Top 7 Best Kodi Builds for Firestick – April 2019

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What are the best Kodi builds for firestick? We have been writing about the best Kodi add-ons, repositories, build, etc. We are back again with another article on Kodi builds and this time it is for Amazon firestick builds that you should try in this year. Kodi add-ons and builds are usually designed to work best across all devices, but sometimes there are builds which suit more on a particular device rather than all devices. Today, we will show you the Best Kodi builds for firestick in 2019 so that you can directly start with these builds rather than spending your time in finding the best ones for your firestick. Before you install these builds, just make sure to turn on installation from unknown sources in Kodi. We also suggest that you use a VPN to protect your privacy and get access to geo-restricted content on these builds.

Top 7 Best Kodi Builds for Firestick – April 2019

Below is the list of best Kodi builds for firestick in 2019. I have tried this build personally and its working fine on my firestick. Let’s proceed to the list of Top Kodi Builds For Firestick.

CellarDoor TV

Kodi Builds for Firestick 2019

This is an excellent build Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, etc. There are a lot of popular add-ons from old to new ones and the build also keeps updating to add more add-ons. Some of the best add-ons that it offers is Covenant, Poseidon, The Pyramid, Bob Unleashed, Cartoon crazy, Nemesis, Strictly HD, Duckpool, Flixnet, Star-Tec, Pandora’s Box, Alliance, Genesis Reborn, Aspis, Atriox, Incursion, Joshua, Placenata, Uranus, Monster Munch, Sportsdevil, etc. Moreover, it also has great interface and easy navigation. This build is available from Try this Kodi build for firestick and I am sure you won’t regret it.

Misfit Mods Lite

This is again one of the best Kodi builds for firestick with great looks and content. As the name suggests, the Lite build is best for Amazon fire stick.  It is an all-rounder which offers Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Live TV in some of the best add-ons like Made in Canada IPTV, BoB Unleashed, UK Turks Playlists, Elysium, Cartoons8, StreamHub, Goodfellas 2.0, Monster Munch, Placenta, Eyasses, and SkyNet. This build can be found on

No limits magic

Kodi Builds for Firestick

This is one of the most excellent Kodi builds for firestick that is popular for hundreds of top working add-ons such as Covenant, Sportsdevil, Bob Unleashed, Death Streams, Maverick TV, Planet MMA, Elysium, Stream Army, Quantum, Bennu, UK Turk Playlist, etc. This build also keeps updating frequently to fulfil user demands and adding new features. It uses Aeon Nox 5 skin with Silvo Mod to provide awesome interface to users and arranges the content category wise for easy navigation. Some of the popular categories include Live TV, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Kids, Networks, Bob Unleash, etc. It automatically deletes the non-functional and obsolete add-ons which makes it even better.

How to Install No Limits Magic Build


When it comes to top Kodi builds for firestick, Titanium build also take place in the list. Titanium build comes with add-ons like Neptune Rising, Placenta, Planet MMA, Bob Unleashed, The Pyramid, Sports Hub, Youtube, Mobdina, etc. including categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and its Reply, Kids, Kids, and Live TV. It is one of the best rated and most popular build among users. You can find it on


Top Kodi Builds for Firestick

Durex is a build which has been consistently on top and maintained its place in the list of top Kodi builds for firestick in recent times. It comes with an awesome skin called Durexonfluence. Although it has a heavy interface, it is very fast in loading and also comes with some of the best add-ons that you would ever have on Kodi. Some examples of add-ons include Durex TV, SpinzFlix, Dexter TV, Poseidon, Nemesis, FTFA, Sports World, Elysium, Covenant, Planet MMA, The Pyramid, Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, etc. It also comes with a lot of new scrapers which ensure seamless streaming for us. We experienced that Durex builds works best on any smart device that you may have and in fact, works best on the fire stick. This build can be found on

How to Install Durex Build

One Nation Portal

This is also one of the most popular builds among Firestick users. This Amazon Firestick build also includes add-ons for Kodi 18, such as Kodi Collusion, Cobalt, Nebula Exodus Redux, Maverick TV, Yoda, Magic Dragon, Deceit, Sportsdevil, The Dogs Bollocks, Death Streams, Mobdina, Supremacy, Planet MMA, Placenta, and many more.

Fire TV guru

New Kodi Builds for Firestick

This build had stopped for some time but has again available now. It has some great in-built add-ons and some of the best add-ons include Covenant, Elysium, NBC Sports, Bob Unleashed, etc. One more advantage of this build is that it is very lightweight when compared to other builds and is best suited for firestick. It includes some sections like Movies, TV Shows, and Live Streaming. There is also IPTV content available on live streaming section. You will also find sections for Music, Kids, and Sports. These are some great features of fire tv guru and that’s why we have added this build on our list of best Kodi builds for firestick 2019.

We now come to the conclusion of this article as we have introduced you to the best Kodi builds for firestick in 2019. We hope you liked this article and would also like to try out these builds on your firestick. Please share this article with your friends to help them too and keep supporting us. We will keep coming up with more such interesting articles. So stay tuned with us always.

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