11 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android in 2021

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Numerous thoughts spring up to us yet disappear on the off chance that we haven’t kept in touch with them down on paper. It is hard to review every one of the subtleties of your thought sometime in the future. Act insightful and utilize the best note-taking applications to stay away from these issues. These best note-taking applications will catch every one of your musings in a single place and arrange them.

You can note down the entirety of your everyday errands in note-taking applications, track their status, and examine your advancement. You can add text notes, photographs, and other imperative archives to these applications.

Why Note-Taking Apps

  • Easy to gather information

Note-taking applications are promptly accessible that help you in noticing down data successfully. You don’t have to look for a pen or paper to record the imperative notes. You can take your cell phone and begin taking notes on it. You can arrange every one of the notes in a single spot and offer them to your group to talk about them.

  • Sync Across Platforms

You can add each sort of record in note-taking applications, whether it’s PDF or doc augmentation. You can likewise add media records like photographs, recordings, and voice notes to the application. This component permits you to incorporate every one of your records in a single spot for quick access.

11 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android in 2021

  1. Google Keep
  2. Microsoft One
  3. Material Notes
  4. Microsoft To Do
  5. Ever Note
  6. Lecture Notes
  7. Squid
  8. Colornote Notepad
  9. Smart Note
  10. Black Note
  11. Voice Notes

Google Keep

Google consistently offers the best applications remembering the accommodation of its clients. Google Keep is one such valuable application by the engineer that will build your efficiency and complete your things on schedule. The dim subject as of late presented by the application is a reviving update.

You can add tone and marks to the notes to make them effectively unmistakable. The application is viable with cell phones, tablets, PCs, and Android wearables+ where you can get to the notes by marking them into your Google account.


  • Add tone and marks
  • Location-based update
  • Compatible with Android wearables

Microsoft One

Microsoft One can be the advanced journal that will assist you with getting sorted out your notes at the workplace and school. You can compose notes, cut significant stick notes, add pictures or pictures, and output your report in a hurry.

The application has 3 ring-fastener include makes it the best note-taking applications. With the assistance of 3 ring-cover, you can sort your notes into areas and pages that can be effortlessly perceived. Other than this, you can make daily agendas, follow-up things, and custom marks in Microsoft One. This multi-reason note-taking application is an absolute necessity to have an application on your cell phones.

The archive saved can be matched up across various gadgets which are shareable with your group. Quest for significant notes with the assistance of an incredible web index of Microsoft One. The application can be utilized as a note pad, diary, or scratchpad as per your inclination.


  • 3 ring binder
  • Sticky notes
  • Multi-utility

Material Notes

Material Notes comes with a beautiful interface and design that makes it one of the best note-taking apps to choose from. It has a powerful search engine that helps to search for your notes instantly. For easy access, you can star the notes and categorize them as required. You can lock the notes with 4 digit PIN to protect your notes.

There are multiple fonts to choose from while making your notes. You can create a widget of Material Notes and set it on your home screen. You can also export the docs across various devices that makes it easy to collaborate with your team.


  • Beautiful interface
  • PIN
  • Widget

Microsoft To Do

You can make a plan for the day that can be gotten to anyplace from any gadget. You can look over changed foundations to set on your plan for the day. The application proposes everyday assignments for you as indicated by your exercises.

The application breaks your undertaking into little squares so you can hit them with inspiration. You can share the undertaking list with your colleagues to finish them. The application permits you to append records up to 25MB in a report.

The notes will get synchronized with your Microsoft account that can be gotten to from any gadget. Plan your day and stay coordinated with the Microsoft To-Do application.


  • Easy to use
  • Sync with other devices
  • Improves team coordination

Ever Note

The application allows you to catch your thoughts inaccessible notes structure when it strikes you. You can keep diaries of the significant occasions and achievements accomplished in everyday life.

Other than text, you can add portrays, photographs, sound records, and web clippings. All your significant archives, updates, diary, and drawings can be checked and changed over into a computerized structure for simple access. You can cut helpful articles in the application for later reference.

You can likewise make separate journals to arrange your updates, receipts, and receipt. The application can rapidly discover anything with its amazing web index. Every one of your notes and significant information can be adjusted and gotten from various gadgets.

Financial specialists can oversee plans, make a plan, stay aware of the gathering by taking notes, and plan their short and long haul objectives. The application has numerous utilities that make it the best note-taking applications for each client. The Premium variant of the application will give you extra highlights like Annotate PDF, adjusting across limitless gadgets, and 10 GB of new transfers each month.


  • Create journals
  • Multi-utility
  • Web index

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes, as the name suggest can be a handy note-taking app for professors and students. The app offers a vast layout that lets you create notes and share them with the class. The app has numerous tools that will assist you in making notes. Besides taking note, you can record audio and video that can be used for virtual lectures. You can try the free trial version of the app before buying the premium version.


  • Audio and video recording
  • Note making tools
  • Interactive layout


Squid gives you a practical note-taking involvement in its intelligent UI. You can take notes in Squid with the assistance of a pointer or finger and can eradicate them on the off chance that you committed an error.

The application has various paper types to compose on like clear, controlled, and chart. You can cut, duplicate, and glue things between the notes. You can likewise add pictures to your notes that can be edited and resized by your inclination. You can make notes and note pads in the application for simple access.


  • Easy to use gesture
  • Multiple paper types
  • Add media files to the notes

Colornote Notepad

Colornote Notepad is a basic note-taking application wealthy in highlights. You can make notes, alter them, share them, and set a suggestion to complete it before the cutoff time. You can make an irregular plan for the day and organize them all together by the intuitive component. After the finishing of a thing in the daily agenda, it will be cut down.

The application offers you to arrange notes in the various hued scratchpad. This will assist you with recollecting your notes through shading that can be gotten to without any problem. You can ensure your notes using a password with the goal that no third individual can gain admittance to touchy data.

The application likewise contains an assignment update which will continue to remind you about the cutoff time with the goal that you are never late for your ventures. The tacky notes notice gadget is one helpful element of the application which makes it the best note-taking applications on this rundown.


  • Frequent update of the deadline
  • Strong encryption
  • Easy to arrange notes

Smart Note

The Smart Note application can store anything you need to embed into your report. You can compose text, add photographs, and add voice notes to your record. Make agendas to remain refreshed with the errand which should be finished. Add outer records in your notes in the wake of filtering.

Stay coordinated by sorting your notes in stacks. You can look through the significant notes by composing the watchword of the saved archive. Add an update on the significant notes so you don’t miss anything essential. You can pick a modified shading behind the scenes of your notes.

The application has a home screen gadget that gives you a speedy outline of the notes without opening it. The application is free and you will get these highlights without paying anything. It is a standout amongst other note-taking applications that ought to be thought of while searching generally advantageous.


  • Create agenda
  • Filtered categories

Black Note

Black Note works like most note applications with a large group of standard highlights like association, the capacity to take list notes, gadget choices, and stuff like that. In any case, this one bundles every last bit of its anything but a smooth, simple to-peruse UI. You can likewise look through notes, most-loved notes for simpler review later, and lock the application to ward meddlesome eyes off.


  • Appealing UI
  • Basic note-taking tools

Voice Notes

Voice Notes application can be a helpful note-taking application for occupied individuals. The application upholds 20 UI language and discourse acknowledgement in around 120 dialects. You can connect your earphone and begin recording your voice note.

The application perceives more than 120 dialects so you don’t have to stress over your local language. Your recorded voice note is saved in your inner stockpiling. This application has attempted its hands in something new that makes it the best note-taking applications on this rundown.


  • Record notes in 120+ language
  • Autosave


With this, we are wrapping up our list of the best note-taking apps. Material Notes, Ever Note, Colornote Notepad is some handy note-taking apps that can manage a large amount of information. Smart Note, Microsoft To-Do, and Black Note are other easy to use apps we would recommend to our readers.

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