12 Best Network Scanners of 2021

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A security scan of your network is a must to eliminate all kind of flaws and threat. A network scanning tool enables you to do a routine check of your network and manage all your functions. For this purpose, we are compiling some of the best network scanners. Following are some reasons we highly recommend having the best network scanners in your IT ecosystem.

  • Enhancing network performance

A network scanner helps you enhance the performance of your network. It runs a scan and makes sure that there are no malicious files. It can identify the unverified version of applications and remove the potential harm causing viruses.

  • Manage Large Infrastructure

Most of the industries now rely on the IT industry to carry their business operations. It becomes very crucial to have the best scanning tools to ensure quality output. Network scanners do this for you. Network scanning tools are capable of managing big IT setups.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into our list of best network scanners. These are some free and paid network scanners you can use to filter and clean up your network.

12 Best Network Scanners of 2021

  1. Solarwind Network Performance Monitor
  2. ManageEngine OPutils
  3. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor
  4. Syxsense
  5. Open Vas
  6. WireShark
  7. Intruder
  8. Soft Perfect Network Scanner
  9. Acunetix
  10. Thousand Eyes
  11. Nessus
  12. Angry IP Scanner

Solarwind Network Performance Monitor

Solarwind Network Performance Monitor has Auto-Discovery features that get all your job done. Auto-discovery feature scans all the devices on your radar. You can track the apps installed and running programs on the dashboard.

The dashboard gives a detailed representation of every action taking place on your network. You can schedule the upcoming discoveries of the devices added to your network. This network scanner costs $2995, which you can buy after the 30-day trial version.


  • Auto-discovery
  • Schedule discoveries
  • Analytical reports

ManageEngine OPutils

ManageEngine is known to provide network monitoring solutions to its users. ManageEngine OPutils is one such tool that lets you carry an extensive scan of your network. It can scan severs, switch ports, and other connected devices to diagnose the issue. ManageEngine OPutils provides the best troubleshooting solutions making it one of the best in the business.

This tool runs periodic scans to keep up with all the latest updates. You get custom dashboards to track all the relevant data on the screen. This tool alerts you frequently about any potential threat that might harm your network. You can download this tool from the official website of ManageEngine OPutils.


  • Custom dashboard
  • Periodic scans

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is the next best scanner that we recommend to our readers. This tool offers some handy features that can help you in scanning and managing your network effectively. PRTG network monitor can scan the IP address range and gives an in-depth insight into the network metrics.

The highly customizable dashboard is one impressive feature of PRTG Network. You can track the dashboard directly on your smartphones, thanks to the mobile apps of PRTG Network. PRTG will send you SMS, Push mail or notifications to inform you about any outside intervention.

You can buy a PRTG network monitor for $1750 after trying the 30 days trial version. The plans also vary according to the number of sensors you wish to purchase.


  • Highly customizable dashboard
  • Send alerts
  • Mobile apps


Syxsense is a multi-utility network scanning tool that can scan PC, servers switches and IoT devices. This tool is compatible with all the leading operating platforms that is Windows. Linux, and macOS. You can set a custom timer to run the scan on your network.

This tool comes with the Patch Management feature that ensures that all the application and software are up to date. Older versions of the software may carry junk or malicious files that can slow down the performance of your network. The interface of this tool is easy to access along with handy graphs for analysis. The dashboard offers a complete picture of your network that is helpful in network management. Syxsense offers a 14 day trial period, after which you can buy the $960 annual subscription.


  • Patch management
  • Frequently update software
  • Basic interface

Open Vas

With over 50,000+ vulnerability tests, Open Vas is the next network scanner on our list. This network scanner is highly rated by the users making it one of the best option to choose. The vulnerability test checks all the loopholes and makes sure they are resolved with corrective measures.

There are three scanning options you get in the Open Vas network scanner. Full web scan completely scans the network and cleans it, Web server scan is suitable for web application scanning. WordPress Scan is capable of resolving WordPress server issues. This network scanner is compatible with Linux OS only so make sure to consider this factor. It is an open-source and free platform that you can use to scan the networks.


  • Three scanning options
  • Open source and free


Wireshark is an open-source instrument that is known as a multi-stage network convention analyzer. It examines information weaknesses on a live organization between the dynamic servers. This tool could be an ideal choice for all kind of enterprises. With a basic interface and all the essential tools to scan your network, WireShark can do the job for you.


  • Open-source
  • Easy to operate


Next up, we have Intruder on our list that is a leading name in network scanning. It is a cloud-based network scanner that comes loaded with heaps of handy features. It can run frequent scans to check any vulnerability in your network. It constantly sends alerts to you if any potential threat is intercepted.

API is one valuable feature you get in the Intruder network scanner that ensures the smooth functioning of all the operations. This tool comes with 10,000+ threat checks that can look for application loopholes and configuration vulnerability. You will get notifications when there is any modification in ports and servers.


  • Cloud-based network scanner
  • 10000+ threat checks
  • Best security services

Soft Perfect Network Scanner

The next best network scanner will probably be the most wanted on this list. Soft Perfect Network Scanner gives you detailed information about every operation taking place on our network. With the multi-thread IP4 and IP6 scanning, it can scan and provide extensively handy details.

It can provide information about the LAN network, Mac address, and other devices connected to the server. Besides this, it can offer local and external IP address required to run the vulnerability tests.


  • Provides extensive info
  • Enhances performance


Acunetix is a security scanner that allows you to recognize weaknesses in your network. Acunetix tests for more than 50,000 known weaknesses and misconfigurations. When running sweeps, clients can likewise see data on running administrations and find open ports that leave the organization in danger.

Output results are shown through the dashboard. The dashboard is easy to explore and there is a Vulnerabilities tab that permits you to see a rundown of found weaknesses set apart with symbols that show the degree of seriousness. You can likewise utilize the dashboard to create reports. You can try the demo of this tool before buying it for $4495.


  • 50,000+ vulnerability test
  • Interactive dashboard

Thousand Eyes

Thousand Eyes can filter the multiple layers of the network to diagnose any inconsistency. It is capable of finding the threats and malicious files on your network rapidly and provide required resolutions. This tool can track the data in real-time to give you an accurate representation. Thousand Eyes is also capable of providing handy solutions to troubleshoot issues.


  • Penetrate and filter multiple network layers
  • Real-time data


Nessus is a broadly utilized organization security scanner that works with the UNIX framework. The apparatus was some time ago free and open-source yet now it is accessible as business programming.

Nessus today is accessible with 70,000+ modules and administrations/functionalities, for example, malware recognition, web application filtering, and framework arrangement check, and so on. The development highlight of Nessus is computerized examining, multi-network checking, and resource disclosure.


  • Impressive UI
  • Multi-network checking

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is an open-source network scanner that can examine neighbourhood organizations and the web by IP range. Sweep results can be seen in a table configuration that separates data like IP, Ping, Hostname, Ports, and the sky is the limit from there.

You can improve the essential highlights included with Angry IP Scanner with modules. Modules are accessible as container documents and incorporate Pinger, Fetcher, Exporter, or Feeder. You can try this tool on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.


  • Open source network
  • Easy to use


Solarwind NPM, ManageEngine, PRTG Network Monitor, and Wireshark are some highly recommended networks scanners on the list. These scanners provide a decent trial period, after which you can avail of them at affordable prices. Some other recommendations on the list are Acutenix, Intruder, Thousand Eyes, and IP scanner. Do not forget to drop a comment in the comment box to share your suggestions. You can also share our content if you find it useful.

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