8 Best Music Streaming Apps (Android and iPhone)

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Streaming services have now become quite popular. You can stream movies, music, and live TV right at your fingertips. There are apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and many others to stream high-quality movies on your smartphones. There are also numerous music streaming apps available nowadays.

We will be coming up with a list of the best music streaming apps you can install. These best music streaming apps covers all the local and international music tracks from your favourite artists. Some of these apps provide you with free services, while others have premium and ad-free music streaming services.

Why Music Streaming Apps?

There are numerous reasons which make music streaming services better than any other option available. We will be listing some of the many reasons why music streaming is best in the entertainment industry.

  • Vast choice

Top streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and YouTube music offers a vast choice to the listeners. You can search for any music track from your favourite artist, band, genre, and movies. There is no end to music streaming services.

  • User Friendly

Music streaming services come with one of the most user-friendly interfaces. You can put the track you are looking for in the search box. The search result will give you all the details like the year of release, album/movie, artist, and number of plays.

  • Affordable

Buying a music cassette or CD from the stores costs a lot. Plus you need to take good care of the CD. Then you have the option of downloading music from unreliable websites, where you need to compromise with the quality. Music streaming services do both jobs for you effectively and efficiently. You can listen to high-quality music at affordable prices with music streaming services.

  • Saves Storage

All of us have a collection of music on our PC, smartphones, and laptops. Smartphones are the most convenient storage place for audiophiles but consume a lot of space also. Streaming services give you the perk of playing music without worrying about the storage space.

  • Readily Available

Buying cassette from store consumes a lot of time and energy while downloading and finding the best music is a tedious process. And then there are music streaming apps. These apps are readily available on the Google and Apple store.

8 Best Music Streaming Apps (Android and iPhone)

  1. Spotify
  2. Saavn
  3. Apple Music
  4. Tidal
  5. Amazon Prime Music
  6. Deezer
  7. YouTube Music
  8. Pandora


Spotify is the most popular streaming service available at this time. With Spotify, you can search for your favourite album, artist, and song. You can discover new music every day, thanks to a tailor-made daily mix. Besides music, you can listen to the podcast with the help of Spotify. You can listen to your favourite podcast in a known speaker’s voice.

You can explore the retro, old, and modern songs with just one click on Spotify. The best part is that you can operate Spotify on multiple devices. You can stream songs on smartphones, tablets, PC or Chromecast. You can also create a playlist based on your liking and share it with your friends. The paid version of Spotify costs $9.99-1499 monthly, or you can stick to the free version where ads will pop up.


  • Daily mix
  • Create customize playlist
  • Wide compatibility


You can enjoy all the latest songs on Saavn, where you also get curated playlists from experts. The app offers custom recommendations based on your listening pattern and history. You can also stream exclusive shows and podcasts on the Jio Saavn. Sing along with the Saavn karaoke and learn the lyrics of your favourite song.

There are multiple filter options via which you can search for your favourite song. You can search via name, artists, album, movie, genre, etc. For a better listening experience, you can sync the Jio Saavn app with Google Home, Airplay, Alexa, and other bedroom speakers.

The ad-free pro version of the app will give you access to many exclusive features. You can download songs for offline mode, listen to tracks in HQ 320Kbps quality, and get unlimited access to the Pro version of Jio Saavn.


  • Karaoke
  • High-quality audio
  • Chromecast


Shazam can be an ideal music streaming platform for Apple users. Shazam gives access to all the latest song on your Apple devices in seconds. Shazam has 1 billion + downloads making it one of the best music streaming apps in the circuit.

You can watch music videos from YouTube or Apple Music via Shazam on your smartphones. You can switch between the light and dark theme of the app as per your liking. The app also allows you to sing along with the time sync lyrics feature. Stay with the trend by following the Shazam charts, so you never lag.


  • Shazam charts
  • Critically acclaimed
  • Easy user interface

Apple Music

Apple Music gives you access to 75 million+ ad-free songs. You can create a custom playlist based on your taste in music. It is one of the most interactive music streaming apps which we loved. You get access to dozen exclusive shows crafted by your favourite artists.

The shows are available live, or the community can ask for an on-demand. You can use the Chromecast feature to enjoy a better music experience. There is a “Music Editor’s Pick” section that gives you access to all the best and latest tracks of the town. Besides music, you can watch the latest interviews and live show of popular music icons. You can use the three months free trial version of Apple Music, after which you can opt for the premium version.


  • Ad-free songs
  • On-demand shows
  • Music editor’s pick


Tidal is the next best music streaming apps which could be ideal for audiophiles. It is an app to the people, by the people, and for the people. Tidal is a streaming platform that offers 70+ million audio tracks in the highest quality audio. Its owners are dozen of artists and musicians that constantly produces the best audio output for music lovers.

You can play tracks in HiFi and MQA audio formats for the best listening experience. You can choose from the diverse genre options available at your disposal. Besides music, Tidal is home to 250K+ high definition videos. You get My Mix and My Video Mix suggestions based on your taste. You can sync Tidal Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants to enhance the listening experience.

The premium version of Tidal will cost you $19.99 monthly that gives access to exclusive features. You get access to all the latest release in high-quality audio format like Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.


  • 70 Million + audio tracks
  • 250K+ videos
  • High-quality audio format

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is a popular name amongst the digital consumer and has been expanding its business in various territories. Music streaming service is one such platform where Amazon has provided quality services. You can choose the unpaid version of Amazon Music, where you can listen to unlimited music in high quality.

You also get access to the latest podcast in the Amazon Music unpaid version. You can buy the Plus and HD version of Amazon if you are willing to use a paid service.


  • Wide choice
  • Three different versions to choose from


The unpaid version of the Deezer offers a wide array of features that would be perfect for all music lovers. Deezer offers 50 million+ free streamable songs to the music enthusiast. Some popular genres are Rock, Pop, Latin, and RNB that you will be getting in the Deezer. Deezer has a SongCatcher feature that can instantly look for a song.

Besides music, you can also listen to your favourite radio stations like BBC Radio, CNN, and Fox. Deezer has a collection of some of the best podcast that could be the best pastime for you. You can create your playlist, add songs to it, and share it with the community members to flaunt your taste in music. The paid version of Deezer costs $19.99 monthly that gives access to 16-bit High-FLAC audio tracks.


  • SmartCatch feature
  • High-quality audio
  • Popular radio stations

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has 70 million + songs across different genres you can stream anytime to kill your boredom. YouTube creates a custom playlist for every mood like exercise, study, travelling, and so on. You get a curated playlist based on your taste and listening history. Sing along with the lyrics to get a wholesome experience. You can switch to the premium version for an ad-free music listening experience.

You can also switch between the audio and video in the YouTube Music app. YouTube Sync is compatible with voice assistants and smart speakers.


  • 70 million + songs
  • Switch between audio and video


Pandora offers you two modes which makes it a unique option to choose. The first is a radio station-only mode where you can access the local radio channel and shows. Pandora is available in the Plus and Premium version and, you can buy at a $9.99 monthly payment. The second is the conventional music streaming service and, you can stream millions of song in high quality.


  • Two music modes
  • Millions of songs


SoundCloud is another amazingly mainstream music web-based feature. Huge loads of individuals transfer their stuff to SoundCloud for the delight of others. SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s on-request administration, includes a huge number of well-known tracks along with everything else.

The absolute is more than 150 million accessible tracks for $9.99 each month. It is an incredible spot for finding independent stuff that nobody else thinks of. Also, the assistance incorporates the typical stuff like playlists, stations, and other revelation highlights.


These were some of the best paid and free music streaming apps you can use on your Android and iPhones. Spotify, Shazam, and Deezer are our pick of the list we highly recommend to the audiophiles. Besides, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal can be your constant companion in entertainment.

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