15 Best Free Sites To Watch Hindi Movies Online Legally In 2020

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The pandemic has distanced the audience from theaters that earlier witnessed an overwhelming gathering of the enthusiasts inside the premises. The commotion has subsided due to the widespread fear, and rise in the number of the COVID-19 cases among the population. In 2020, almost everyone has a slight experience with accessing the OTT platforms (Over The Top) that are increasingly bridging the gap between the audience and the content.   

Every major production company is venturing into the streaming services to make their content accessible to the users, at their convenience. Handheld devices and internet services are commonly available and are known to be a necessary medium for sharing information. With increased convenience, users prefer to consume content at their own pace and comfort, without stepping outside and making it a chore.  

The moviemakers have realized this change of habit and are increasingly working with the major streaming platforms to make their product (in this case movies and shows) widely available. Every major or minor film, at some point in time after its release, debuts on the platform, sometimes as special entry, and some time in a quieter fashion. This acts as a funnel scheme of making added bucks and making the content available, without re-releasing the film in theatres. 

The users have accepted this action with open arms, as you get a lot of content to watch, just at the click of a button, and without any added difficulty. Even if you miss a release, or want to rewatch it, instead of renting a particular title, you can watch it on an online platform (which in some cases becomes free after a certain point in time). The next feature is the variety that the streaming services can provide to the users in general. 

Gone are the days of re-watching the same content, every day on the television, while yearning for new content to be supplied by the channel owners. In the last decade, there has been a huge surge of users for Indian films released in a particular region and were confined to that. That made it impossible for users across the nation to have a bite of that entertainment. Now, users across the country have access to both old and new movies via these streaming platforms. The library continues to grow and is incorporating newer and older titles as well. 

What that means for you is, if you have access to a stable internet connection, you can enjoy any piece of entertainment on your television, computer, mobile phones. It can act as a recreational medium for users, their families, and the movie buffs who just devour any title presented to them. Reminiscing the experience of any old Bollywood film that may be a favorite of old age people or retired professionals are made easy by these streaming services. 

Another lingering issue is the piracy concern over the content available on the internet and the increasing restrictions to keep it under control. While using the legitimate Indian services like the one we will mention below, will keep you out of any grey areas concerned with piracy. The Indian streaming services have realized this problem and are offering most Bollywood movies to encourage users to watch the content under legal boundaries.  

The only problem with this is that being a free user has its own perks and downsides. The downside to the freemium approach is the advertisements that you have to run into while watching a movie on the OTT platforms. They can be persistent and can slightly ruin your experience of watching your favorite movies. To counter this there is a way out for users belonging to handheld devices such as Android and IOS phones.  

It is simply by registering on a specific service and downloading the respective application on mobile phones. After that most platforms allow registered users to download the content which is only viewable inside the application. This can save the data significantly in the case of mobile users and is a convenient option when you don’t have a reliable internet connection. And you get rid of the advertisement that comes bundled with the free content. 

The best sites to watch Hindi movies online are as follows – 

  1. Hotstar 
  1. Voot 
  1. SonyLiv 
  1. Zee5 
  1. Jio Cinema 
  1. Airtel Xstream 

We understand this urge and have dug out the information about some of the streaming platforms where you can watch Bollywood movies online free. Some of them are- 

1. Hotstar 

Hotstar was one the first few to join the bandwagon of streaming services and direct the Indian Audience onto the streaming platforms. Before Hotstar, streaming services as an independent online entity didn’t exist. What began with an internet streaming service to watch the Cricket tournaments and a handful of limited movie options, has superseded every figment of the imagination. The streaming service also acted as a backup option to watch the TV serials that were under acquisition of the STAR T.V. channel.  

Keeping in line with the trend its movie collection has grown to a full-fledged collection for Bollywood movies and can cater to almost all genres of the vast movie universe in India. Every major movie release seems to find it’s way on Hotstar and is a gift for their unwavering audience that continues to shower the platform with millions on views on the movie titles. 

Hotstar is available in free and paid mode. Don’t get disheartened as there is a lot of good content in the free mode that is available for the audience. They are not compulsive about the signup process and can be accessed directly. But signup has its own perks, as it reflects upon your view history, your likings, and genre preference. It enables their algorithm to make somewhat accurate predictions on your preferences. This is helpful as you can find a few hidden gems by this process and make your streaming experience wholesome. The website is one of the top-tier competitors with quality content and it is expected to improve further in the future. It has recently been acquired by Disney and the user interface has improved a lot since then. You can also enjoy some famous Hollywood titles in Hindi if you like that. 

Hotstar has a separate section of kids and contains all the older titles like Doraemon, shin chan, and other new iterations that will provide enjoyment for toddlers and young ones. It is available on Android, IOS, and operates as an independent website and is rarely down, due to its reliable servers. The company also has every web series that is produced by them along with T.V serials that are broadcasted daily and updated on the website as well making it the best site to watch Bollywood movies online free. 

2. Voot 

Voot is founded by one of the eager network owners, who strived to follow in the footsteps of Hotstar and have been successful in the venture, to some extent. Owned by Viacom 18, the service tends to provide a lot of engaging content and serves a huge number of Indian consumers otherwise. Voot also neatly presents their network-owned T.V serials and web series that are widely popular among Indian users. Voot has a collection of indie movie titles as well as Bollywood movies that have flooded the theaters with their releases. The collection is sure to satiate the needs of most movie buffs and can deliver a stellar performance due to their reliable servers. 

Apart from Hindi movies, Voot also has big releases belonging to the south movie industry that are now popular search items among the users. Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Marathi movies, Kannada movies, and Bengali movies. Some of them are even Hindi dubbed and watchable by users that do not understand the language. The southern movie blockbusters like KGF is available on Voot and is among the most viewed titles of all time. Voot is available to be accessed via computers and has a secure website with numerous filters to sort out content easily.  

Apart from that, it is also available on several mobile platforms, namely Android, and IOS. The viewing experience on the devices isn’t subpar and lacks depth if your device is capable of it. Voot directs its users to register before starting any viewing spree on the platform and there is no way around it. It has a decent plan pricing that can fit the budget of most people and even comes in annual pricing schemes that are much cheaper than the monthly ones. Voot select is a section of the creative and newest iterations belonging to the T.V and movies segment and is only accessible to their paying subscribers.  

Voot also is one the biggest creators of web series and reality shows like Naagin, Big Boss, Khatron ke Khiladi, India’s got talent, and much more that is liked by many users that have migrated to the platform but still are a die-hard fan of these shows. The advertisements are of decent length and can be a hindrance for users seeking a seamless experience. That comes with a price tag attached to it and can be avoided in cases if you just download the piece inside the application and view it there. That convenience is only available for mobile platforms and not on the website itself to curb the piracy that is prevalent and persistent throughout all platforms. Regardless, Voot is a good platform that offers its users to watch Hindi movies online free. 

3. SonyLiv 

SonyLiv is a great option if you are seeking Indian content hosting streaming services that exist with a great variety in terms of watchable options. SonyLiv is the subsidiary of the Sony Pictures Private Ltd and is solely based in India. The video-on-demand service has been in existence since the year 2013 and is continuously improving in terms of material, usability, and pricing.  

Like every other network, it categories its content into subcategories to make it easier to pick your indulgence with ease. Currently, it offers all the T.V shows that have kept the name of the network alive across its various channels. They are divided according to their seasons with each episode and season clearly labeled to make your task easier. What made Sony great is available along with new ventures into the web series department that feature on the streaming platform. Most of the web series are backed by the network and are amassing a lot of recognition among consumers. 

Sony is among the biggest network out there and has a huge fan following in the genre of sports. The website presents every event that is covered on the T.V platforms and offers its subscribers the ability to watch the same content on the go. Sony covers a lot of football and other sports namely UFC and WWE. Both of the latter have a rave following across the Indian audience and garner a lot of views on the platform. WWE is the only entertainment and wrestling combo that the Indians have had for the past two decades and never ceases to amaze, with engaging content. UFC is for users that love the gritty world of MMA tournaments and enjoy a realistic approach to the combat sports as compared to the WWE. 

Football as a sport has gained recognition among the masses, especially Millenials, and is practiced as a religion among the audiences. All the major leagues such as UEFA, are covered by the streaming service, along with a few less popular ones as well. NBA is also becoming a recent yet popular discovery among the Indian audience. Apart from sports, the streaming service has aligned its interests in movies, a lot of Indian movies along with Tamil, Telugu, and English movies. The yearning for your favorite titles is long gone, as they have a well-curated collection of movies of the above-mentioned languages. The list dates back to even the 90s and earlier Indian cinema that is now rarely found elsewhere. You don’t need to complete any sign-up process and are allowed to watch all the freebies that are not labeled premium. The application is available as a website portal for easy access via computers. For handheld devices, the application of SonyLiv is available across both platforms, Android and IOS that covers a vast majority of their active users. 

4. Zee5 

Zee5 is a similar video-on-demand, streaming service launched by one of the biggest players in the T.V industry, Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It is a comparatively newer streaming service that has been in existence for over two years since its launch in 2018. The most impressive fact about Zee5 is that it makes the content available on its platform in twelve languages. So it is very much expected to not fall short for users belonging to these languages. Content, regardless of its language, if curated with finesse transcends boundaries when it comes to its fan base.  

Zee5 has loads of content when it comes to narrowing down your options and manages to keep it growing further with passing time. The user interface of the website as well as the application is kept fairly simple to be even used by the novice users that lack experience of such platforms. On opening the website you will find an animated slider of freshly brewed and hit pieces and recommendations that come along with it. It is one of the few to offer language preferences for the entire website. That means you can select it to form 12 languages, and the whole website will be displayed in the font of the selected language. 

Zee5 is owned by the ZEE Enterprises that works intensively with dramas and serials based on the Indian context. Those T.V serials are now regularly uploaded on the streaming platform every day so that you can never miss out on the details. With Hit T.V shows like Kundali Bhagya, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, etc that have enormous fan-following, it’s a convenience to catch them early on the Zee5 and keep the entertainment always on. 

Zee5 also displays a large number of news channels and their primetime shows that can is important for people who like to keep up with the happenings around the globe. The streaming service has top-tier Indian news channels like India T.V, Republic T.V, India today, Aaj Tak, available for its users. The live versions are a boon for users that use smart televisions with an internet connection and can stream many news channels without paying for it. 

Zee5, like every other streaming service, has ventured into the web series segment and has delivered consecutive hits in a short period. Abhay, a crime-series is back again with its second season after huge hits on the first season. State of siege is another hit web series developed by the streaming service. Rangbaaz, a tale of bandits is also popular among the Indian audience. Zee5 also has a huge number of kids content that come along with the subscription, but there are a few exceptions to this genre. 

Lastly,  Zee5 has a lot of Bollywood movies on its platform. Popular recent hits like Uri, Omerta, Kedarnath, Simbaa, Hacked, etc are available on the platform. They also are not oblivious to the fact that old is gold and serve a collection of the legends of Indian cinema like Amitabh Bacchan, Govinda, Rishi Kapoor, and many more actors. So, Zee5 is a must-visit to watch Bollywood movies online free. 

5. JioCinema 

It’s highly unusual for a telecom company to step into the over the top platform genre and completely sweep the floor with its rich content. That’s exactly what the minds at JIO predicted and executed their ideas in style. Reliance JIO was the first to launch 4G sim card services in India that made it possible for almost every user in the country to even think of migrating to a streaming service. The 4G spectrum offers blazing fast speed and reliable connectivity that could uplift the experience of enjoying content, without frequent stammers by the network. And that came with a lot of free data that required a one-time registration process only. 

Think of what we did back until in early 2016 when 3G recharges were so pricey and had speed capped along with a fixed amount of data. Jio made it possible for every user with a smartphone to step into the world of legitimate content platforms like Hotstar and others. Jio cinema was launched along with the sim cards and still is free for the users that recharge with a plan. It is a bonus for its users that provides a rich content layout with zero charges. 

To use Jio Cinema, you have to be an existing JIO user, as the website, as well as the application, requires you to sign-in with your registered JIO number. After that, it is as easy as it gets. The experience does not deteriorate in the mobile devices and is very easy to use with step by step guide and a responsive interface. Jio Cinema uses a black layout with newer iterations being displayed in a slide-show fashion, which makes it easy to use. 

The platform is neatly categorized into four sections, namely Movies, Music, TV, and Clips. Movies are alone to keep you hooked on the JioCnema with over 4000 Indian Movies on its digital platform. The Bollywood movies are spread across various genres and every single one of them is free to watch. Legends of Hindi Cinema have their separate section of movies and is a nice way of honoring them in a manner that is appreciated by the fans.  

Movies and movies, that’s the perk of being a Jio user apparently as it is available for handheld devices, and even smart televisions as an application on the store. Think of the entertainment possibilities as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Nobody thought being a user could ave such advantages, especially with most telecom companies that are bleeding their consumer dry with exorbitant plan pricing. 

The digital platform also allows the users to watch almost all TV channels, live on their network, that too free. This continues to be free and will come as a paid section after newer decisions are made for it. The website also has an independent music library that can soothe your nerves if you want to just relax. JioCinema is available as a website for computer users, and as an application on Android and IOS devices. Get onto the streaming platform to make the most out of internet connection and enjoy movies. 

6. Airtel Xstream 

What would the business be, without a competent rivalry? The Airtel Xstream is the answer to the Jio Cinema and is competent enough to mention it on our list. Of course like Jio, the users have to be an existing customer of Airtel to enjoy its benefits thoroughly. You cannot enter the website without registration so it would be feasible to be an Airtel user, the chances of which are very common. Almost everyone is reliant on a dual-sim functionality with Airtel as a primary or secondary SIM. 

Once you get past the registration process, you get access to a lot of relatable content that is available at the click of the button. The website hosts a lot of content including movies. It has separate sections for Live TV, TV shows, News, and a Kids section for young ones. The website has integrated top-notch content and shows from different networks and channels, that are readily available at your beck and call.  

The user interface is similar and cleaner to every streaming service out there with nothing fancy to boast of. Still, it has a reliable network and that is rarely down and offers the content in high-quality if your internet speed allows you to do so. A lot of popular movie titles like Manmarziyaan, Kahaani, Badlapur, Golmaal, Housefull, Aligarh, Krrish, etc. are available to watch for free. Don’t think that your possibilities end here as they keep updating their content regularly. That is a bonus for the users seeking free content without having to shell out a dime for the entertainment. 

There is a separate section of content for premium users and is very up to date with recent releases that will surely keep you entertained and not feel short at any point in time. The only problem with that is you have to subscribe to a plan and that is solely up to you. The Kids section is by far, on the best to feature both old and new generation content that even the older audience can relate with. Tales of Vikram and Betal, Akbar and Birbal, and a lot more of Indian genre content that will be beneficial and relatable for the young ones. 


The above-mentioned websites are one of the few legitimate ones to offer Bollywood movies for free and curb the problem of piracy and make money by advertisements along with it. Regardless, they are the best site to watch Bollywood movies online free and a good way to grab some entertainment on the go. 

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