11 Best Traceroute Alternatives for 2021

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Traceroute is an indicative instrument used to follow progressively the pathway taken by a parcel on an IP network from source to objective, announcing the IP locations of the relative multitude of switches it pinged in the middle. Traceroute likewise records the time taken for each bounce the parcel makes during its course to the objective.

Traceroute utilizes Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) reverberation parcels with variable chance to live (TTL) values. The reaction season of each jump is determined. Traceroute utilizes ICMP messages and TTL fields in the IP address header to work. Traceroute instruments act as a utility by working frameworks like Windows and Unix. Traceroute utilities dependent on TCP are likewise accessible.

If you are looking for an alternative to Traceroute, then you have landed on the right page. We are coming with a list of some of the best free and paid Traceroute alternatives that can be a good choice for you. These Traceroute alternatives serve multiple purposes for your system.

Why Traceroute Alternative?

Undoubtedly, Traceroute is a powerful diagnostic tool, but some limitations give rise to its alternative. These are some of the reasons you might look for a Traceroute alternative:

  • Precise Analytical reports

Many Traceroute alternatives offer accurate analytical reports. Paessler Network Monitoring, PingPlotter, and Open Visual Traceroute are some best examples.

  • Saves Time

Traceroute uses a single execution method which consumes a lot of time. Its alternatives, on the other hand, uses a thread mechanism that quickly executes all the commands.

11 Best Traceroute Alternatives for 2021

  1. PingPLotter
  2. Traceroute NG
  3. Solarwinds Engineer’s Toolset
  4. Path Analyzer Pro
  5. Paessler Network Monitoring
  6. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
  7. Open Visual Traceroute
  8. Net Scan Tools
  9. My Traceroute
  10. Hyper Trace
  11. WinMTR


PingPlotter is a collaborative tool that has vast compatibility. This tool is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS platforms. PingPlotter swiftly collects the end to end data of your network and suggests potential threats to your network. It provides you with quick solutions that help you minimize the effect of outside threats.

The tool is collaborative, and you can work with your team to discuss and diagnose the network problems. The graphical representation of potential threat helps you easily track and hunt down the network threats. PingPlotter is available in Standard, Professional, and Cloud edition that you can buy per your suitability. This tool also offers a 14-day trial version to check out its features.


  • Vast compatibility’
  • Interactive graphs
  • Flexible plans

Traceroute NG

Traceroute is associated with a popular name, SolarWinds, which makes it one of the best Traceroute alternatives. SolarWinds is known to develop reliable networking tools that help to track problems. Traceroute NG offers some of the best networking services, which you must try your hands on.

It can identify the IP address, hostname, and send notifications as soon as it detects any modification in the network path. This tool allows frequent probing and detects latency issues that can affect the performance of your network.

Traceroute NG also offers ICMP and TCP network path analysis that can be handy for your network. This tool also creates log files that help you to make future reference. The best part about the tool is that you can use it for free without paying anything.


  • Extensive reports on packet loss
  • Supports IP4 and IP6
  • Create backlog

Solarwinds Engineer Toolset

Engine Toolset by SolarWinds is another popular networking tool by the Solarwinds team. It equips you with some powerful tools that can be handy to tackle troubleshooting issues. It comes with tracking tools like CPU, Memory, and Interface Monitor that can be valuable in network management.

You can use the automated networking tool to discover the devices connected to your network. This tool has a Ping Sweep feature that lets you track the details of the IP address. The visual representation of the data makes it convenient for you to identify any problems. You can try the 14-day trial version before buying the final subscription.


  • Automated networking tool
  • Ping Sweep
  • Visual representation

Path Analyzer Pro

Next up, we have the Path Analyzer Pro on our list of the best Traceroute alternatives. This tool can diagnose all the network and connectivity issues and offers a swift resolution. This tool can be handy to resolve troubleshooting issues. Path Analyzer is compatible with all the Windows and Mac platforms. The blend of all the powerful tool in Path Analyzer makes it the top contender to become the best alternative.

Path Analyzer Pro gives you information about the IP address and the latency between the source and the destination. You can observe the colourful graphs to deduce the essential information of your network. The Pro version of this Path Analyzer will give you access to other useful tools that can help manage your network traffic.


  • Solve Troubleshooting
  • Detects average latency
  • Detailed reports

Paessler Network Monitoring

Paessler needs no introduction as it is one of the leading names in the network monitoring industry. This tool can be a handy one for the admins as it assists you in managing multiple sites from one dashboard. Paessler Network Monitoring, with the help of the sensors, can constantly monitor your network.

Specific sensors are used for specific tasks that make diagnosing tasks easy for your network. The simple and interactive user interface of the tool is impressive that enhances the user experience. This tool is also capable of intercepting any changes in the data packet. You can try the 30 days free version before buying the premium plan.


  • Manage multiple sites
  • Specific sensors
  • Easy to use

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

NPM is another network monitoring tool by Solarwinds that gives you a complete solution. This tool can be ideal for Troubleshooting and Network Management. It can display detailed reports that you can extract to analyze the performance of your network. NPM offers you a 30-day free trial version after which you can buy the premium subscription.

NPM has a NetPath feature that offers extensive network monitoring services to the users. NetPath enables you to find the root cause of the decline in your network performance and provides swift resolution. The colour-coded interface of the tools makes it easy for you to track and manage network performance.

Some other features of NPM are that it allows you to create a multi-path between the source and the destination. With all being said, it is no doubt why NPM could be one of the best Traceroute alternatives.


  • Colour-coded interface
  • Create multipath
  • Diagnose root problems

Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute is a feature-loaded network monitoring tool that has the potential to replace Traceroute. This tool gives a 3D representation of the network paths that can help intercept the issues. This multi-utility tool has handy solutions to your Troubleshooting issues. It is a free tool that you can use if you are looking for a Traceroute alternative.


  • 3D representation
  • Multi-utility

Net Scan Tools

Net Scan Tools utilizes ICMP, TCP, or UDP conventions to follow the courses taken by parcels and works with both TCP IPv4 and IPv6.

It likewise assembles measurements about bundle misfortune and timing and shows everything, continuously, on simple to-fathom outlines.

Administrators can consolidate this data with information from IP outputs and compasses to see whether there are any inactivity or jitter issues in the network. Net Scan Tools is only compatible with the Windows platform, which is one limiting factor. This tool also allows a 30 day free trial period before trying the premium version.


  • Extensive reports
  • Diagnose root cause of network issues

My Traceroute

My Traceroute is the next best alternative option to try. It can identify the overuse and underuse of network and provides a handy solution. It uses ICMP and DCP mode to detect any inconsistencies in the network. We would suggest MTR to Linux users as it works best on Linux platforms.

MTR can track the hops between the source and destination and limit them when required. This tool runs a frequent quality check on your server to ensure the best performance of your network. You can download it from the official website or multiple sources available on the web.


  • Ideal for Linux users
  • Free
  • ICMP and DCP mode

Hyper Trace

Hyper Traces gives insight into your network packets and provides valuable data that you can use to enhance your network’s performance. It lets you detect the cause of glitches in your internet connection and provide the required solutions. Hyper Trace has an effective interface that makes it usable for amateur and beginners also.


  • Effective user interface
  • Free to use


This is a somewhat extraordinary instrument to consider; in contrast to different devices on this rundown, it doesn’t accompany a graphical interface. A free visual application for Windows, WinMTR consolidates the usefulness of traceroute and ping in one instrument.

You can run tests between the host where the application is introduced and an objective host you indicate. WinMTR will then, at that point show you a jump by-bounce way of the bundle, and it will check the nature of the association between every one of the hubs.


  • Easy to use
  • Free


We will be signing off now from our list of the best Traceroute alternatives. All the tools on the list have the potential to replace Traceroute. Solarwind Engineer Toolset, Paessler Network Monitoring, and PingPlotter are some of the highly recommend Traceroute alternatives. Solarwind NPM is our pick of the list that we would highly recommend to the users.

Open Visual Traceroute, Net Scan Tools, and Path Analyzer Pro are some other explorable options on the list. We have also listed some free tools which can be valuable for our readers. Do drop a comment to tell us about your feedback and some valuable suggestions.

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