Camera Drones: Consumers’ Solutions for Taking Aerial Shots at a Price

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Aerial shots of landscapes add effect on videos and pictures. The image of vistas and aerial views of a certain location is a great thing to see. Taking this image in the past require massive equipment that not everyone can afford. Today, the availability of camera drone technology makes aerial photography more accessible for regular consumers.

What are Camera Drones?

Camera or aerial drones compact flying devices that carry cameras for taking aerial shots. They often have four protruding arms with installed rotors or mini propellers. These propellers help drones fly at a certain height and distance, giving way to great aerial shots taken through the installed cameras.

Camera drones are like mini robots with their own processors and sensors. The processors work as their brains that control their operations. Through the processors, mechanical processes are guaranteed to run cause drones to fly.

A Short History of Drones and Aerial Photography

The concept of aerial photography emerged as early as 1860 when the first aerial shot of Boston was first taken. The photographer was riding a floating balloon and took the picture at a height of over 600 yards.

Drones are making a name recently, but they were actually present in the war times and were known as unmanned aerial vehicles. They were used for a number of reasons and were radio controlled with the user on the ground. Their earlier purposes were for weapons like “the Fritz X” that had a bomb and remotely controlled, making it one of the guided weapons of the early times.

In the recent years, the modern-day aerial drone appeared in 2010 when the Parrot AR Drone was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This drone is a smartphone-controlled drone with four rotors. Its introduction marks the advent of consumer aerial drones, making them more available for regular consumers. Further enhancements resulted to today’s drones.

Aerial Photography and Videography in a Small Package

Aerial shots add spice to photography and videography and satisfy clients and even those who do these activities as personal hobbies. However, taking these shots is impossible for hobbyists because they require aerial fleets like helicopters and are only available to those who can afford them. Nowadays, the availability of camera drones allow regular consumers to get their hands on aerial drone photography.

With drones, users can attach their cameras and control them accordingly to take aerial shots. Using drones also shrunk required equipment because drones are compact machines. Their sizes are comparable to regular remote-controlled airplanes. This allows consumers to experience aerial photography in a small package.

Drones’ Common Features

As mentioned above, drones have many features contributing to perfect drone aerial photography. They have rotors and blades working together while having special camera consoles that take high quality photos and videos.

Processors control the unit. They can either control drone units on their own through pre-progamming or transmit signals from ground remote controls as operated by their users.

The overall drone construction is also made from top caliber materials. They need to be sturdy to hold all parts together. Materials must also be extra durable to hold additional weight brought by cameras as well as other accessories. Their durability also make drones withstand air pressure brought by flying at an altitude.

Parts are also waterproof to ensure drones are protected even when used in extreme weather conditions. Drones can be used to take photos and videos even while raining or snowing, which is common for news coverages.

Additional Accessories

A drone can be designed to be compatible with multiple accessories. Some drones have built-in camera systems that work together with the processor. They are attached directly on the drone and can be controlled using ground controls or by the processors themselves. Some options are drone-only equipment, which means they don’t have built-in cameras. Users need to attach separate cameras themselves for photography. For these options, a user must purchase an extra drone video camera to use the drone.

Some drones have special attachments for smartphones. Smartphones can be used for taking photos or as additional controlling unit. The smartphone can be used with WiFi connection for seeing real-time images while on the air with the drone then letting users see the actual images or clips they will get.

Aside from cameras and smartphones, users can also purchase numerous lens and filters to give additional effects on photography and videography.

Other Vital Drone-Related Information

While using a drones camera is now possible, it’s important that users will keep in mind about local laws regarding unmanned flying objects. Local regulations for drones include limitations on their altitude and locations where they can be used. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows aerial video drone usage as long as it will only be operated at a height lower than 400 meters from the ground. Users must also operate their drones over 3 miles away from airports. This regulation is important to ensure drones won’t cause aerial accidents that may affect a lot of people.

It’s now easy to buy aerial drones as they are more affordable these days. In fact, they are considered as consumer electronics because of their price. Buyers can even get them from online stores with great deals. UAV aerial photography packages include all cameras and other accessories that will be useful for all photographers and hobbyists.

Finding the best aerial drone packages is easy through online means. A lot of authority websites review drones together with other devices and electronics. Consumers can compare their options and select the best ones for their needs. These reviews even include links to these drone packages, allowing people to purchase them easily.

Using a camera drone is now possible through online means. Regular consumers can enjoy the same aerial shots taken by professionals through affordable drones. They are now available online and match users’ needs. Professional photographers and videographers and hobbyists can get these drones for their own use. Not only will let them take lovely aerial shots, but also improve their photography skills.

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