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Radio apps might sound a little obsolete but that is not the fact with modern-day radio applications that let you tune in to your favorite stations with a few clicks. The popularity of Radio stands the test of time because it is unpredictable and offers more than music. Radio is available in most smartphones but that is just a clunky piece of application with nothing to offer to the users in terms of customizability.

Modern-day radio applications offer much more than just streaming radio stations. They offer a large assortment of streaming radio stations, search and suggestion features that customize the channels to suit your taste in music. Most radio applications do not cost a dime and use advertisements to thrive. So, you can enjoy the radio without paying a dime.

Best Radio Apps For Android

I have searched the Google Play Store for popular radio streaming applications that come with useful features and constitute a clean interface. The 8 Best Radio Apps For Android are –

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is at the top of our list for ease of usability and the wide assortment of channels that it provides to its users. TuneIn Radio boasts of a 4.5-star rating on the Play Store with over 100 million downloads so far. Clearly, TuneIn Radio has a fair share of users that love the Radio application and use it frequently.

TuneIn Radio brings together live sports, music, news, podcasts, and AM & FM radio from around the world in one free app. This is unlike most radio applications that only provide AM, FM radio, and music at best. Apart from the radio channels, TuneIn Radio also provides a wide variety of podcasts access and love coverage of major sports events. 24/7 is also available for the users which can be enjoyed without pestering advertisement if you opt for the premium subscription.

TuneIn Radio is not just limited to smartphones but is available on over 200 plus devices that include Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot, Apple watch, and more devices.

TuneIn Premium brings the following modules-

  • Live Sports – Football, Baseball, Basketball, & Hockey & More
  • Commercial-Free Music
  • Commercial-Free News
  • Today’s Best Podcasts
  • 100,000 Radio Stations


Audials is also a highly rated yet new entrant in our list of the best radio applications for Android. Audials is one of the few Radio applications that doesn’t charge a penny for its services, lacks a premium tier, and distances itself from showing in-app advertisements. The radio application bears a similar rating to that of the TuneIn Radio application and has been downloaded over a million times on the Play Store.

Audials provide the users with the ability to choose from 100,000 radio stations in different formats and listen to over 260,000 podcasts, free of cost. The application allows the user to sort the channels by genre of their preference, which is a plus to navigate easily through channels. Audials also provides the feature to record any podcast and listen to it smoothly on a fluctuating internet connection. The application is very open about the ad-free experience and the only advertisements you will ever encounter are audio advertisements from the radio stations. It also has Chromecast support and music syncing to other compatible devices.


PCRADIO is a surprisingly lightweight radio application that puts audio fidelity on top priority. It is the only reason why an application that has the bleakest user interface has a Play Store rating of 4.7 stars and over 10 million-plus downloads. PCRADIO supports hundreds of radio stations that can be listened to even if you have a low-speed internet connection of just 24 Kbps. Being a lightweight radio application, the developers have tried to make it easy to listen to love stations with less bandwidth consumption.

PCRADIO presents an option to sort the radio stations by genre, with each one having an abundant number of options for music. The radio application also allows you to set and save favorites and set a sleep time in case you fall asleep while listening to the radio. If you do not like the audio output, there is an equalizer module to alter the levels as per your preference. Tuning the equalizer gives a better music output than the original broadcast. The application is filled with advertisements that pop up now and then. There is also a premium membership to get rid of the advertisements. Get PCRADIO if you have a fluctuating, low-speed internet connection and want to only listen to music.

Heart Radio App

Heart Radio App went by the name of iHeart radio a few years back. A recent overhaul has led to changes in the name and the functionalities of the radio application. Heart Radio App is one of the few applications to feature HD audio playback. Heart app users can also enjoy all of Global’s other stations: Capital, Capital XTRA, Gold, LBC, Radio X, Classic FM, and Smooth.

Heart Radio App has a catch-up feature that allows you to listen to all your favorite songs and shows, whenever you like. There is also support for downloading shows and offline use, for areas with poor internet connectivity. Heart Radio App also allows you to skip music on live radio. It is a rather inviting feature that is only available to a few users across the UK. The global roll-out of the feature is expected soon, but you can always use a VPN to give it a try. Heart Radio App is slightly larger in size because of its visual interface and has a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store.

Xiia Live

Xiia Live is another popular radio streaming application that deserves a spot on our list of the best radio application for Android. The application soars high in popular radio apps due to its 4.5 star Google Play rating and over 1 million-plus download so far. Xiia Live is not as popular as TuneIn or PCRADIO but comes with a broad set of over 50000 global radio stations to choose from. It is also one of the very few on our list to have an advertisement-free experience without any added charges.

Xiia Live allows the users to search for any song that is playing across the globe from the list of available radio stations. Users can tag, organize and save favorite streams without any problem. A sleep timer is and wake is also inbuilt to shut off the application when not in use. Xiia Live has an auto-scan feature that lets you scan for the available list of radio stations. There is also a seek bar that allows you to rewind a music stream. All in all, a good radio application with a negligible amount of advertisement and a powerful search feature.


AccuRadio is old and has a limited number of channels to choose from. But that doesn’t mean you get an age-old, unpopular list of artists or music. AccuRadio serves almost 50 different music genres that have something for every audiophile. The application allows to customize channels and save, star, or mark the artist on the blacklist. In doing so, the tracks from the artist never appear in your playlist. The application does not have an option to hear news or podcasts, which can be a letdown for sports fans.

There is also a skip feature to move past the present track if you do not like it. The number of skips is unlimited with no charges levied for using the skips. AccuRadio serves in-app advertisements that can be persistent at times. The application has over a million downloads with a high rating of 4.7 stars on the Play Store.

Simple Radio

The name is a clear indication of what the application does. It is a minimalistic radio application that allows users to listen to AM, FM, And online radio stations. The estimated number of available, or rather accessible radio channels is 50000 that includes popular radio stations from the UK like BBC, Capital FM, and many more.

Simple Radio is a one-click design to choose and play your desired radio stations. The application has a recommendation pane that sorts stations based upon your past listening preferences. You can mark favorites as well and access them anytime. Being a free application, advertisements are there but there is a premium tier as well, which can relieve you of the problem. It is a popular simplistic radio application that is rated 4.6 stars and has over 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Pandora Music

Pandora Music is a slightly different approach than most radio applications mentioned above. It focuses on the user’s preferences more and makes music recommendations based on them. The users can stream their favorite music and create their own Radio stations.

Pandora Music’s only problem is that it is currently available in the US only. The application even comes with Google wear OS support to customize and cycle tracks with your smartwatch. Pandora Plus offers a step up from the free tier. It gives access to-

Unlimited personalized stations and podcasts

  • Up to four stations for offline listening
  • Unlimited skips and replays
  • Higher quality audio
  • Listen to ad-free music


These were the best radio application for Android users that do not cost a lot like top-tier music streaming services and allow you to experience music and genres from all over the world. Heart Radio App and TuneIn Radio are our two desirable picks that have everything to offer, including podcasts, news, and music. If you are looking for a lightweight application with reliable service, Xiia Live and  PCRADIO can be a good alternative for the best radio application for Android.

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