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Have you been looking for the best Laptop for an MBA student and are tired of searching all day without getting the best laptop for an MBA student? If your answer is yes, your search is over. We have compiled the lists f laptops that are ideal for MBA students, and when you are done reading the reviews, you won’t need to do further researches.

LaptopsImageLaptops NameView On Amazon
#1Acer Aspire E 15

#2 Chromebook C202SA-YSO2 by ASUS

#3Macbook Air from Apple

#4Surface Pro by Microsoft

#5New Macbook Pro fro Apple

In this advanced world that we live people love doing business, but a special platform that teaches you in detail the art of the business is a master of business accounting or MBA for short. The course is all about taking notes, projects, assignments, and so on. In other to keep up with all the tasks in your course, you need a special laptop that is dedicated to helping you achieve your gal.

The list is compiled from a direct report from MBA students, who through different online reviews shared their personal experiences regarding each of the laptops discussed in this article. They declared that in other t finish their course, they had to purchase a huge number of managing very expensive accounting books. There are diverse information, software, and programs online dedicated to helping students in different courses, in whatever level of education. These systems come in handy for them when they need to implement any online tasks.

Vital info, as a student in MBA, you are probably going to have t repay some tuition loans to finish your sturdy. With these pertinent issues in mind, we were able t compile many inexpensive and moderate to top-end systems.

MBA students laptop buying guides:

We just felt we should add this information to people who might not know how to identify a god laptop when they see one. The features and specs of a system are what make it good or bad, ideal or perfect, best, or suck. What features should you look out for and how can you know it is ok for you?

I guess you have gotten the point of this buyer’s guide session, so, let’s jump right into it.

The characteristic that you should look out for when purchasing any laptop for studies is discussed below.

The processor:

This is a very vital part of a system and of curse a pertinent buying tip that you must consider. The reason is that if your processor is quick, your performance will be high, and if it is not fast, you will not complete your task in record time. What does this tell you, it

simply means that you must go for a system with a high-speed processor. Add to a slow processor leading to low delivery of projects, it drags the system and causes the application to load slowly. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your laptop, you must lookout for the processor. In this review, we will provide information about each system’s processor and let you know if it is fast or not. So read till the end.

If you are working with a low budget, we advise that you target an i5 processor, and if you have a robust budget, best is to go for an i7 or i8 processor. The type of processor in a system also determines the price f that system. Processors are therefore of the determinant-features of the price of a laptop. Yes, it is that important, don’t forget.

If your budget can only take the i5 processor, don’t fret because most if not all programs or projects you need a laptop for requiring high-end applications or software, so as an MBA student, working according to your financial capacity.

The RAM (Random access memory)

If you desire a suave functioning laptop that operates seamlessly and operates any bulky software, you need an excellent ram with amazing capacity like 8GB Ram. If you have a high budget, target 12GB or 16GB Ram. The random access memory like the processor is a vital element in a laptop.

The Graphics card:

For everyday computing objectives, it is sufficient to use a normal graphics card. However, if you utilize top-end applications and software, you will need exclusive graphic cards. For instance, if you are a professional graphic designer, you would need a system with a dedicated graphics card in your system.

The Storage:

HDD and SSD storages accompany all laptops or computers. Select the best storage that fits your pocket, and should you require more room for your work, go for HDD storage.

The Display:

A 15-inch display with a motion of 1920 x 1080 pixels is ideal for students that need an inexpensive laptop. But if you have the money and can afford an expensive laptop, go for a seventeen-inch display.

The Webcam and extra ports

A convenient USB port and trackpads are vital for any MBA student. Apart from this, using an HD web camera is required for monitor distribution and other reasons.


Another element to look out for when searching for the best laptop for an MBA student is the portability. How easy is it to carry your system? Can you take it from place-to-place without hassles? You need to take your device to class, and other relevant places, for this fact, it is essential you buy one that is easy to carry around. If not, a heavy laptop will stress your muscles and make you feel pain and tired easily. There are some easily transported systems in our review, we, therefore, advise that you consider this tip when selecting the ideal laptop.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life is another factor that determines the quality of a laptop. As an MBA student, studying and writing assignments is compulsory for you. When looking for systems to buy, pick one with at least 6 hours of battery life. If are traveling students or simply a traveler, you should target a battery that lasts for nine to ten hours without interruption.

So far we have provides some vital elements to look out for, next we will provide pertinent questions you should ask when you need to.

Is MacBook Pro Air Better For MBA students?

Normally, MBA candidates purchase Macbook Air as it is more affordable and lightweight than Macbook star. The general MacBook pro version has better highlights that help candidates exploit its entire features.

Is a Laptop with extra memory needed for MBA Students?

MBA is a two-year undertaking, and you should purchase a PC that offers you a 3-4year guarantee. So, on the off chance that you intend to work and at the same time undergo MBA training, at that point ensure your PC has great particulars for working in the correct designs, additional memory, and progressed capacities.

What are the things to look out for while shopping for a new laptop for an MBA study?

There are some fundamental things that you should consider while purchasing a PC. For instance, console-quality, size, CPU RAM, and the quality of the screen. The monitor ought to be agreeable since you will most likely wind up gazing at your PC screen for quite a long time at once.

Which Laptop Is Best For MBA Students?

MacBook Air is the best MAC PC for students doing an MBA. It has quicker perusing and works rapidly for altering pictures and recordings. Also, it has an incredible keypad, an amazing high-goal screen, and it is affordable.

That said, we can now go on to discussing

Best laptop for MBA students

1. Acer Aspire E 15:

Acer Aspire E 15
Acer Aspire E 15
Editors Rating:

You can have this product if you want because it is one of the best among the products on our list. The Acer Aspire E 15 can very well be yours today if you decide to go for it. It is an eight-generation powered Intel core i3 processor with 6-gigabyte memory.

Because of its incredible features and characteristics, it offers a moderate functioning capacity. It can implement different tasks simultaneously.

The product offers a capacity of 1 TB for enhanced performance. This is sufficient to keep away a huge number of data for entertainment and educational objectives. If you are looking for top-speed performance, the SSD storage is there to make it happen. Also, this product possesses an incredible progressed alternative. If you possess immense MBA requirements, you should buy the processor of Intel Core i5 and i7.

Additionally, the brand provides exclusive Graphics Processing Units (GPU). It has a uniform flashy display and provides HD motion. The vibrant display monitor is 15.6 inches plus LED-Lit element. It allows you to take benefit from impressive illumination and sharp picture.

Without a doubt, this laptop is ideal for MBA candidates, but it has a weakness. The weakness is that it is a complete-size brand that can be boring for some users and unfavorable for advanced students. Though the battery life is quite remarkable, it gives 13.5 hours of life per single charge; and you can utilize it all day long.

What is more, it comes with multiple connectivity ports. The Type C USB port supports super- rapid file and data transfer rate. If you need to enhance your comfort, the product permits you to charge your USB or Smartphone gadget when you less power.

The price is worth your while if it meets your requirement for a system.


  • The battery life can last for a long time
  • The design is easily upgradeable
  • The price is affordable
  • The connectivity selections are extensive
  • Complete HD reliable resolution


  • The system is slightly heavy

2. Chromebook C202SA-YSO2 by ASUS:

Chromebook ASUS
Chromebook ASUS
Editors Rating:

Are you a college or Ph.D. student, this product is the ideal one for your educational level? A first look at this product, you will discover that it is lovable, and that is not all, it has excellent functionality too.

The laptop by ASUS is not heavy and hence capable of being carried around, which means it is portable. It provides an excellent battery that can help you execute your educational activities per sole charge. The price isn’t expensive; this is one example of good-quality at a low price.

If you don’t know before, do know that this brand of PC is usually utilized fr internet services. It also makes use of applications and services. However, the best is that you can get cloud storage of 100GB plus low size bandwidth

The spill-resistant keyboard is another amazing thing about the brand of PC. It is capable of repelling liquid of 66cc, you don’t have to worry if your drink spill on the keyboard during studies or so. The touchpad is soft and offers sufficient room for fingers to move. Also, it is produced from very sturdy material. It has a toughened rubber protector shielding the whole screen, protecting it from possible falls. It is good for students capable of enduring harsh situations.

Abut connectivity, it provides a complete HDMI size port, plus 2 USB ports. There is also a headphone jack and SD card port. Although it is cheap, there is no compromise in quality. There is in-built capacity storage along with excellent Ram, with Intel Celeron processor. These attributes make this PC a perfect deal for a cheap price.

The price is a perfect one for students running on a tight budget. Additionally, for people that require save their projects or work in the cloud, then it makes for a perfect tertiary movable gadget.

Further than its functional capacity, the product is built for simple maintenance to reduce downtime. All-in-all, it provides extreme utility and best performance; this is why it comes highly recommended for students in the search for the finest PC for MBA students.


  • The battery life is excellent
  • The bulk is portable and not heavy
  • The design is ruggedly built
  • Price is cheap


  • The screen is small and it doesn’t go well with people that like big monitors.

3. Macbook Air from Apple

Macbook Air Apple
Macbook Air Apple
Editors Rating:

This Apple brand of PC provides top-notch performance; thus it is recommended for students that can invest a little bit more for PCs. Though only students capable of buying expensive PC are advised to purchase this product because it is expensive, if you do buy it you will be making the best choice.

This product possesses the slimmest design, but it makes it light and portable. It can handle any project for 24hrs without stressing your shoulder. It is produced with top-quality aluminum allow, which includes durability to the product. Above the excellent quality f the product, it is amazingly stunning.

With this design, you have about 3 colors to select, and they are silver, space grey, and gold. It is lightweight and slim. Add t this features, the brand is sure to provide the best luminous, brightest, and sharpest display ever.

You heard right, the brightest and sharpest display is not a sales pitch. It displays 4x lighter compare to other PC models. Add to this the producer, Apple, makes sure that buyers will receive top protection during the time of utilizing this product. It provides convenience, security, and super functioning.

The retinal display is enhanced, the mailing picture comes out brighter and finer so you can have the brightest picture. The battery life is equally incredible, more because it has been enlarged. It can now operate for 12 hours continuously with no lagging.

Although the product is pricy, but don’t worry, this will be money well spent. This is one reliable and movable device with constant performance. All-in-all, this is certainly your best bet for MBA student laptops,

Last but not least, the price is higher. But it will make your bucks worthy. It is no doubt. This model is the most reliable and portable with stable performance.

The dual-core is in the eight-generation with Intel Core of the i5 processor. It has Intel UHD with 616 graphics, 3-inches retina display, most current touch trackpad, Touch ID, and keyboard. There are 2 Thunderbolt and 3 USB c ports, with 12 battery life.


  • It is premium grade and very dependable
  • Battery life is extended
  • Very bright colors
  • Most current innovations


  • It is somewhat expensive

4. Surface Pro by Microsoft

Surface Pro
Surface Pro
Editors Rating:

This product by Microsoft looks like a table, with a screen a bit bulkier than regular laptops. Unlike the previous version of this brand, it has good quality but it is somewhat heavier. The product has a wider 12.3 inches display with a keyboard that can be disconnected and permits you to take it anywhere you go.

Yes, it is an older system, but don’t be discouraged because older PC tend to perform better especially for MBA pupils. This is because they are usually dependable, which is a concern for students.

The Intel core is an i5 7200U processor, with SSD storage of 256GB, and Ram of 8GB provides a huge number of rooms. The battery capacity is also incredible as it runs for 13.5 hours per day. There is more. You have other alternatives, which is to go for a higher processor like the Core i7 plus SSD storage and 16 gigabyte and 1TB memory of NVMe elements.

Back to the main topic which is the Microsoft laptop brand that looks incredibly better than the previous brand. It has a stunning design made with aluminum material, it hands over better dependability.

This product will not frustrate you like others usually do, though its price is higher than its competitors. You have to pay for accessories if you want one; and they include a keyboard cover and Surface Pen.

The power of this model is not much to talk about, but its portability is outstanding. For this reason, this could be the best system for MBA students. Furthermore, it permits eight variations to select from, so it affords you the chance to select what you want. If you want to need portability without conceding performance, this PC is for you.


  • It has a touch screen and top resolution
  • The surface pro is very light
  • The construction is impressive
  • It accompanies 1 or 2 configurations


  • It is a bit expensive

5. New Macbook Pro fro Apple

New Macbook Pro
New Macbook Pro
Editors Rating:

If you think that all product fro Apple is perfect, you are not alone in that belief. Yes, it is a fact that the company has a knack of releasing nothing but the best products into the market, and PCs are one of them. Their PCs are fast, not-heavy, and portable and perfect for PC for MBA students. All Mac loves should look out for this product for many reasons.

One f the reason to look out for this product is that it has a formidable design and the keyboard designs is new and comes with an additional big monitor. Also, it possesses littler bezels that offer you an incredible view when perusing your tests.

The current overall summation about this product is that it is the best in all ramifications. What is more, it possesses CPU and eight-core processors that give the quickest i9. It has a super fast and incredible 16 to 64 gigabyte Ram which offers the feeling.

Therefore, the capacity storage of this system is 1 TB. The keyboard is the most amazing fact about this PC. It has excellent performance and appearance. It is so lovely; wouldn’t you like to own it?

The PC is suave and simple t utilize. It possesses a branded keyboard butterfly name and touch bar. It is reduced to a button-shaped size and can shift easily via the cursor.

The company has added the key into the model and turned the “T” switch upside down too. The size f the screen is pretty large and the display is super bright. It has sixteen-inches and shows a motion of 2072 by 1920 pixels.


  • The size f the display is impressive and thin bezels
  • Keyboard is excellent
  • Performance is great
  • The audio is strong with 6-speakers
  • The battery run-time per day is 10 hours


  • There is no complete size 4k display, USB port, and card slot
  • The PC is expensive

6. Surface Laptop 2 by Microsoft

Surface Laptop 2
Surface Laptop 2
Editors Rating:

Here is another recommendation for the best laptop for MBA students, the Surface Laptop 2 by Microsoft. The PC possesses a strong house within and is the ideal partner

for your BA studies and other side-hassle because it provides nothing but incredible features.

It provides the current eighth-generation Intel core processor with a battery that lasts for 14.5 hours. It gives outstanding functioning. It is slim and snuggles easily into your bag. If you desire aesthetic feel and look plus colors, this product is your ideal choice that includes black classic choice.

With a colorful touch screen of 13.5 inches, it backs up quick and simple browsing for projects. It offers imaginative inspiration and touch for extra pleasure. It has Windows 10 Home, to begin with. The product boast of free password hello log-in Windows and intelligent Cortana assistance also t get you started with office 365. Amazing isn’t it?

This product stuns users by offering a 13.5 Pixel sense display plus a very sharp motion and interactive touch screen. You can also find an omnisonic speaker for sound and immersive experience.

You can also expect absolute comfort with this product as it offers a keyboard and touch track to enhance palm convenience. It is produced to fit into your hands and goes flat to match your back; this is made possible because of its thin design.

To promote convenience, it also provides a Surface Pen that allows students to draw or write with an accuracy top ink pen with a rubber eraser at the end.


  • It provides top-quality functioning
  • It is lightweight and thin
  • The keyboard case is comfortable
  • It is reliable and durable


  • USB C connection is absent
  • The storage is small

7. XPS 13 by Dell

XPS 13 by Dell
XPS 13 by Dell
Editors Rating:

Dell is among the popular brands in the world and it is because they constantly satisfy their customers by providing excellent products like the XPS 13 PC. This is good news for all MBA students because they will surely love this system as it comes with incredible features and specs.

This laptop was first launched in the year 2020, it has a 13.3 complete HD display. The display offers users complete shades of life, and that is not all. It is also the finest gaming PC around; this s excellent news for game lovers. Do you love games and enjoy your

break off studying by entertaining yourselves, we advise that you buy this laptop as it is loaded with games-enhancing features.

The product underwent updates and loaded with a webcam at the top bezel from popular demand. Also, it is a tenth-generation powered processor with a whopping 16GB Ram. In addition to this, because of the Intel UHD chipset, it easily supports graphics functioning, even though the graphic card isn’t part of it.

Additionally, DELL has reconsidered the user’s requirement and placed a webcam on the top bezel of the laptop. Plus, this system is boosted by a processor of tenth-generation with a sixteen-gigabyte RAM.

The capacity storage of this product is 2 TBs, and it is more than sufficient for your needs and desires for a PC; you won’t find this even in an Apple PC. It can additionally execute other actions that you cannot find in other PCs.

Considering all these incredible features, this product is a top list material. Also, it fits perfectly as the best laptop for MBA students irrespective of its reasonable price range, excellent design, and Dell’s reputation as a top-notch product producer.

Add to this product impeccable features are its powerful graphics which require no graphic card to backup games. It is good to note that the absence of a graphic card does not impede gaming and other functions that require a graphic card.

With the Ram of this PC, you are sure of receiving sleek gameplay and excellent graphics. It does not include a regular USB port, but there is the Type-C bolt connection perfect for all current super-books. This PC possesses an i6 Core processor and incredible 12 hours battery life in a single charge.

What is more, the Windows operation system is pleasant, with 10 homes and a 64-Bit processor. For a fact, this laptop indisputably meets the needs and desires of all students especially MBA candidates.

We cannot end Dell’s product without mentioning the SSD storage that offers extra room for huge data and its weight is 2.67Ibs.


  • Display is infinity
  • Widow ten touchpad
  • Incredible battery life


  • Bulky system
  • The webcam is just standard

8. Zenbook 13 by Asus

Zenbook 13 by Asus
Zenbook 13 by Asus
Editors Rating:

The ASUS Company is among the famous PC producers in the Globe today. The reason they are so popular is that they possess one of the finest laptop innovations in this modern period. You can buy this Laptop because it is excellent for private and commercial uses.

The makeup of the product is solidly better than some laptops. It is moveable thus ideal for students. There is a wide display due to t absence of nano bezels.

The little bezels offer extra focus and flash on the monitor for your convenience. The display monitor is 13.3 inches wide with complete HD. It is indeed trendy thanks to the Ultra-book installed in it.

Have you heard that you should never give your final verdict about something without giving it a trial? Well, if you don’t adopt this axiom, you won’t like this product because the small screen is likely to discourage you from trying out this product. Though the screen is small, it is excellent compared to other Ultra-book PCs.

Apart from that, you will get an Ultra-slim laptop with huge-screen contrast to the laptop size. Therefore, the ASUS’ PC is backed up by an eight-generation i5 core processor, with Windows 10 Home OS and 2.5Ibs weight.

It has an eight-gigabyte DDR3 RAM matched with a 512GB hard drive that permits students to keep extra data on their systems. Also, the top speed permits students to perform different functions effectively and easily.

Add t this, the ASUS laptop surprisingly has nine hours battery functioning, perfect for travelers and attending meetings. The battery will last and it is portable, you can carry it anywhere you go.


  • The casing made of metal is good-quality
  • The display monitor is top-quality
  • The illumination level is outstanding and the battery lasts for a long time
  • God volume speakers


  • Keyboard size is on the average level
  • CPU performance is not constant
  • No Thunderbolt 3 or fingerprint signal

9. GP 15 by DELL

GP 15 by DELL
GP 15 by DELL
Editors Rating:

This is another DELL product review. The company is known to manufacture the finest products in this modern era, n wonder this is the second product from DELL under mentioned in this review. Their laptops are excellent for gamers it is reasonably priced.

The producer offers various types of inline with other specs, but this product is one of the restricted price range with current GPU. The product’s processor is in the ninth-generation category with an i7 core Intel processor. It is sufficiently sturdy to back up your entire games, and possess a 4.5GHz clock speed.

Additionally, it has 16GB DDR4 Ram and performs all the action speedily. The 1TB 4500 RPM storage ability is sufficient to execute any type of game. This DELL model is excellent for university and college notes, best of all, it is perfect for MBA students, s it enables them to d all kinds of work perfectly. Importantly, unlike most laptops, it comes with a graphic card


  • The price is pocket-friendly
  • It works bulky software conveniently, without stress
  • The laptops cooling setup provides a calming effect on the laptop even under heavy-duty operation
  • It has 17 processors and ninth-generation for easy and fast performance


  • It makes loud noises under intense operations
  • It has a low battery life
  • Hard functional keys and touch settings

10. Specter X360 by HP

Specter X360 by HP
Specter X360 by HP
Editors Rating:

Our list f the best MBA laptops for the student will be incomplete if we don’t mention HP. It is a popular company and highly-rated among the best companies in the world. They usually showcase impressive innovative and advanced products that rival excellent with their competitors.

They have fans all over the world including the cyber world, and we are sure that this organization can never go wrong in providing high performing products. Also, their X360 Specter is the top-most convertible PC for MBA candidates. Best of all, you can buy this incredible piece of the device at a pocket-friendly price range.

The design f the laptop is a complete full metal cover; and it is hard and restricts hurdles effects to a limit. For now, it possesses strong internal support for several operations and works them perfectly.

Nonetheless, the form f this PC is similar to a hexagon, which is a current design. Also, there are multiple color selections for you to pick from, and they are blue, black, and grey.

The HP Specters audio speaker is ultra-classy and placed below the grille. It is propelled up by Olufsen and bang speakers. Compared to their laptops, this PC’s speaker is stronger. It functions quicker than standard PCs with its i7 Intel core processor.


  • Excellent battery run-time
  • The laptop performs exceedingly well
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It has a USB Type-A port
  • The laptop has a complete size operational sleeve and a pen.


  • Not so convenient touchpad
  • The dim screen is not fit for a premium system
  • Low storage not even as god as other standard laptop’s storage

11. IdeaPad 3 by Lenovo:

IdeaPad 3 by Lenovo
IdeaPad 3 by Lenovo
Editors Rating:

It has Dolby audio that provides very lucid sound and the fourteen-inch FHD monitor and slim down end bezels offer users extra viewing room and reduced clutter. It is quiet and quick with Q-control that provides effortless exchange among powerful and fast performance and calm battery life-preserving mode.

Easily link using Wi-Fi 5 2×2, Bluetooth 4.1, HDMI, and USB ports; it easily assists you to maintain your privacy via your fingertips. The Ram type is DDR4 SDRAM.

The IdeaPad 3 comes right after Lenovo Flex, and it is a sure value for your investment. T was produced t offer the finest experience to you. The producer usually attempts to place much worth to its system including price, which is why they are among the best in the industry.

The spec of this product is similar and even better compared to Macbook even at half its cost. The product is furnished with similar features as Flex 14. You may observe that the company favors AMD processors instead of Intel. This is because their software is compatible and easily linked with chips from AMD.

Compared to Flex 14, this product is more reasonably priced and loads eight-gigabyte DDR4 Ram. It, therefore, works faster than DDR3, because, DDR4 normally utilized in PCS assist functions better and links easily.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this laptop for intensive gaming because it is just 256GB SSD PCIe. However, for MBA students, the 256GB is more than sufficient for all your work including downloading series from Netflix.


  • It is durable
  • It can be carried easily
  • The laptop is easy to use
  • The price is reasonable
  • It has a backlit keyboard


  • The body is made of plastic

12. Touchscreen 14 by HP

Touchscreen 14 by HP
Touchscreen 14 by HP
Editors Rating:

This is a standard 1366 by 768 HD motion PC with normal finger-tap navigation that makes up the full Windows 10. It is power-effective with a backlit LED screen, memory f DDR4 2400 MHz Ram with compact SSD blend produces the gaming strength and progressive multitasking, to enable you to work anywhere.

This is the second HP laptop product reviewed here, and it is worth it because they are old, reputable, dedicated, and reliable. The touch screen has 3 3200U AMD Ryzen and the chips are pretty active when used for any task. The drivers link incredibly with the processors and become potent, even though the processor is old, but still enhances the speed in 3.5GHz

The touch screen speed on the DDR4 class has a Ram capacity of 8GB, and it agrees with the processor AMD to provide continuous performance under low energy usage.

It has a PCIe SSD 128GB which optimizes t enhance the total HP touchscreen performance. Also, it is sole-chip storage that won’t take up so much energy.

The HP designs touchscreen t have optimal performance and t simply resemble any commercial business system, but in reality, it is ultra-durable. The durability is due to its aluminum framework that provides supports its entire body. The touchscreen colors are flashy silver, and resistance to any sharp object scratches; s don’t worry about carrying long fingers nails.


  • The touchscreen is very responsive
  • The performance is excellent
  • It provides 4k video output support
  • Excellent build
  • Precise display


  • Not so good for different simultaneous tasks.

All things considered, we have finished up the best PCs for MBA candidates. These are the best systems for you. Before you make an order, know your needs, so you make a decent purchase decision. It makes it simpler to pick the best. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need any assistance while making a selection, reduce your needs, and only buy what you are conveniently able to pay for.

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