9 Best Open Source VPN Apps in 2021

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VPN or Virtual Private Network is a typical word you have come across if you surf through the web. VPN keeps up the secrecy of your web association. A VPN can shroud your perusing history, IP address, streaming area, and your web movement. Assuming you are worried about your online protection, here are some best open source VPN applications that can take care of you.

Presently emerges the inquiry regarding the requirement for a VPN in your gadgets. Various advantages can be recorded, we will be disclosing to you some valuable advantages of utilizing a VPN or why it is an absolute necessity have in your savvy gadgets.

  • Maintain Anonymity

Your IP address can give your actual area admittance to interlopers and deceptive programmers on the opposite side. That is the place where VPN comes right into it. VPN can hide your IP address and nobody, even the public authority and exploitative programmers can become more acquainted with what you are perusing on the web.

  • Access to geo-restricted content

The online substance is confined because of control around there. Deluge is likewise prohibited in numerous nations and that is the place where VPN becomes an integral factor. You can gain admittance to a limited online substance that can be opened with the assistance of a VPN.

9 Best Open Source VPN Apps

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. Private VPN
  4. Surf Shark VPN
  5. Strong VPN
  6. Hotspot Shield
  7. Cyber Ghost
  8. Proton VPN
  9. Mozilla VPN

Express VPN

Express VPN, the name proposes the nature of this VPN application. The application offers you the force of a limitless data transmission VPN at a bursting quick speed. The application conceals your IP address and encodes your organization information with the goal that nobody could perceive what you are perusing on your gadget.

Express VPN is viable with Android, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, and other advanced stages. Admittance to a confined Substance is one significant advantage of the application that makes it extraordinary compared to other VPN applications. You can open the limited substance from Netlflix, Youtube, BBC player, and prime video.

The application is accessible in 160 areas across 94 nations that cover a wide geological region. So the area isn’t an obstruction for you and you can get to everything from any place. You can encode all of the information with the off button, split burrowing, and 256-cycle AES. You get 3 distinctive instalment plans; $12.95 for a month, $9.99 for a large portion of a year, and $6.67 for a very long time.


  • Wide geographical reach
  • Vast content
  • Split tunnelling

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is viable on windows, Linux, Macintosh operating system, and Android gadget. Nord VPN offers a quick and stable web association where you can browse more than 5500 Nord VPN workers across 59 nations. The application disguises your delicate data while you are on the web and ensures that nobody can follow it.

The application doesn’t track, gather, and offer its client’s information, and that is the thing that we as a whole need. The application offers you a devoted IP address that allows you to cover all your online movement. You can change the IP address to keep up obscurity and online protection.

The application allows you to share even enormous documents, on account of secure P2P workers that helpfully help you in doing such. By turning on CyberSec you can obstruct promotions and keep away from malware facilitating. You can sign in to various gadgets, up to 6 all at once, and deal with all your information across various gadgets.

Nord VPN is an overall entertainer that will ensure your online presence that makes it the best VPN application on the rundown. The application has different paid plans. The 1-month plan will cost you $11.95 while the 1-year plan will cost you $4.92 every month.


  • P2P servers to share large files
  • Sign with up to 6 devices
  • High anonymity

Private VPN

Private VPN is a super-quick VPN administration that accompanies military-grade encryption. The application has a 2048 piece military-grade encryption that is quite possibly the most gotten associations you can get. You can open all the confined substances with the assistance of a private VPN. You can download all the files at lightning-quick speed.

The application has a basic UI that makes it the best VPN application on this rundown. Maybe than complex coding to open the limited substance, the application has a basic calculation that allows you to download all the substance in great. The application has 60 private VPN areas across 100 workers to browse. You can likewise get a 30 day for testing to do the quality check of the application.


  • Vast server reach
  • 60 private VPN

Surf Shark

Surf Shark is one of the best VPN apps that could secure your online presence and ward every one of the online hunters off. Surf shark has Deluge cordial servers that let you make quick P2P downloads. You can make a limitless concurrent association at a time on multiple gadgets. There are no transmission capacity hindrances or gadget boundaries.

The application has an Off button that will promptly disengage your web association when your VPN association goes down. Advertisements are continually irritating on VPN applications however that isn’t the situation with Surf Shark. The application has an in-constructed advertisement blocker which is created by CleanWeb to fend off the irritating promotions.

The month-to-month, half-yearly, and two-year plans of the application will cost you $12.49, $6.49, and $2.49 individually.


  • Adblocker
  • P2P downloads

Strong VPN

Developed by Wireguard, a cutting-edge VPN convention that vows to convey the best speed, Solid VPN is the following application on the rundown. The application is viable with all stages that let you access it on any brilliant gadget in your pocket. The application has light and dim mode choices to look over.

The application has around 59,500 VPN IPS alongside 950+ servers. The application is open in 35 nations and 59 urban communities that allow you to get to content from all aspects of the globe. The application has a ‘Best Accessible Area’ highlight that proposes the best workers as per your area. You can interface 12 gadgets at the same time on this VPN network which makes it the force to be reckoned with for the best VPN applications on our rundown. You get 250 GB of secure stockpiling in the membership plan of the application. You need to pay $10 for a month-to-month plan and $69.99 for a yearly arrangement.


  • 250GB Storage
  • Can be used in 35 countries
  • 950+ servers

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield application conceals your online action from unfamiliar components and offers you the most extreme protection. The application has the biggest VPN inclusion that is fueled by Atmosphere in more than 20 nations that incorporate the US, UK, CA, and Japan.

The champion component of the application that makes it the best VPN applications is that it has in-fabricated malware that keeps you alert about noxious locales and programming. The application has military-grade encryption that guarantees that none of your information is spilt during the online movement. You can associate up to 5 gadgets all at once on this application whether it’s your cell phone or PC.

The application offers your 45 days hazard free time for testing to utilize and check the administrations. The most recent month to month plan of $2.99 for a very long time could be a cash saver for you if you do as such. The month to month plan will cost you around $12.99 while the yearly arrangement will cost around $7.99 each month.


  • One of the Largest VPN coverage
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 45 days trial period

Cyber Ghost

Getting altered servers would be perhaps the best thing that you can get in a Virtual Private Organization. CyberGhost is here to make this thing conceivable. The application suggests appropriate workers dependent on your area. The application has committed streaming and torrenting workers to browse.

You can open all your number one worldwide shows that are out of reach because of Geo-limitations. Appreciate all the Internet arrangement and games is top-notch with CyberGhost VPN without any your online presence. The application permits you to associate up to 7 gadgets at the same time to appreciate secure associations across numerous stages.


  • No geo-restrictions
  • operate via multiple servers

Proton VPN

Considering the online security, Proton offers free VPN services to its users. You can choose from 100+ servers across 31 countries to operate in your location. Proton runs on Tor sites that give you access to all the latest content. Proton has powerful core servers that can counter any online attack on your device. You can access the Proton VPN on 10 devices at a time. This ad-free VPN does not track your online activity and maintains complete anonymity.


  • 100+ servers
  • Runs on Tor sites
  • Powerful core server


We will be wrapping our list of the best open-source VPN services for our readers out there. Express VPN, Nord VPN, and Surf Shark VPN would be our top recommendations for you. All these VPN services come with an affordable subscription plan. Proton VPN is a free VPN service that is a must-try app we would highly recommend.

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