How to Watch 4K Movies on Kodi | Best Kodi 4K Addons

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In this post, we are going to talk about watching 4K movies on Kodi. We all know that Kodi is one of the best choices for streaming content from online sources. The world has moved ahead and high definition content has been introduced long ago, so now it’s time to be even more ahead of the most world and strive for ultra-high definition movies or video content. We call it 4K movies in other words. Many of us are already in search for 4K movies to watch on Kodi to fully leverage the Kodi experience. With Kodi, you can satisfy your wish of watching 4K or ultra HD movies with the add-ons that are available. If you are not aware of such add-ons, do not worry as we are here to help you. So read on this article to try your hands on the best Kodi 4k addons.

Does Kodi support 4k resolution?

Not all devices support 4K resolution yet, as it is very new in the market. Even the televisions that support full HD content will not necessarily support 4K content, as it needs high pixel resolution which is four times that of full HD resolution and hence it is known as 4K. Just imagine the experience of watching the movies with four times more clarity than it used to be earlier. So we will guide you how to get the 4K movies on Kodi with the help of add-ons. But before we start introducing you to the best add-ons, we will want you to be informed that you should access the content through a VPN in order to protect your identity and privacy from external threats on the internet.

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How to Watch 4K Movies on Kodi

Kodi does not support third-party addons by default just like an android smartphone won’t support apps from third party sources, so you will have to explicitly visit Kodi application settings and enable install of third party add-ons as we are going to introduce some add-ons which are from third parties. It is very simple to enable unknown sources in Kodi, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi’s home page.
  2. Click on gear like icon in the top-left corner below the Kodi’s logo. It is similar to the settings icon in an Android device.
  3. In the settings screen, click on ‘system settings’, which will open sidebar for you. Hover over ‘add-ons’ and you are there! Just click on ‘unknown sources’ and click yes on the prompt that appears. The unknown sources will be turned on.

Now you are ready to install the add-ons that are required to run 4K movies on Kodi, see below the list of best 4k Kodi addons for you.

The Best Kodi 4K Addons – Play 4K Movies on Kodi


Convenant is just like the exodus add-on which helps you to search a huge collection of movies from different sources. Convenant offers more and better options to find high-quality movies over exodus. It keeps on updating regularly which makes it even better with each going day. There are no negative reviews as such for this add-on so be assured it runs seamlessly. You can find this kodi 4k add-on on Github.

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Nemesis is another awesome add-on which will offer you a wide variety of content. The scanner zone and air traffic control zone will let you tune in to radio on the internet. It also lets you stream live sports, air traffic control and police scanner feed along with the playing of music and audiobooks. When you visit Movie Zone and go to 4K movies, you will already see around eighty movies ready for you to watch by using your real debrid credentials on a home screen. You can find this add-on from the stream army repository by visiting its official website.


SkyNet is the one that you should definitely try. It provides you the best of 4K at your fingertips. You will find a huge collection of 4K movies in Maverick 4K UHD Movies. You will also find the titles in SkyNet 4K UHD  section, in which you will see around 40 ready to watch titles in Maverick 4K UHD and around 90 hi-res titles in Supremacy 4K UHD. There are a lot of options that this add-on provides and that’s what makes it awesome. You will be able to find this 4k Kodi add-on in Maverick TV repository available online.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is similar to The Pyramid add-on which was very popular sometime back but is not available now. It is also similar in looks with The Pyramid, you will see category wise presentation of content on home screen. Besides movies, it will also offer you TV shows, documentaries, music, radio, etc. Currently, it offers around 200 ready to watch 4K movies. You can find this add-on at supremacy repository.

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Atom Reborn

Atom Reborn is a relatively newer Kodi 4k addon in the market, but still, it is very popular for all the good reasons. It is like an all-rounder which offers multiple categories from various TV shows to cartoons to 4K movies certainly. You will find 4K movies in Ultra HD Movies section from the main menu. There are 116 ready to watch ultra HD titles available currently. You will be able to find this add-on in vectordroid repository.

Final Words

We are now at the end of the article and here we have already introduced you to the five best 4k Kodi addons that we recommend but there are more add-ons available for you to explore. Some of the popular names are The Dogs Bullocks, Placenta, Salts, Specto, Bob Unleased, BBC iPlayer, and so on. We hope that this article was helpful to you in finding the best Kodi 4k addon for watching ultra HD movies for you. We are sure you are going to enjoy the experience of watching 4K movies on Kodi and we wish you happy streaming. Stay with us tuned for more such articles.

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