Best Time Tracking Productivity App for Android in 2021

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Many time-tracking productivity apps for both android and iOS have popped up this year owing to the grave pandemic that crippled the active projects. Now, when working from home and managing employees remotely becomes a stipulation, time tracking productivity applications are needed to have a clear picture of who’s working when, where, and for how much time. It isn’t a regular day at work anymore and without have an effective time tracking application in place, you can say goodbye to the productivity percentage that you were earlier achieving without any problem. 

The need for a time tracking application fits almost every industry you can imagine. But one of the major disadvantages between companies that are only rolling out mobile solutions and those who have it all is bankability. Many popular project management and time tracking software have now introduced an application as well that runs for Android too. iOS has its potency and efficacy to run any application with the minimum possible hassle. Most IT firms are based in the USA and thus the availability of an iOS application for their time tracking software is necessary.  

But iOS devices cost a lot more and when you compare the application areas and the level of employees involved in the project, the financial conditions can vary. An iOS device can cost more than a laptop as of now and are a good fit for those who have ample friends but Android devices are much cheaper and have a competent application development environment. So, a dedicated application for the existing time tracking software is as much important as on an iOS device. We’re not here to bash iOS and its cost, that’s a different discussion and not needed in the current context. 

Most time tracking software is web-based and can be used in browsers of your choice without any difficulty. But we’re discussing specifically Android apps that are precisely dedicated to time tracking and productivity management and will limit the article to that only. 

So, Android is a renowned operating system that can be found in cheap, mid-range, and flagship-level device. So it’s not about cheaper solutions it’s about the more prevalent ones and Android is the go-to operating system for billions of mobile phones now. Using a dedicated application makes it simple for even employees with limited knowledge about technology to easily punch in their time and focus more on the completion of work and let the application keep track of their activities. 

Now before moving on to the abundance of options in the play store for time tracking and productivity apps, let’s elaborate on the convenience that the mobile application brings to employees. 

Fits all work types 

Android application for time tracking and productivity can be made available to your team members very easily. The only stipulation is having an Android smartphone. The application’s availability on mobile phones enables it to suit professions of all types which may be a simple workplace, remote team manager, and mobile teams that engage in work at different sites on the same day. So its application area are endless and is an effective productivity management solution too. 

Minimal investment 

For organizations that aren’t as huge as big-league firms, providing the essential infrastructure can be a hassle in the initial phase. If you employees a computer software for tracking time and your field employees doesn’t have a personal computer things can become challenging. This is where mobile phone time tracking applications come to the rescue. No initial infrastructure investment is required to start the automated tracking process and very rare cases are there who lack a smartphone. Even if they do lack a smartphone, the organization can spend a fraction of what it would have to spend on a portable computer or laptop. 

Easy to use 

Even for employment with basic knowledge about these time tracking applications can just start it and log their time using a simple click button. The ease of access is a primary concern while developing a mobile application. Moreover, the convolutions of the working are concealed behind the interface so the employees aren’t frustrated while using it. On the manager’s end, it can be as elaborate as you want it to be. Since the infrastructure of most applications is cloud-based and available on all types of systems. 


The clocks punched in by each employee is used to create a timesheet for the project and to tabulate their involvement in the project. Every timesheet needs the approval of managers so that the final timesheet is accurate to account for productivity. Timesheet can be used to generate elaborate productivity reports for the upper management to find insight into the workflow and devotion of the employees towards the project. 


Employees can be exactly billed for hours they put in and timesheet plays a very important role in it. For apps with an integrated payroll management system, the disbursement of payment is made very easy by automatically feeding the data and generating payslips for employees, and even transfer funds automatically to the employees. 


For organizations that deal with field work such as delivery or on-demand services, the application serves as a useful tool that can last all day and requires minimal resources in terms of battery and hardware. You don’t need to carry laptops that will last for 3-4 hours and then die, compelling them to search for a power source. Mobile phones can easily last a workday even with the application running in the background and can be easily charged via a power bank, car charger, etc. thus offering superior mobility to the employees. 


Computers lack a physical GPS chip and only can mark the location-based upon the IP address of the employees. Mobile phones have GPS that can be used to pinpoint the exact location of employees and enable geofencing to ensure that they stay in the defined area of work. Any trespassing or relocation out of the work zone triggers a notification directly to the managers who can then inquire about the employee. 

Automatic Syncing 

The application can be used to auto-sync the data with the servers so that manual entries are not forced onto the user. It provides the real-time processing of the data as well as keeps offline logs when there is no internet access to the device. As soon as the connectivity is restored, the application synchronizes its data again to the servers. Here are our top picks for the best time tracking productivity app for android in 2021. 

Best time tracking productivity app


Hubstaff has really concerned with the time tracking and productivity market as far as the efficiency of the approval is concerned. It is available for Android users and looks lucid and interactive to use for even novice users. The application is designed to keep minimal resource consumption and only provide the actual functions than cluttering the application with advertisement and useless functions. 

Mobile users also get the leverage of providing GPS tracking information to the managers while logging in and preparing their timesheets. With one click the timer starts and you are off to work. Hubstaff finds its implementation in almost every possible industry and uses the concept of geofencing that creates a virtual worksite where users can enter and then only their presence at the site will be marked. Hubstaff also accounts for breaks, vacation, and other time off during work hours. It can actively monitor your presence when you are at a job site, and log in the time when you left after completing the tasks. 

Geofencing is the USP of Hubstaff that makes it an efficient application for Android users that work in business and jobs that requires a lot of movement, be it delivery services, private contracting, etc. Once they enter the side an automatic reminder is sent even if they forget to log themselves. The application also supports payment and invoicing and can be used with major payment platforms such as PayPal, but that is not the burden of employees anymore. It’s free for life for one user and costs five dollars per user. 

2. Toggl 

Toggl has currently broken down into three individual applications for project management, time tracking, and the hiring process. It’s a beautifully designed application with enticing themes that keep you vibrant and do not give you the vibe of a monotonous system. We are discussing the time tracking application that is offered by the company as a web-based service with its own Android application for users and their employees. 

Toggl provides multiple ways of time tracking. First is the one-click timer that is the most basic implementation of a time tracking application. You click on the timer to do that task and stop it when you complete the task. It also offers background tracking that can track anything your employee visits for more than ten seconds and convert that data into a legible timesheet for further introspection. Toggl provides the option of automatically syncing the entries even if the employees forget to do so. 

The timesheet are prepared and then used for reporting the employee’s time used to finish a project. Creating automatic reports based on your defined metrics is very easy with Toggl. You can request an elaborate summary based on a specific time span and then use it to gather insights into productivity and interruptions. The reports can be exported to printable format such as CSV and PDF for sending to the authorities. The option of sending automatic emails containing reports is available to the user too. Toggl has immense faith in its application and offers a 30-day free trial for you to decide if you want to be a permanent member or not. 

3. Time Camp 

Time Camp also takes active time tracking into account rather than just timer-based tracking. It dives deep into the user data to observe the time spent on project activities and the leisure time wasted during work hours. Insights are also a key factor for the application and the data generated through the time tracking feature is tabulated against predefined metrics to obtain the bottlenecks that are preventing the project from completion.  

Time Camp has an admission user interface that mimics the basic apps you would find on a phone. The application requires your login credentials before you can enter and log your presence in the project. It also implements a keyword tracking feature along with time tracking to let you switch between important tasks. Time Camp is inclined towards complete automation from the user’s side and prepares visual timesheets that can be comprehended easily by everyone. 

It silently works in the background and keeps track of your involvement without requiring manual intervention. Integration with the most popular project management software is available for Time Camp so that productivity doesn’t take a hit when a lot is at stake. Productivity tracking is a major advantage of Time Camp that makes micromanagement very easy. It monitors the time spent on websites, applications, and documents thereby creating separate documentation of each and every team member.  

The application also tracks idle time when employees did not do any work and decrease that from the final timesheet logs. It can be turned off by the employees if they are on a break and want the utmost privacy with what they do. It has an option of screenshots that can be used to show to clients at the time of final payment. The application offers an approval system that can be set to daily or weekly as per management decision. The managers can make comments and feedback on the submitted timesheets. There is also a feature to lock the timesheets so that no further alterations can be performed on them after the final approval. 

Time Camp can be used to eradicate the time punching in the system by using the time sheet as an attendance log for final invoicing and payment of the employees. It is available for Android users and has three pricing tiers and an additional one for enterprise-level solutions. 

4. Harvest 

Harvest also offers an android application apart from the software for desktops and laptops. The software used simple metrics to keep a log of time spent on each and projects. Using harvest is pretty simple, add a project and its subtasks and slap on the timer and monitor your time. It takes the guesswork out of the equation with crystal clear logs that are acceptable only after approval of the timesheet by the manager.  

New functionality is the ability to create and track budgets in parallel as the project moves on as tasks grow in number. You can set up predefined rates as per task and use them along with the time to create precise billing reports. It also allows you to change the rates if the tasks involved other resources or there has been a recent price revision in the project. It is customizable to the very last entry so that the timesheets give some insight into the productivity as well. 

After the creation of an invoice, the application allows sharing the invoices with your clients and request them for payment. The integration of Harvest is top-notch and can be integrated with popular project management systems as well as payment applications such as PayPal and stripe without any difficulty. One free and one paid plan that allows unlimited projects with a twelve dollar price tag for each user. 

5. Tick 

Tick doesn’t complicate the time tracking application with limitless features that do not provide actual information about productivity. Tick divides itself into three parts one module focuses on time the next one is budget tracking and the last is responsible for reporting and analysis of productivity. As simple as that. Tick has an interface that is very bleak compared to other applications discussed so far but it makes up for that with powerful and effective time tracking. 

Tick used a timecard feature that allows you to enter the project name, its tasks, and the time. At a simple glance, it’s nothing fancy but it gets elaborative when you go deeper into the task hierarchy and the pending and completed ones. Timer creation is also facilitated by Tick as the employees can switch between tasks and timers and then at the end of the day jot down each every second of effort. Tick provides instant feedback on the budget using the timecards. It is a transparent way of informing the employees about the deadlines so that they can view the stakes and put in more effort than ever to complete the task in due time.  

Tick provides a time reporting for gathering insights into what time and resources are exhausted in completing a project. You can filter the involvement of each employee and client by choosing your custom period and can then see the hours used for completing tasks. Insights are for future reference and strategic planning to minimize time wastage. Tick has integration with QuickBooks for exporting the report and also supports the export of data in CSV format. The pricing tier is not very high and compared to the services a 30-day free trial sounds good for a newbie. Apart from that monthly plans are available as per the number of projects you want to keep track of.  


Even as an android application Hubstaff continues to dominate with exact geolocation tracking and region mapping along with URL activity as well. It is suited for both moving and non-moving business and can prove useful to everyone. Time Camp also takes it to the next level with activity tracking and screenshot that can be corroborated for final invoicing and client trust. Tick also comes in handy if you are not looking for a yearly commitment and want to manage multiple projects at once.  

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