9 Best Web Browsers for Windows 2021

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Web browsers are the only gateway to actually surf and browse the internet. That why the term browser exists. Now web browsers have gone underwent major changes to protect the user’s data from maleficent entities prevalent on the internet. Browsers are more like an operating system with core functionalities and rely on system resources.

Being a windows user has its advantages as you get to choose from a plethora of available browsers, both new and old, depending upon your use case scenario. While the basic intention behind each browser remains the same, which is to browse websites, download files, every other browser is trying to push a little extra feature, like password managers, UI features, etc. We have compiled a list of the best 9 best web browsers for windows that will offer seamless web access with a few extra features on the side.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge Chromium
  4. Opera
  5. Chromium Browser
  6. Vivaldi
  7. Brave
  8. Torch Browser
  9. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Google Chrome

At this point in time, Google Chrome just keeps getting better and better. Especially since the chrome 88 update, there’s nothing that you will hate except the fact that it isn’t big on disabling third-party cookies, even in Incognito mode. Google Chrome is the best web browser for windows because of its compatibility and the rich feature set that it brings.

Google Chrome now comes with a dedicated password manager, and the option to group and search among tabs for users that flood the menu bar with tabs. Visual customization options are aplenty in Chrome and you get access to the Chrome Web Store that presents you with unlimited themes and extensions. The extension addition and availability is the USP of chrome, which makes so many users, irrespective of their operating system, converge to this platform.

One more good thing that is seldom praised is the ability to add multiple users if you share your computer with people. That way your search history is confidential to you only. Chrome is notorious for its resource-hungry architecture that is becoming demanding day by day.


  • Multiple user’s support
  • Password manager and tab searching

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular alternative to Chrome because of its never-ending updates and improvements that the developers bring to the browser. Mozilla Firefox has high regard for user privacy and the new revamped offering, Mozilla FX, tackles the user’s privacy challenges. Along with that, the UI is completely changed to give it the look of a modern browser along with the option of the picture in picture mode helps you multitask even better.

Mozilla Firefox comes with the option to completely block the tracking performed by the browser and the websites. Its private mode isn’t sneaky like the Incognito mode of Google Chrome and lets you surf the web without being tracked by websites. Mozilla Firefox also facilitates blocking in-browser crypto mining and doesn’t let your bandwidth or system resources be utilized for mining.


  • Blocks in-browser crypto mining
  • Picture in picture mode

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium started as just the edge browser that tried to replace the need for an additional browser installation on Windows but failed miserably. The new version, however, runs on the Chromium engine that makes it a lot better than the previous iteration. Microsoft Edge Chromium comes pretty much pre-installed with a fresh copy of windows 10, thereby saving you the hustle of manually downloading a secondary browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium now supports a large subset of chrome extensions that makes it easy to migrate to it. The biggest difference is that the tracking features of the Chrome browser have been taken out of the picture to give the users better privacy. It also supports nearby share using which you can share your webpages to nearby PC and contacts. The UI is where Microsoft Edge Chromium really falls short but that is expecting to change in the near future.


  • Better concern to user privacy
  • Lightweight


Opera is the popular browser that has managed to stay relevant even after all these years. Opera browser for smartphones is popular since it ran on Java-powered cell phones but it has a dedicated browser for almost all operating systems including Windows. Opera browser also made a shift to a similar engine as Chromium that enables the users to install almost all extensions supported for Chrome.

Opera browser is an excellent choice for users that use a metered connection as it has a built-in data saver mode. To make it enticing for the users to switch to opera, it comes with a default VPN service, Adblocker, and crypto mining prevention, and a QR code generator to scan and view pages on a hand-held device. For now, the Opera browser is a simple, sober option for users that do not have system resources to spare for a demanding browser like Chrome.


  • VPN inbuilt
  • Cryptomining prevention

Chromium Browser

You must have repeatedly noticed the word Chromium engine in this post. It developed by Google as the base layer of browser code that can be modified to create an independent version of your browser. Chrome is a heavily modified version of Chromium, but even the chromium-browser serves as a standalone browser for vast use cases.

It might be not as visually appealing as Chrome but serves as a basic, lightweight browser for low-end systems, minus the clutter found on many browsers. The chromium-browser supports most extensions but has to be manually updated and requires installing additional codecs for viewing different multimedia. So, if you can live with these flaws, Chromium is the right browser for you.


  • Lightweight design
  • Supports many chrome extensions


If you like customizing your web browser, Vivaldi is among the best web browsers for windows. Vivaldi is developed by one of the core members of the Opera browser and shares its design similarities with it. Vivaldi is also based on Chromium, so the extension support is pretty good for a niche browser.

Vivaldi changes its theme based on the websites you browse making it unpredictable every time you fire a new search query. It also has a note-taking module that lets you joy down important points from your recent browsing session. As mentioned above, Vivaldi is customizable to the bone. You can even customize tiny areas such as the address bar, search bar. Mapping personalized shortcuts from the keyboard and adding mouse gestures are facilitated by the Vivaldi browser.


  • Detailed customization
  • Extensive Chrome extension support


Brave browser is a different attempt altogether to provide a clean web browsing experience with a crystal clear standpoint on user privacy. The browser has an inbuilt HTTPS everywhere extension that heightens the barrier and protects users from compromising their data on insecure and phony websites. Apart from the HTTPS everywhere extension, the Brave browser comes with a built-in ad blocker, private bookmark, popup blocker, and many other nifty features.

Blocking advertisements means suffocating the revenue pipeline so Brave browser has a program that lets you allow to run certified advertisements that do not track your activities. The 30 percent of the earnings from these advertisements can be shared with your favorite content creators to support them. These features make the Brave browser a great option among the best web browsers for Windows.


  • HTTPS everywhere enforcement
  • Stern attitude towards tracking advertisements

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is the best web browser for Windows users that want an inbuilt media-grabbing tool to create a copy of any media that seems fit. Torch Browser does not focus greatly on privacy because it’s a general construct is of a browser that lets you download content. Torrenting is also supported on the Torch Browser and you can actively download torrent files via your favorite websites with ease.

Another noticeable but not a much-needed feature is titled Facelift that gives a visual makeover to your favorite websites like Facebook and a few other ones. It lest you customize the color, background themes, and the overall look and feel of your frequently visited websites. There is an inbuilt music player and a media player too, so you don’t have to install or run a separate program for that purpose. Privacy is the only missing piece of the puzzle in the Torch Browser but that isn’t a big demand for avid torrent users anyway.


  • Facelift feature
  • Media grabbing tool

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a web-based browser that doesn’t come with fancy features of Chrome or Firefox but rather a few unique quirks that make it one of the best web browsers for windows. The new update brings the support for Blockchain-related tools and the support for NB protocol. The blockchain features are recently added so check the version before you download it. Maxthon Cloud Browser has a proprietary store for extensions that includes Adblock, Dark Reader, Google Translate, etc to name a few. Cross-platform syncing is a feature that lets you obtain a similar experience on whatever device you are.


  • Blockchain-related tools
  • Minimalistic UI


Chrome and Firefox remain the stellar choice for the best web browsers for windows. Opera and Vivaldi are cut from the same cloth with a slight disparity in features, so take your pick accordingly. Lastly, if you need a browser that doesn’t strain your system resources, go for the Chromium browser.

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