10 Best Websites to Download Paid PC Games For Free And Legally in 2021

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Games provide an escape from the stress and hectic day and are almost as old as technology. We are talking about PC games in this post, which require you to sit on your computer and have some quality time. Now, as most of you know, present generation games cost quite a lot, and frankly speaking, that amount should only be invested if you are an avid gamer who intends to complete it. The very thought of buying a 100 dollar game seems quite expensive for a few minutes of presumable fun.

To alleviate your woes and help you cherish some games without any cost, we have searched the internet for the best websites that allow downloading PC games free of cost. They do not promote and indulge in piracy and guarantee that playing any title downloaded from their website isn’t illegal. Most of these games that you would find will be old and mostly 2D, 3D with age-old graphics. There are a few websites to grab newer games as well, and we will be including all of those to present you with the best possible assortment of free games for PC.

10 Best Websites to Download Paid PC Games

  1. My Abandonware
  2. IGN Beta Giveaway
  3. FreeGameFindings
  4. Ocean of Games
  5. Green Man Gaming
  6. GOG
  7. Humble Bundle
  8. DLH.net
  9. Steam
  10. Epic Games Store

My Abandonware

My Abandonware is for retro games fans who are missing the age-old 2D and 3D games action. It surely is a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you get absolutely best classics free of cost. My Abandonware is very neatly organized with minimal adware and malicious buttons that redirect you to spammy websites. The website boasts of a collection of more than 17400 games that include paid and free games for PC. The games which are paid are marked in bold with a money pouch icon to clear the air about their availability and expense.

My Abandonware categorizes the games based on name, year, platform, genre, theme, publisher, and developer. There is also a search function that works flawlessly and directs you to your desired game. One thing that is a letdown is the presence of high graphics games on this retro-themed free games website.

IGN Beta Giveaway

IGN Beta Giveaway is a portal by IGN that offers free games each month for a limited number of users. Most of these are indie games that have intense graphics and storylines but are from small-time studios. Nevertheless, you get to try the games based on the latest gaming resources and get complete access to the freebies. IGN Beta Giveaway was started in 2018, as per the listing of their very first Giveaway, and has only a handful of games. Unlike the first website in our list for PC games download, this one is surely limiting in terms of options. There is also an option to become a prime member to gain first-hand access to the games before everyone else.


FreeGameFindings is a subreddit that increasingly works towards providing the best games that freely available to download. This Reddit community is a lot helpful and keeps updating the subreddit every few hours for the best deals. The subreddit also gives out information regarding the upcoming sales and freebies in the gaming industry. Also, if your run into trouble while installing the games or cannot run it, the community is available to help you out with those problems too.

Ocean of Games

If you love playing modern games with intense graphics and a storyline, the Ocean of Games website is your safe haven. The library is so expansive that you would be drooling over the sheer number of options. Latest titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are also available so whatever you think in terms of modern games, you will most likely find it here.

Ocean of Games is just a redirecting website that doesn’t actually host any content. This action makes it impossible to adjudge whether the content you are downloading is free or not. Every download link opens a new website and after a few tedious clicks, you can finally begin downloading games. The website is a mother lode AAA game but doesn’t provide a firm standpoint in whether the games are legal to download or not.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a free/paid hub for downloading the best and latest PC games. The website has undergone a major overhaul from its past layout and now presents offers and deals on the latest games at the forefront rather than forcing you to search for them. If you want completely free PC games, Green Man Gaming might disappoint you with their tiny library.

The main focus of Green Man Gaming is offering deals and believe us you can get the games practically free at ludicrous discounts. It is a completely legitimate game download website that issues keys and even offers refunds and proper grievance redressal if you cannot access the games on your computer. All these features make Green Man Gaming a great website to purchase the latest PC games at a very cheap price.


GOG is an extension of CD Red Project, the studio behind the massively popular Witcher series and the massively controversial Cyberpunk 2077. They publish the latest games from Ubisoft primarily but can also publish an indie piece if you like it. The freemium tier, although limited, brings you a lot of unimaginable game bundles at unbelievable prices. They sometimes offer up to -90 percent discounts on pc games and therefore are another best alternative for you. GOG offers legitimate titles and abhors the practice of privacy. So, you won’t ever land into trouble for using a game availed from GOG.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle a pc game distribution website dedicated to amassing funds for charity. They do so by conducting regular pc game giveaways and offering games from top studios for free. They have given out many popular games like Dirt, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, all of which are famous for intense storyline and engaging gameplay. Humble Bundle also offers deals on curated bundles that reduce the price of the games by quite a bit. The website splits the earnings from charity among NGOs and game developers and is a great website to get pc games for free and even contribute to the cause if you wish.


DLH.net is also a great alternative website for finding pc games for free. Apart from presenting loads of free pc games, it is also a great option for gamers who want to stay updated with the latest advancements in the gaming industry. You get all the latest news, game trailers, game reviews, and much more. The website provides steam keys from time to time and even new users can grab the keys for a game without any added purchase. The website mainly serves news and cheats pertaining to pc games but if you keep following the active community thread, you can grab pc games without spending a penny.


Steam is a major player in the game distribution industry and even shells out a few freebies once in a while. It may not be daily but sometimes the games can be the best of the best to be distributed for free in a long time. Most of the actual pc games with intense graphics and animation can be acquired if you follow the subreddit of the steam community.

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is synonymous with freebies for gamers that makes it a hotspot for getting games. The store gives out popular multiplayer games like Fortnite and Rocket League for free. The studio recently offered control, an otherwise super expensive game for free. Similarly, the studio had conducted giveaways for the Hitman, GTA 5, and Metro series without any active limit on the number of users that can access the game. Epic Games Store won’t disappoint you whether you are looking for single-player or multi-player free pc games.


These were the best websites to avail of games for free or at a very heavy discount. Humble Bundle and GOG remain our top picks for the websites that provide legitimate games and steam keys without any chances of copyright infringement. We would recommend ocean of games but it is up to you to check whether the game is a genuine freebie or just some malware in disguise. If you love retro games, my Abandonware is also a decent website with a vast library.


  • How to install games?

If you are presented with a setup file, run it and depending upon the download size it may take a while to install on your PC.

  • Mvscr.dll missing?

Every game requires a set set of additional software to run on your system. This includes Direct X files and VC redistributable files that can be downloaded via the dedicated websites for it. If you install games via steam, Ubisoft, or epic store application, these files are automatically installed with the game as per requirement.

  • Now to get the latest games for free?

We would recommend you to follow the social channels of these game distribution websites to get early information on the new upcoming freebies and also about the latest deals on pc games.

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