintenance so that the workflow is smooth. You can track the historical value of the asset and the depreciated value of the assets to create audit reports. Asset Cloud comes with all the necessities that can manage your IT assets effectively.


  • Asset maintenance
  • Wide compatibility

Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator offers a step by step solution to all your IT management needs. This tool comes with an Asset Discovery Service that can intercept all the devices connected within your network radar. Alloy Navigator can also track the potential threats that can breach the privacy of your assets.

This tool comes with a live IT asset inventory that continuously monitors all the changes. Help Desk of Alloy Navigator provides you with quality services that offer the optimum solution.


  • Asset discovery
  • Live IT asset inventory
  • Help desk

Fresh Service

The last IATM on our list is Fresh Service that offers holistic solutions. This tool is capable of managing physical assets, Intangible assets, and contractual assets. You can create detailed reports of each activity of your IT inventory. It offers a complete asset lifecycle that can help you track total expenses done on the asset and its different phases. Fresh Service comes in 4 paid plans. It will cost you $29, $59, and $99 based on the size of your firm. There is another $100 plan that comes with annual billing.


  • Asset lifecycle
  • Extract detailed reports


Atter, Paessler PRTG, and Blissfully are our pick of the list that we would highly recommend to our users. These ITAM can be ideal for small and big IT infrastructure. Some affordable ITAM on the list is Asset Tiger, IT Asset Tool, and Snipe-IT. Some other recommended IT Asset Management tools are ManageEngine Asset Explorer, Asset Cloud, and Alloy Navigator. Do not forget to drop a comment about your suggestions so that we keep improving.

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