14 Best Xbox Game Pass Games in 2021

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Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service, just like Netflix and Amazon Prime provide streaming service. Game Pass service by Microsoft offers a wide range of games to users from multiple developers. You get access to some of the best games for a monthly subscription. The game pass games are compatible with Xbox, Xbox Console, Android, and Windows 10 platforms.

Xbox Games pass service has evolved over the years since its launch. With the fresh addition and updates, we are compiling some of the best Xbox Game Pass for 2021 that you can buy to access the exclusive gaming content.

14 Best Xbox Game Pass games in 2021

  1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  2. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  4. Doom Eternal
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege
  6. Injustice
  7. Red Dead Online
  8. Gears Tactics
  9. Elite Dangerous
  10. Destiny
  11. Grim Fandango
  12. Star Wars Battlefront
  13. Fable
  14. Forza Horizon 4

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo has a collection of some of the best shooting game in the Halo series. The game has a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and defeat them. The Firefight mode is the pick of the lot that gives you an adrenaline rush while completing your targets. It is a must buy Game Pass that we highly recommend to all gaming enthusiasts. We also loved the high-quality graphics of this Halo Series games, which could be one of many factors to try out this Game Pass for your Xbox Console.


  • Vast collection
  • Impressive graphics
  • Multiplayer mode

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan

Man Of Medan comes with a gripping plot that keeps you hooked with it. The game starts when some teens get stuck in a haunted sheep. The creepy graphics and subtle background score will scare you out. It has the best experience with friends where you can assign custom control for each player. This cinematic adventure developed by SuperMassive Games offers could be an ideal choice for the suspense lover. The game has a duration of 4 hours and will consume 27GB of your device.


  • Gripping plot
  • Good background score

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age is a popular game amongst gaming enthusiasts, thanks to its unique characters and customization features. EA Games and Microsoft have collaborated a few years back that gave access to Dragon Age as an Xbox Game pass to the users. You will lead the Inquisition against the Dragons that has invaded your land.

You can fully customize the appearance and abilities of the inquisitor, making it one of the best in the business. You can choose from the 12 unique Inquisition agents to start your battle. You can also enjoy the multiplayer mode to kill your enemies.


  • Highly customizable characters
  • Multiplayer mode
  • 12 Inquisition agents

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal comes with some of the best demon-killing weapons to conquer the battleground. It has a Wrist-mounted DOOM Blade, Shoulder mounted flamethrower, and upgraded guns to kill the demons. You can kill and take all the resources from your enemies to stay alive in the game. 2 Vs 1 multiplayer is the ultimate adrenaline rush experience where you battle in the best of 5 rounds to claim your superiority. You must try this Xbox Game Pass if you love action thrillers.


  • Upgraded guns
  • Appealing graphics
  • 2 vs 1 Multiplayer mode

Rainbow Six: Siege

UbiSoft is a popular name amongst gamers. Rainbow Six: Siege is an online tactical video shooter game. The game helps you improve your strategic skills. You can choose from the different modes to start killing the enemies and completing your task. Different game modes include defusing a bomb and rescuing a hostage. You can also play the solo game in offline mode that always keeps you hooked with it. This Xbox Game Pass game can be one of the mind testing adventures you can try your hands on.


  • Different modes
  • Challenging tasks
  • Basic interface

Injustice 2

Injustice game runs across 12 chapters and is a battle between 2 of our favourite characters. Superman and Batman fight the battle in Injustice 2 to save the earth. The story mode of Injustice will keep you hooked for a long time. You win goodies and exciting prizes after the completion of every stage. The game is animation rich and will enhance the overall gaming experience of the users. In a nutshell, this game covers all the areas to make it one of the best Xbox Game Pass games.


  • Fluid animation
  • Appealing characters
  • Gripping plot

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is an engaging feature-rich Xbox Game Pass game we would highly recommend to the gamers. The game has eye-pleasing animation where each player can perform the activity to take their part. you can look for the activities you wish to do in the game, and you are good to go. This Adventure multiplayer game has a file size of 104GB that you can download on your gaming consoles.


  • Feature-rich
  • Multiplayer mode

Gears Tactics

Gear Tactics turns the customary third-individual shooter establishment on its anything but a ludicrous, 10,000 foot perspective of the front line. Strategies make them lead Gears against the Locust intrusion, yet this time everything’s turn-based battle with particular fighters taking on different jobs like a rifleman, scuffle unit or surgeon.

The missions typically follow a comparable equation that can delay a piece towards the finish of the game, yet in any case, Gears Tactics is a pleasant method to plunge into the legend of the establishment without going through hours peering down the sights of a lancer.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Easy to play

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous takes you on a journey to explore the heavenly galaxy. You can travel from one celestial body to another like a planet, Nebula, and hot plasma. The game is visually aesthetic and gives you one of the best visual experience. You can play the game in 3 different modes as per your preference. You can choose from the exploration, combat, and trading mode to start with. If you are a sci-fi lover then this could be the perfect Xbox Game Pass for you.


  • Visually pleasing
  • 3 different modes

Destiny 2

Next up, we have Destiny 2 on our list of best Xbox Game Pass games. You can explore the solar system and kill alien enemies with the help of destructive weapons. You can kill the enemies and take up their weapons to fill your armoury for the latter battle. The game has a basic interface and beginners can easily match up with the pace and mood of the game. The graphics and background score are top-notch that syncs well with the game. Destiny 2 can be a valuable addition to your Xbox Game Pass games list.


  • Destructive weapons
  • Challenging enemies
  • Good background score

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango brings something unique to the table that we loved about it. It has some compelling characters that go on the verge of solving puzzles. The puzzles are subtly designed to keep your interest in the game. With each passing stage, your interest and intent to solve the puzzle increases. It is a simple puzzle game that puzzle lovers can opt for if they are looking for the best Xbox Game Pass games.


  • Compelling characters
  • Challenging puzzles

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Another impeccably fit Game Pass game, Battlefront 2 is an extremely relaxed blaster and, after an unpleasant dispatch, presently an awesome effort to catch the crunchy, windy fun of the firsts. It’s anything but the most modern, however, it was never intended to be – the meticulousness is, all things considered, found in the luxurious conditions, the impeccable sounds, and the senselessness of the voice acting, with gestures to the entirety of the movies and a lot of the culture kid’s shows an arrangement that came in the middle.


  • Easy to play
  • Engaging

Fable 2

Fable 2 is certainly not an 80+ hour epic open-world RPG with unlimited potential outcomes. All things considered, the choices players have and the effect these have on the world feel more substantial than a lot of current games with stretching stories. Tale 2’s setting brings out eccentricity and miracle, however, it never feels innocuous or puerile. It’s an ideal taste of the universe Lionhead and Peter Molyneux made and an incredible section to bounce into before the Microsoft Studios establishment reboot set to deliver on the Xbox Series X|S.


  • Appealing
  • Basic interface

Forza Horizon 4

The car racing games always gives goosebumps to the gaming enthusiasts. Forza Horizon 4 is one such racing game available in the Xbox Game Pass service. The game consists of scintillating cars which you can drive to win the race. Exquisite racing track and locations are some of the key highlights of the game. The game comes with weekly updates that make you never feel bored.


  • Weekly updates
  • Exquisite location
  • Scintillating cars


These were some out of the many Xbox Game Pass games you can try right now. We have compiled some of the best options available in different genres. Injustice, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Halo: The Master’s Chief Collection are some highly recommended games for our readers. Elite Dangerous, Gear Tactics, and Grim Fandango are some mind testing games you can try your hands on.

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