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Timesheet Apps become more important for employers that conduct business virtually with rare visits to the actual job site. It is also the desired solution for employers that want to track the actual time their staff puts in every day and find out the ones that are slacking off during work hours. Most remote jobs are billed by the number of hours that the remote worker or a freelancer took to complete the work. Since you are not there physically to evaluate the time or corroborate the statements of your employee, timesheet apps are your best bet to avoid overpaying/underpaying the worker. 

Timesheets like attendance were, and are done manually even now, but the pandemic marred world is better off without three people actually managing one register for the hours put in. It also eliminates the chances of feeding the wrong time into the register. So the credibility of the logged data is also questionable when it is done manually. One more aspect that people fail to realize is the safety of the logs that are perishable due to various reasons such as fire, water damage, ignorance, and other mismanagement by the employees. Any business cannot afford to shell out extra pay to employees and incur a loss in the process. 

Digital timesheets also are favored mostly because they can be accessed as well as traversed with ease of the fingertips. Firing the right search query or searching by the name itself can provide you all the timesheet logs generated by a remote worker and know exactly the hours put-in by him/her. No more gruntling work of turning dusty pages, overburdening your schedule just for a single employee’s data, over a course of time. 

Here are a few advantages of using a timesheet application, especially if your job integrates numerous remote employees in a single project. 

Advantages of using Timesheet

Increased Productivity 

Timesheet apps present a clear picture of what is the amount of time a hired worker is actually devoting to the project. It can help you in determining the areas of the project that could benefit from a reminder. Using timesheet apps you can bring every team involved in the project up to a matching speed and increase the overall productivity in the process. 


The timesheet applications are used to mark your presence and the number of hours put in by you in a day, week, or month. The records are automatically logged as soon as you use log-in using the application. No member has access to the alteration of logged data. This ensures full transparency as far as the billable hours are concerned and eradicate any room for discrepancy. 

Future Project Planning 

A timesheet application gives the exact idea of which teams lived up to your expectations and which ones struggled to keep up. This data holds relevance when you plan a future project and want to re-employ those teams for the project. It will also help you choose the best performers and come up with an idea of the time it would take to complete a project like this. 

Minimal Intervention 

The timesheet application is designed to curb frequent human intervention and inquiries among each other about the hours put in. It is fully automated and takes a few seconds to mark your presence, thereby eliminating the need to relay that information to multiple authorities. Every activity is recorded without any added effort from the worker’s side. 

Effortless Project Management  

Timesheet apps give you the added benefit of using time as a factor when you designate tasks to teams and their workers. When time becomes a constraint, the responsibility of the worker towards the project increases as there is an exact deadline to finish each and every task which is concurrently monitored. 

Precise Billing 

The managers possess the precise data of the billable hours and help them to easily disburse the payments to the employees. Every cent counts when you have to pay a remote worker for his time and effort and as a business owner, you can’t afford any error in the payment calculation.  

These are our top picks for the best timesheet apps for your remote team.

Best Timesheet apps: 

  1. Hubstaff 
  1. Beebole 
  1. Timely by 

1. Hubstaff 

Hubstaff ranks numero-uno in our list of the best timesheet apps for your remote team because of its fidelity and versatility that the application offers to its users. Even as a timesheet application it is a one size fits all solution because of the interactive user interface and the need for time-tracking is applicable in almost every industry. Hubstaff is precise to the extent that it might feel invasive to the workers, but it is a very hand tool as far as the manager’s role is considered. Managing a remote team requires frequent checks and calls about the progress that can be exasperating and waste a gigantic amount of time in the process. 

Hubstaff tracks all three important elements time, tasks, and location to formulate a progress chart. This can be done by using your mobile device, application, and the website itself. The mobile application offers 24/7 monitoring of the remote workers and easy access to the timesheet even if you are currently not on your machine (laptop or computer). Hubstaff enables you to view the time spent by your team on past and current projects, time spent commuting to the workspace, and actual presence at the job site until work hours. The dashboard is very descriptive with piecharts and detailed reports about each worker’s activity. 

The flexibility it offers to the employees is also an essential factor to base your decision for choosing Hubstaff. Say you are a construction contractor and your employees are working with you at a site far far away from your employer’s reach. Using Hubstaff mobile app, you can log-in your presence at the site. Similarly, each worker on the team can log in and mark their attendance. Since Hubstaff is a timesheet application merely marking the time won’t exactly cut it. It uses the geolocation of the worker to record the actual time spent on the site and thus eliminate any false attendance. It also uses geo-fencing to create virtual job sites and acts as an activity tracking tool for the employees on the go. Hubstaff provides an in-app timesheet creation tool that requires minimal human intervention for easy report generation. 

Lastly, you can schedule shifts so that less commotion is generated whenever shift timings change and present clear information regarding the shifts of all workers. It can even automate payroll depending upon the generated timesheets so that you won’t have to bash your calculator every time you need to pay an employee for a completed job. The pricing is not exactly for managers that have more than one employee on the payroll. It offers enterprise-grade solutions if you have large members and multiple teams to manage at once making it one of the best timesheet apps for your remote team. 

2. Beebole 

Beebole timesheet app is solely dedicated to the timesheet aspect of the projects. Its user interface resembles a complex yet partitioned module that will help you to track the time with ease. The Beebole app lets you submit your daily hours, approve the timesheet request, and track the reports for precision monitoring over the project. Its role in a remotely deployed worker environment and freelancers becomes quintessential due to its flexibility in the approach in recording time that can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  

The app provides a simplistic one-click timer for jobs that do not last for long hours but are billable according to the hours. You can also add post-it notes about the hours about any critical update during the working hours that can be later on used to identify hiccups that delayed the project. Another feature that the app provides is prompt notifications for logged-in hours, pending approval requests that needs to be approved by the manager or project team leaders. The web-based application can be opened in any browser with cross-platform capability so that you won’t have to upgrade your mobile phone in order to record time using the application.  

It also offers active time-tracking for mobile devices that lack internet or are outside the coverage range for some reason. Just a simple tap gesture and you are actively monitoring your billing hours that can be later uploaded when you return in connectivity range. There is also an absence and leave tracking module in the app that enables the employees to send leave requests and reasons for absence that can be included in the report. It currently offers a 30-day free trial plan with no credit card info request and has only one plan that can be purchased for 5.99€ per month. 

3. is another alternative to digitizing the timesheet process for a business. The application’s user interface could use a revamp to facilitate the quality that applications are using today. Apart from that if your eyes can adjust to the orthodox user interface, the application works just fine and even has a few tricks up its sleeve for remote employees. The application offers an effective time tracking feature for employees and their managers to calculate the expenses and payroll disbursement. 

The application accepts electronic signatures, approval request for a timesheet and can also be used to calculate overtime put in by every employee. The dashboard is pretty intuitive and showcases every employee as per the department and project they are working on. The application also introduces a feature called mileage and expense tracking by allowing the employees to upload their billing receipts in form of a picture taken by their cellphone. These photos are marked with the corresponding entity and can be used to track the expenses incurred by a field employee. The app also uses GPS locations to determine the on-site monitoring of the employee’s presence. It also uses clock in and out function to restrict the zones you can clock your time form to avoid any false entries. is web-based and does not have any application that devours your data in the background and can be used only via a browser. It is an economical solution for mobile employees and freelancers that seldom come into contact with the managers and team leaders. The dashboard also has a time-off feature that can be used by employees to request a day off, that requires to be approved by the managers or team leaders. It also tracks PTO disbursement for employees that use sick leaves to exactly calculate the compensation that he/she is liable for, in a 12 month time period. You can also generate descriptive reports about the project and can also use their free HR management services included with every account. It offers three pricing tiers that include a free one for freelancers, a standard one, and a less expensive option for non-profit organizations as well. It does not hold back on any of its services during the free trial. 

4. Timely by 

Timely by leverages the use of AI to make timesheet recording and manipulation as easy as possible. The barebones of the application are similar to what any timesheet application currently provides but with an added module called memory that keeps tabs on all the activity happening inside the application. AI-powered timesheets are useful for large enterprises where data pileups are a common occurrence. The Memory AI monitors each and every exchange, message, comment, update, false shared and timestamps, to formulate its own perception of the workflow and prepares timesheets according to that. Since it is a functionality that works only if you feed data to it so it keeps getting better over time but initially there is a learning curve for both the managers and the Memory AI. 

A fresh take on timesheet management makes Timely the desired timesheet application on our list. The second most important thing is the diverse application integration via APIs that Timely supports. You can use popular apps like Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Trello, Google Apps, Github, and much more. It monitors all the data exchanges happening between these apps when they communicate with each other to understand the workflow and manage the timesheet accordingly. So automating time sheets is possible without admin intervention for precise billing during the payday. Timely discard the practice of traditional time tracking and in turn tracks all the activity you perform on the application. This enables you to choose your working hours and not miss a deadline even if you are a remote employee or a freelancer. 

The application also bolsters privacy with the latest encryption standards that make the personal data inaccessible to other members as per the access levels granted by the team leader or manager. It is completely noninvasive of your personal activity and only tracks the work you do for the company and its projects. Apart from the employee time management, it also tabulates the data of project time management and team time management, thereby covering all the bases of time tracking in a company. Timely offers a fourteen day free trial for its new consumers, with three different tiers of pricing. They also offer customized services for enterprises if you need them to. 

5. does things the basic way and includes a few add-on features that can make your timesheet preparation and preparing invoices a lot less tedious than they actually are. adopts a simplistic and colorful layout that can be easy for novice users to use and hides the complexity behind its visual appearance. It offers simple project and team management for its users along with the timesheet creation feature. It is nothing like in terms of project management software but does not lag behind in timekeeping whatsoever. 

The employee can start logging their time with the push of a button and that’s all. It’s available as an application on all popular platforms including mobile OS namely IOS and Android. The application enables remote teams and field employees to keep track of their hours of effort and send them to the manager or team leader for approval. It takes a step forward with a few other inter-work options such as including the time of taking breaks by the employee, jotting down notes pertaining to work if required, and tracking the expenses incurred in the process. provides an option to publish customizable PDF invoices as preferred by the project leader or team manager. This is helpful when a lot of other extra resources are spent during the project and which are not registered properly by the workers. So it helps in avoiding any miscalculations while prepping the final invoice and sending it to the client for approval and payment. also allows the admin/moderators to export the data in a CSV file or an Excel file that can be used for further in-depth review by the top-tier executives of the company. The sharing of project details and other information is also available in the paid feature with a robust cloud backup option that ensures every bit of logged data is saved by making redundant copies. The free version lacks every feature and the high-end option only provides the two afore-mentioned services for its users. is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses for timesheet management and easy billing. 


Hubstaff is the most viable solution if you are a business of any type or size as it is very adept at time tracking and producing elaborate timesheets. If you have an existing project management software in place and want to use timesheet service, Hubstaff offers integration with various project management software such as Trello, Slack, Github, Liquid Planner, Jira just to name a few. It manipulates GPS to provide effective timesheet preparation and maintains a stern eye on the participating employees making a preferable timesheet option for you. 

Timely by is another fresh alternative that uses artificial intelligence for effective time sheeting and minimal intervention is required to create one. is a bit on the expensive side but offers easy application maneuvering for novice users with the option of exporting reports in different file formats. 

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