13 Best Kodi Builds for 2021

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After installing Kodi, you need to go through a long process to get going. There are several Kodi builds to save your time. It will install add-ons, skin, and customize other settings of the platform in one click. You do not need to invest separate time on each activity if you have the best Kodi builds on your device. We would highly recommend you use VPN services to save yourself from unforeseen trouble. Without any further delay, let’s dive into our detailed list of the best Kodi builds.

  1. No Limits Magic Build
  2. Titanium Build
  3. Grind
  4. Streamline
  5. DaButcher
  6. Plutonium
  7. Misfit Mods Lite
  8. Silvo
  9. Movie Time
  10. Xenon
  11. Movies Buffed
  12. Duff Light
  13. SG Wizard

No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic build is a lively and animated Kodi build that users always give first preference. The streaming quality of this Kodi build is one of the most appealing things you get. You can stream movies, TV shows, sports, and Live TV channels with this Kodi build in high quality.

No Limits Magic Build has add-ons like Pulse Fitness, Magic Dragon, and cCloud TV to the users. The add-ons get frequent updates and automatically replaces the old version with the new one. Some other popular video add-ons are SportsDevil, Quantum, Release HUB, and Specto Fork where you can stream anything.


  • Useful add-ons
  • Frequent updates
  • High streaming quality

Titanium Build

Titanium Build is another add-on rich best Kodi build that you can try your hands on. You can stream content from YouTube, TV channels directly on your Kodi Platform. Add-ons like Yoda, SportsDevil, and DeathStar gives you a daily dose of entertainment.

Titanium Build has an elegant and intuitive interface that enhances your viewing experience. Users residing in UK and US can choose this build as their best pick up as you can stream live TV channels from your geographical location.


  • Content from leading platforms
  • Live TV channels
  • Vast add-ons

The Grind

Grind is the next best Kodi build developed by the leading developer in the circuit. You can stream the latest movies, live shows, Kids content, sports across the globe, and much other content. This build is compatible with Kodi 18 platform only to make sure to check your Kodi version before installing it.

The content is categorized into sorted categories that help you find your favourite content. Besides this, there are lots of pre-installed ad-on this Kodi build offers to its users.


  • Pre-installed ad-on
  • Simple user interface


Streamline can be a good option for users with low-end devices. It comes with a simple UI subtly developed to please the eyes of the users. It will eat out the least storage on your device which we loved as compared to its competitors. You can find categories like Sports, Movies, Web series which provides high-quality streamable content. This best Kodi build is compatible with most of the Kodi versions.


  • Subtle UI
  • Useful add-ons


With a fresh interface, DaButcher is the next Kodi build you can install on your devices. We loved the minimalistic theme of the build where light and pleasing colours have been used. You can find the 10 categories on the home page of the DaButcher that helps manage all the add-ons and content.

You can look for Music addon, All program addon, favourites, and access all the latest content on your Kodi TV. DaButcher build also works with the Kodi 18 version only.


  • Minimalistic interface
  • 10 categories to choose from


Plutonium is an elegant Kodi build that could be a good choice for users who loves to experiment. The appealing colour texture of the theme will catch your attention on the first go. As usual, you will get the popular Kodi ad-on that offers you an array of content. Plutonium is compatible with most of the device you wish to install it on.


  • Appealing theme
  • Array of content
  • Wide compatibility

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite has an interactive UI that makes it one of the best Kodi build on the list. The sub-categorization of all the streamable content helps you locate the content you are looking for. You can stream content stream in different resolution based on your network. You can use this Kodi build with Kodi 18 version or below it.


  • Sub categorization
  • Different streamable resolution
  • Interactive UI


Silvo offers a wide variety of streamable content to users. It has content for kids, grown-ups, and users of every age group. The blue theming of the screen of Silvo Kodi built looks elegant. You can see the popular and latest trending videos on the home page and get started with your favourite content.

You can watch movies, shows, documentaries, different sports, kid-friendly content, and much more on the Silvo. The build is light and would not consume much storage on your device. You can use Antivirus software before installing this build to diagnose any kind of threat.


  • Diverse content
  • Lightweight

Movie Time

Movie Time is one of the latest launched Kodi build to arrive in the circuit but is no less than the old players. The app allows you to browse content in categories like Movies, Web series, Kids, Sports, and so on. As for the add-ons in Movie Time, it has Shadow, Ghost, and Seren. The developer has kept it minimal in terms of look and interface, which is impactful. Kodi 18 users can for this Kodi build if they are looking for the best.


  • Web series
  • Minimal UI


Xenon is a popular name for Android users who operate Kodi on their devices. This best Kodi build allows you to download Android APK files and run them on their Android smart TV. There are a bunch of sections that a user can choose from to explore his favourite content.

The database of the Xenon gets regular updates so that you do not miss anything latest. Xenon offer content for every age group which makes it a preferable Kodi build for the users. Some popular add-ons are also embedded in the Xenon to give you never-ending entertainment. You can use Xenon with Kodi 18 and 19 platforms.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Numerous categories
  • Frequent updates


Innovation caught our eyeballs at first glance due to its lively overall look.

This build has smartly bifurcated the content due to which it is one of the best Kodi builds on the list. The Adult and Family version of Innovation build rates the content as Mature and under 18. The build is ideal for big screens and will help you in buttery smooth operations.

Talking about the Kodi add-ons, you get Magic Dragon, Deathstar along with other popular ones. The content is streamable in SD as well as HD resolution. The trending content of the Innovation Kodi build is displayed on the home page to make your tasks easy.


  • Smart bifurcation of categories
  • Trending section
  • Appealing user interface

Duff Light

Duff light is a minimal yet useful Kodi build that you can use to enjoy your favourite content. It is compatible with Android box and Amazon Firestick, and can also be installed on the PC. The UI of the Duff light is not much appealing as compared to its peers but still gets the job done for you.

There are limited add-ons like cCloud TV, Deathstar, and Kratos Reborn which you can use to explore various possibilities. This light and efficient Kodi build have all the features to make it one of the best on the list. This Kodi build is compatible with the Kodi 18 version.


  • Useful add-ons
  • Easy installation

SG Wizard

Moving further, we have SG Wizard on our list of the best Kodi builds. It comes with a simple layout that displays all the relevant content and add-ons on your screen. The dark black theme looks appealing where the latest content is portrayed in rectangular grids.

Besides the conventional categories, you get a dedicated DC and Marvel section to watch all their movies. You can enjoy all the DC and Marvel movies in high quality. SZ Wizard has limited content but the developers have focused on quality rather than numbers.


  • Dark theme
  • Quality content
  • DC and Marvels section

Movies Buffed

Movies buffed is a cool looking Kodi build which would be loved by tech geeks. Some popular categories on Movies Buffed are Sci-fi, Romance, Sports, and Horror. As for the add-ons, Movies Buffed offers you YouTube, Athena, The Crew Alpha along with the other options.


  • Useful add-ons
  • Vast categories


With this,We would be wrapping up our list of the best Kodi builds. There are tons of best Kodi builds out of which we have tried to compile the best for our readers. We will summarize our list to make it easy for you to choose the best from our list. In terms of design and features Titanium Build, Streamline, and Plutonium is our pick. As for add-ons, we would suggest Grind, Silvo, and Duff Light from our comprehensive list.

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