13 Best Wireshark Alternatives for 2021

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Wireshark is a popular network protocol analyzer that lets you do an in-depth analysis. The tool can assist you track every little information about your network and provide necessary resolutions. WireShark offers you the following handy features:

  • Powerful display filters
  • Rich VoIP analysis
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Decryption support
  • Standard three-pane packet browser

If you find Wireshark unsuitable or looking for alternatives, then we might help you out. We are coming with a detailed list of some of the best Wireshark alternatives for our readers. We are suggesting both free and paid alternative to Wireshark that you can use on your device.

  1. Savvius Omnipeek
  2. PRTG Monitor
  3. CloudShark
  4. TCP Dump
  5. SysDig
  6. EtterCap
  7. Debokee
  8. ColaSoft
  9. EtherApe
  10. MojoPackets
  11. Glasswire
  12. Packet Analyzer
  13. Kismet

Savvius Omnipeek

Savvius Omnipeek is a powerful toolkit that can become the best Wireshark alternative for you. The working mechanism of the Omnipeek is slightly different. You need to install a Capture Engine add-on that hinders the data packet.

With the help of Omnipeek, you can analyze the connection health, detect and sought troubleshoot, and intercept packages for wireless networks. Omnipeek provides complete visibility into user’s network management that helps them work efficiently. It is one of the widely used toolkits that can get the job done for you. Omnipeek is compatible with all the latest Windows platform.


  • WiFi adapter for wireless network
  • Efficient management
  • Basic interface

PRTG Monitor

PRTG Monitor offers you a wide range of software that you can choose based on your requirements. PRTG Monitor offers Network Monitor, Hosted Monitor, and Enterprise monitor that you can choose accordingly.

Network Monitor provides you with administrative control where you can fully customize your network. You can upgrade it whenever you are required to do so. Enterprise Monitor would be perfect for managing complex IT infrastructure.

Hosted Monitor will offer you a cloud-based monitoring solution. You get access to all the latest upgrades in the PRTG Hosted monitor instantly. All the monitoring solutions come at flexible plans making it one of the best Wireshark alternatives.


  • Diverse monitoring solutions
  • Flexible plans
  • Hosted by Amazon


CloudShark comes with an easy interface that lets you do packet analysis. You can use any web browser to analyze your data packet. The tool can be suitable for all level users, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

You can use CloudShark to write networking blogs or manage your complex IT infrastructure. You can easily share all the files via your CloudShark account stored on our Cloud server. You can ask community users if you are facing any problem while accessing CloudShark. You can first try the one-month free trial version before buying the full version.


  • Easily share files
  • Helpful community
  • Ideal for every level user

TCP Dump

TCP can be the perfect competitor for Wireshark as it offers you identical features. The tool analyzes the actual travelling network packets and offers you a microscopic detail of every transmission. The tool is capable of analyzing both inbound and outbound traffic which makes it one of the best Wireshark alternatives.


  • Provides microscopic detail
  • Analyze inbound and outbound traffic


SysDig is the next Wireshark alternative that you can install on your device to run containers and the cloud. It offers you cloud security monitoring services that can detect and sort all the issues with your network. SysDig needs no infrastructure to manage that is one handy feature to have in your bucket.

This tool has an interactive dashboard where you can track all your network related stats in one place. SysDig has a free forever plan along with different paid plans that you can buy according to your requirement.


  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Flexible plans


Ettercap has identical features to Wireshark that makes the best possible alternate. The tool offers useful administrative features that can help you manage your networks. It is a hacking tool that can create multiple servers and attack your target. EtterCap can capture the password, drop connections, and intercept the packet data in your network.

EtterCap can be handy to detect malicious files and users on your network that can potentially cause damage. This tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS platforms. You can buy this tool at various subscription plans based on our suitability.


  • Hacking tools
  • Wide compatibility
  • Intercept malicious software


Debooke is the next best Wireshark alternative ideal for Mac users. The tool works on MITM or Man in the middle network that effectively intercepts and monitors the traffic on your network. The tool has SSL decryption that can help you protect decrypt all traffic available on your network.

Debooke comes with LanScan Pro that can detect all the devices associated with your Mac IP address. You can also solve your troubleshoot connection issues with the help of Debooke. You can use the free trial version to do a quality check of the tool. The paid plans start from $39.90 and end at the $169.90 NA Pro module.


  • MITM mechanism
  • LanScan Pro
  • SSL encryption


ColaSoft offers a range of services for your network problems. It is a free network analyzer tool that can help analyze packet data, diagnose troubleshoot problems and provide required solutions etc. It can analyze your applications and network in real-time to give you insights into your network status.

Capsa Enterprise is one of the products offered by ColaSoft that gives you the best packet capture and analysis solution. The tool supports 1800+ protocols and sub-protocols alongside network applications. A user-friendly dashboard gives you extensive data representation. The tool comes with a 30 day free trial period after which you can buy the paid version.


  • 1800+ protocols and sub-protocols
  • User-friendly dashboard


EtherApe offers microscopic details into your network which is represented by unique coloured icons. EtherApe intercepts the packets running between the hosts and plot them on a map. Each running packet is displayed in one colour which also lets you know about the IP address.

You can identify applications and ports and switch between them when needed which makes your task easy. The tool is capable of identifying both IP4 and IP6 addresses. If you are looking for a complete tool for your network then EtherApe might be the right choice.


  • Switch between ports and apps
  • Identify IP4 and IP6 web address


You can use Mojopackets for packet analysis if you are working on a WiFi-based cloud network. You can access any remote site and diagnose the problem your network is facing. This tool has advanced domain expertise that gets your things done easily.

You can sync Mojopackets with other tools installed on your server. Mojopackets has wide compatibility with flexible plans. The tool is compatible across multiple operating platforms.


  • Wi-fi based cloud network
  • Wide compatibility


GlassWire is an organization security device that assists you with seeing what precisely your PC is doing over the web and assume full responsibility for your organization movement, security, and protection. It likewise permits you to follow your at various times network movement utilizing the product’s not difficult to-fathom diagram.

This apparatus gives you alarms at whatever point it recognizes potential dangers, assists you with dealing with your firewall, and gives you an eye to screen distant workers. So, if you are looking for a decent Wireshark alternative then you must try Glasswire. It is a free tool that you can download from the official website.


  • Ensures optimum protection
  • Block apps
  • Easy UI

Packet Analyzer

Packet Analyzer is a high-level organization traffic observing, investigation and detailing apparatus, in light of Windows working frameworks (all variants).

It catches and examines all traffic transport over both Ethernet and WLAN organizations and interprets all significant TCP/IP and application conventions. With Network Packet Analyzer, you can undoubtedly channel the organization traffic to zero in on the data that you are searching for. You can look into network execution and data transmission use rapidly, to check network wellbeing and distinguish issues in basic advances. You can use the free trial version of the tool to do a quality check.


  • Examines traffic on both Ethernet and WLAN
  • Minimize traffic
  • Network execution


Kismet is extraordinary for remote bundle sniffing. The standard Kismet tracks wifi frameworks, yet it tends to be stretched out to identify Bluetooth networks also. The wifi standard has a few adaptations. Kismet’s information authority doesn’t test networks like other bundle sniffers, so interruption discovery frameworks can’t detect its exercises. This makes it an integral asset for programmers who approach a PC that is associated with the organization


  • Intercept vast network packets
  • Easy to use


With this, we will be wrapping our list of the best Wireshark alternatives. CloudShark, PRTG Monitor (due to its diverse network solutions), and Omnipeek are our pick of the list that you can install without giving any second thought. Debokee would be perfect for all the Mac users out there, given the extensive features it offers. Colasoft offers a wide range of products, so you can also try your hands once on it. Packet Analyzer and Glasswire can be other decent replacements for Wireshark.

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