11 Best Kodi Remotes in 2021

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Kodi is a platform where you can play your media files on the big screen. To control the functions and activities on Kodi, you can either choose some apps or opt for Kodi remotes. There are some reasonable and best Kodi remotes available in the market at affordable price. We will be guiding you to some of the best options while buying a Kodi remote and tell you the platforms from where you can buy these best Kodi remotes.

  1. Rii MX3 Pro
  2. Rii i8+
  3. Inteset INT-422
  4. Sanoxy PC RC
  5. OSMC Remote
  6. Luxury: Rii K25
  7. BT Remote
  8. Maketheone Mini
  9. Ortek VRC 1100
  10. C Zone Mini H7
  11. Aerb Mini

Rii MX3 Pro

Traditional and compact, that is how I would like to address the first Kodi remote on the list. To some extent, MX3 Pro is identical to the regular TV remote in look but differs vastly in functionality. You can navigate all the aspects of the Kodi TV with the MX3 remote easily. The remote comes with a full QWERTY keyboard that helps you perform all the activities.

Rii MX3 Pro has air mouse functionality that further simplifies your task. The remote has a 2.4 GHz dongle that lets you connect it with the other devices. The remote has AAA batteries instead of chargeable batteries. You can buy this product on Amazon that will cost you $11.99.


  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • AAA battery
  • 2.4 GHz dongle

Rii i8+

Rii i8+ is a complete Kodi remote control that serves multiple purposes for the users. The remote has a rubber build which feels light and premium in hands. The remote comes with a backlit QWERTY keyboard which may appeal to buyers. The remote has a multi-functional touchpad that you can use to operate all the activities on Kodi.

The design and look of the remote earn a thumbs up from our side. The 2 round polorus design will catch your attention at first glance. One standout feature which this Kodi remote offer is that you can connect your other devices with the help of a mini receiver.

The remote comes with a rechargeable battery that cuts your expenses of buying batteries. The product is available at Amazon under a price tag of approx $20.95.


  • Backlit keyboard
  • Appealing design
  • Rechargeable battery

Inteset INT-422

Due to its wide compatibility, the next remote on our list of best Kodi remotes is Inteset INT-422. The remote is compatible with XBOX One, Roku, and Apple TV. Macros are one of the most useful features we loved about the remote. You can create macros of up to 32 commands that will automatically perform the basic functions.

The remote comes with a backlit keyboard that helps you operate it in the dark. You can lock the volume and channel buttons of the remote to avoid accidental touch. The remote has a library search capability that can help you search for the missing codes. You do not get an IR receiver with the remote which you need to purchase separately. The remote is priced at $25 which you can purchase from Amazon.


  • Macros for up to 32 commands
  • Preconfigured
  • Library search capability.

Sanoxy PC RC

Sanoxy PC is a small dynamite power-packed with features and performance. We loved the compact size of the remote where you get all the necessary features to control the Kodi device. Along with the basic channel and volume keys, the remote has a mouse button that works like a joystick for the users.

The widely spaced buttons in the remote make navigation convenient for you. The remote do not have a backlit keyboard but its precise placement of buttons makes it operatable in the dark. You also get a USB infrared receiver in this compact remote that makes it one of the best Kodi remotes to opt for. The product has a decent rating on Amazon and you need to pay $11.99 to buy it.


  • Compact
  • Precisely placed buttons
  • USB infrared receiver

OSMC Remote

OSMC remote looks like the modern remote control you get with the smart TV nowadays. The remote has a sleek black textured design where you get circular arrow buttons on the top. Moving downward, the remote has volume buttons, menu button, play and pause button along with other useful navigation buttons. You can purchase the remote from the official website of the company for $20.70.


  • Minimal design
  • Well-spaced keys

Luxury: Rii K25

Luxury Rii K25 is a smartly crafted watch that is best in terms of look on this list. The remote has a rugged texture along with a catchy colour combination. For the convenience of the users, the company has bifurcated the keys into sections. The back part has the QWERTY keyboard while the front contains basic operational buttons.

The curvy edges on the remote make you go awestruck. The buttons have ample spacing that lets you easily manage all the activities. Surprisingly, you also get an Air mouse in this Kodi remote which is one feature to consider while buying. The remote comes with a rechargeable that offers long usage hours on one charge. The remote will cost you $16.99 which you can buy from the Amazon store.


  • Premium design
  • Air mouse
  • Rugged texture built

BT Remote

BT remote is the next option that you can buy if you are looking for one of the best Kodi remotes. BT comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option, which makes it one of its type. Instead of high-frequency remote control, BT remote is operatable via Bluetooth that you can connect with other smart devices.

You get the basic navigation keys embedded in the remote, which may feel stiff sometimes. You can use Siri to perform the other functions while operating the Kodi TV. The remote has an in-built lithium rechargeable battery that can go on for long hours in one charge. You can activate the sleep mode when not using the remote to extend the battery life. Surprisingly, the remote does not cost you much and cost you just under $20.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sleep mode
  • Long battery life

Maketheone Mini

Maketheone Mini is a 2.4Ghz mini Keyboard touchpad mouse combo that comes with the sturdy build quality. The remote has a touchpad at the upper centre part surrounded by navigation keys. Apart from Kodi TV, the remote is compatible with PC, IPTV laptop, and other smart devices. AAA battery has been fitted inside the battery that can last long as the remote doesn’t have a backlit keyboard.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Compatible with several smart devices

Ortek VRC 1100

1000+ users have bought and reviewed this Kodi remote due to which is worth mentioning on our list. The remote is equipped with all the media buttons that Kodi users need. One unique feature of the app is the trackpad that acts as a mouse and can perform the basic functions for you. The build quality of the remote is up to the mark with a retro feel to it.

The remote contains a whole bunch of buttons that makes it one of the best Kodi remotes to buy. The remote also provides a record button that makes it one of its kind. The remote will cost you around $14 if you are buying it from online stores.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Affordable
  • Record button

C Zone Mini H7

C zone Mini H7 is a classy looking compact remote control that poses an identical design as compared to other Kodi remotes. Well-spaced large buttons are convenient to use and don’t bother you much. You get a responsive trackpad that makes your operating experience smooth. The product can easily fit in your palms and you can carry it to a wide range in your room. We expected a backlit keyboard which but we do not get one in this Mini H7 Kodi remote control.


  • Well-spaced keys
  • Affordable

Aerb Mini

Aerb Mini is a subtly crafted Kodi remote that will not put much of a dent in your wallet. It comes with a premium finish along with a QWERTY keyboard on the back. The remote contains a plethora of sensors that allow you to use it as an Air mouse. The keys of the remote are small which needs some efforts to operate. Overall, the remote can be a decent buy if you are willing to spend a fair amount of money out of your pocket.


  • Compact
  • User-friendly
  • Multiple sensors


These were some of the affordable and best Kodi remotes you can buy right now. If you plan to buy a complete Kodi remote, we would suggest you opt for Inteset INT-422, Sanoxy PC RC, and Luxury Rii K25. Buyers with a stringent budget can buy Maketheone Mini and Ortek VRC 100. We have tried to compile a comprehensive list for our readers, so they can buy according to their preference. We hope you might be able to find the best Kodi remotes from this list under your budget.

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