Top 10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons in 2019

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We know many of you might be using Kodi on your Android box or smart TV and are searching for great new content to watch every day in high quality. We are here today to introduce you to some Best Kodi Live TV Addons which lets you stream live TV for free in high quality. You might have used add-ons in your internet browsers like Google Chrome and must be already knowing that it provides additional functionalities which are not available on the original software and are built according to user expectations.

10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons 2019

Kodi is an awesome free media player which is available on all major platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. Kodi has so many functionalities that you might come to know about its best functionalities day by day as you use it more. It offers you to watch TV shows, documentaries, music, radio and even 4K movies for free. We had earlier published an article about how to watch 4K movies on Kodi for free. There are many apps available today for watching live TV but the Kodi Live TV Addons will provide you best experience in watching live TV on Kodi player. So read on to know about such add-ons for Kodi.

USTV now

USTV now has around 28 channels available but it only offers 7 channels as a part of free service. To avail the rest of the channels, you have to pay a nominal fee of 20$ to unlock everything. It offers users to watch channels that are aired through American broadcasters like CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox news, ESPN, History channel, etc. out of which 7 channels can be watched for free. It is a popular IPTV (Internet Protocols Television) service in the United States and is an official add-on which is available on Kodi repository and hence can be downloaded hassle-free on Kodi 17.6 and above. No doubt Ustvnow is one of the most popular Kodi live TV addons.

cCloud TV

best Kodi Live TV Addons

cCloud or community cloud which offers channels from the United Kingdom and United States like Discovery channel, ESPN, AMC, Animal Planet and National Geographic. It is one of a free IPTV add-on which is available for download from Kodi repository and offers content according to genres. The name community cloud suggests that it is an open source cloud-based service built by the community of TV lovers.

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BBC iPlayer

This is a Live TV kodi add-on from BBC and is best for watching 4K movies too besides watching live TV on kodi. It is built for the users of UK but you can use a VPN to access content from different locations. It does not have any paid subscription option and hence it is always free and offers live channels like BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, and BBC News.

Atom Reborn

Kodi Live TV Addons

Atom Reborn is a relatively newer live tv add-on for kodi in the market, but still it is very popular. It offers multiple categories from various TV shows to cartoons to 4K movies. It keeps adding new content on its home screen regularly for easy access. It is an IPTV which provides hundreds of channels from across the globe.


Selfless is one of the most popular kodi live tv addon among Kodi users and is available in bookmark repository. It also offers channels from across the globe including UK and US. Some of the examples of channels available on this add-on are BC, CNN, ESPN HD, Fox News, Cartoon Network, History, Discovery, HBO, NBA TV, WWE, etc. The popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Mission Impossible, Modern Family, The Office, Vampire Diaries are also available on this add-on. Note that you might need a VPN to watch live football matches.


 Live TV Addons for Kodi

Chronos is another best live TV addon for Kodi which can be downloaded from SkyDarks repository. It also offers channels from UK and US including SkyNet TV, LiveNet TV, SkyDark TV, Swift Streamz, Hes Goal Streams, and news, cartoons, movies, live sports and tv shows also.

UK Turk Playlists

This is an add-on which has a very good dashboard. You can find many interesting contents for instant streaming on a dashboard. It plays contents from Turkey and UK and hence the name UK Turk Playlists. It offers live sports matches and live concerts and also has a separate folder for accessing live TV on Kodi.


SGTV can be called a good alternative to USTV now, it also offers channels from UK and US. You will also find various sports channels, news channels, music channels, etc. Many of the popular channels like London Live, ABC News, and Drama work well on this add-on. You can download this add-on from SG Wizard repository.

Star Tec

Star Tec is like a complete package that one would love to have. It offers a variety of content like music, movies, tv shows, documentaries, anime, live events, live tv, and live concerts. It is available from download from Gentec Star-Tec repository and has most of the channels on it working. You will be required to click on Star-Tec Live Tv after its installation to stream live TV channels on Kodi.

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Deceit is another awesome Live TV Kodi add-on that is worth installing as it also offers content ranging from Movies, TV, Sports Streams, documentaries, etc. it can be downloaded from OneNation repository and works by searching websites for you.


Here we come to a conclusion on this article where we have provided you the description of 10 best addons to watch live TV on Kodi. You can also explore various other good add-ons like Atriox, SportsDevil, Furious Streams, Mobdro, Mad streams, IPTV Bonanza, Resistance, Comet TV, ITV, Midian, SportsNet Now, ESPN player, etc. We hope this article helped you in your search for Best Kodi Live TV Addons and was worth your time. Stay tuned with us for such interesting articles in future.

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