10 Best NextGen SIEM Tools in 2021

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SIEM is a blend of two phenomena that looks up all the threats in your network and manages them. SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. We are compiling a list of some of the best nextgen SIEM tools you can use for your enterprise. It is a Security Event Management manages the real-time log data along with the potential threats. SIM is Security Information that analyzes the log data and extracts reports for analytical purpose. We are presenting some paid, unpaid, and subscription-based SIEM tools that can do the job for you.

SIEM tools have many benefits due to which medium and large enterprises has been using them for years. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of SIEM tools:

  • Extracts Analytical Reports

SIEM tools help to extract analytical reports that can help you to improve network performance. It can detect, diagnose, and produce insights about the threats to your network and areas for improvement.

  • Enhance Performance

Once you have diagnosed the possible security threats, you can eliminate them with the help of SIEM tools. It will ultimately lead to improvement in network performance.

  • Meet Legal Requirements

SIEM tools make your network IT compliant. It makes sure that your network meets the IT rules and regulations and is up to date. The analytical reports can be helpful in convenient auditing.

10 Best NextGen SIEM Tools in 2021

  1. Solarwinds SIEM Security and Monitoring
  2. LogRhythm
  3. Splunk Enterprise SIEM
  4. Exabeam
  5. DataDog
  6. Mcafee ESM
  7. LogSentinal
  8. Event Tracker
  9. FireEye Helix
  10. AlienVault USM

Solarwinds SIEM Security and Monitoring

Solarwinds is a leading name in the IT industry, as it offers a wide range of services. Solarwinds offers IT Asset Management Tools, Networking Monitoring tools, and many other valuable tools which enterprise uses. This tool has an event time detection feature that quickly detects any threat to your network and diagnoses it.

It provides a continuous USB device monitoring feature that is handy in tackling external security threats. Solarwinds SIEM can perform forensic analysis that is handy in generating reports. Besides, the tool offers other valuable features that you can use to tackle and manage your network. This SIEM tool is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Solarwinds SIEM costs $4665 that you can buy after the 30 days free trial period.


  • Event time detection
  • USB monitoring
  • Vast compatibility


LogRhythm is a cloud-based SIEM tool that offers optimum networking solutions to users. LogRhythm uses NDR or Network Detection and Response strategy that is capable of tackling security threats. NDR cuts down the false-positive reporting to improve the performance of your network by making it threat-free.

We like the dark theming of the LogRhythm, where you get an interactive dashboard. LogRhythm tools have three elements that efficiently manages and resolves all the network-related problems in one go. The three elements and layers are named AnalytiX, DetectX, and RespondX.

You can request the demo version of Logrhythm, after which you can buy the premium subscription.


  • Network Detection and Response
  • Dark theme
  • Three layers to tackle security threat

Splunk Enterprise SIEM

Splunk Enterprise has been in the circuit for seven years and providing quality services to small, medium, and large enterprise. Splunk has an impeccable AI that gives you deep insights and gives optimum resolution to all the security threats.

Splunk has automated actions that quickly intercept the threat and suggest corrective measures. It has other features like asset investigator, incident review, classification etc. You can customize the dashboard and use multiple graphs and visualization to track the network status. Splunk comes in different pricing options for which you need to contact the developer. Nevertheless, you can try the free trial version to do a quality check.


  • Asset investigator
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated actions for quick response


Next up, we have Exabeam that is a cloud-based platform. It intercepts the threat and takes necessary corrective actions to improve the overall performance. Exambeam has an automated process to intercept and respond to a possible security threat. It comes with high-grade encryption that protects all the data.

Besides this, Exambeam has Incident Responder, Automation, and Security Orchestration that effectively manages the network. You can customize the dashboard as per your requirement. Exambeam is available at flexible plans, and you can contact the developer for a quote.


  • Cloud-based
  • Automated process
  • High-grade encryption


DataDog is a customization rich SIEM tool where you can set rules according to your needs. DataDog is a one-stop solution to all your networking needs. You can set detection rules and correlate security signals to track down any potential threat to your network.

DataDog offers 400+ vendors backed integrations that lets you monitor all the log activity. It can detect a real-time threat that intercepts malicious activity and provide the optimum resolution. DataDog offers other security features that make it one of the best nextgen SIEM tools. You can download DataDog from the official website and look for a suitable plan.


  • Set detection rules
  • 400+ vendors backed integration
  • Detect real-time threats

Mcafee ESM

Mcafee is known to provide VPN and Antivirus Softwares to users. Mcafee ESM is another popular SIEM compliant tool that you can use to detect threats. It offers two-way integration that conveniently helps you manage all the activities on your network. Mcafee ESM is compatible with Mac and Windows platform. There is a free trial version, after which you can ask for the quoted price.

Mcafee ESM has advanced analytic that help you to categorize and resolve the threats accordingly. You can track your data on the dashboard via interactive statistics. Some of the other products of Mcafee ESM are Application Data Monitor, Enterprise Log Manager, Mcafee Investigator, and Enterprise Log search. These mentioned products can be handy for medium and large size enterprises.


  • Two-way integration
  • Application Data Monitor
  • Enterprise Log Search


LogSentinal offers vast features to the users. It has some promising prospects making it one of the best NextGen SIEM tools. It is a Saas based platform that excels at log management and can be an ideal choice for medium-sized enterprises. Some other features of LogSentinal are VPN Log file security, Threat intelligence feed, and data protection.

It can also tackle the Phishers who are always in search of cyberattacks.

It is a new SIEM tool in the circuit but has all the elements to become the best in this industry.

LogSentinal can produce compliance reports that you can use to fulfil the legal requirement of the enterprise. You can keep the audit reports for a long time on your server as it has a long retention time. You can ask for the demo version or try the free trial version of LogSentinal before making a final decision.


  • Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Meet compliance needs
  • Long term retention of audits

Event Tracker

Event Tracker offers a wide range of services that offers a wholesome solution. It has 1000+ pre-defined security and compliance reports that help to meet the legal requirements. It is capable of performing real-time processing that optimally analyzes the data to generate reports. The best thing is the customizable dashboard that provides detailed insights.

Some other features of Event Tracker are Log Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Compliance, Threat Detection and Response to tackle all the network problems. Automated workflow is also there to manage all the tasks conveniently.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Security Compliance
  • Real-time processing

FireEye Helix

FireEye is one of the main online protection arrangement suppliers and its SIEM administration is known as the Helix stage. The FireEye Helix stage is a cutting edge SIEM administration. Just as UEBA, this assistance incorporates sidelong development recognition that tracks counter-intuitive or strange client account movement.

Helix permits a level of manual mediation. There is greater capacity in this framework to set up your playbooks and indicate accurately how distinguished frequencies ought to be overseen. That implies you can take care of your inclinations into the robotized reactions performed by Helix. The screens for the dashboard are likewise adjustable and it is feasible to make your report designs. The framework incorporates programmed fitting and report designs for guidelines consistency.


  • Cutting edge administration
  • Adjustable dashboard

AlienVault USM

AleintVault USM is the next best SIEM tool which we would highly recommend to the users. It is a multi-utility platform that comes with an automated asset discovery feature. It can test the asset for vulnerability assessment to make sure everything is working properly. It will promptly identify the vulnerabilities and provide the necessary solution.

AlientVault USM can also help you to meet the legal requirements of your enterprise, thanks to detailed compliance reports. Besides this, you will get SIEM event correlation, Intrusion Detection, and Log Management feature in AlienVault USM. It is capable of operating in any kind of environment that makes it stand out from others.

AlienVault is available in three different pricing plans that you can buy accordingly. The Essentials version cost $1075v monthly, Standard $1695, and Premium $2595 monthly.


  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Log Management
  • Intrusion Detection


We hope you would find this list of the best NextGen SIEM tools useful. SolarWinds SIEM Security and Monitoring, Splunk Enterprise SIEM, LogRhythm, and DataDog are our picks on the list. These SIEM tools have multi-utility and can be ideal for every kind of organization. Event Tracker, LogSentinal, And DataDog are the secondary recommendations you can choose from our list.

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