Can Shared Hosting Affect SEO Campaigns Negatively?

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traffic competition

SEO or search engine optimization is a famous target for individuals who own websites. This results to speculations about various factors that may affect this procedure’s effectiveness for a business. One of these factors is shared hosting causing SEO issues.

Does shared hosting cause SEO issues? The answer is no. Shared hosting shouldn’t affect SEO the negative way. However, several elements within your shared server or hosting service may cause ineffective SEO for your page.

The HTTPS factor

Did you know that an absence of a letter on your URL protocol pull down your SEO ranking? Websites may have HTTP and HTTPS protocols. HTTPS is more secured since information transfer between a server and viewers is encrypted. Conversely, HTTP doesn’t have this feature. Imagine that the presence of ‘S’ on your protocol can drastically decrease your SEO competitiveness. People won’t feel secured in checking out your site, which affects traffic and site’s credibility.

Where does shared hosting come in? Shared hosting service doesn’t support HTTPS protocol, which makes this solution affect SEO indirectly.

Getting the SPAM label

Email marketing helps SEO in promoting your site to potential clients or leads. The problem is no one will know or care about your mail when it’s delivered directly to their spam folders. Spam folders delete mails automatically while other users don’t take time to read these mails since they often contain viruses or unsecured contents that compromise people’s accounts. Hence, they won’t see your email and lead your SEO campaign to a great disadvantage.

Website owners know that they don’t wish to spam and directing their marketing emails to spam folders is the last thing in their minds. However, a spammer’s website or email within a shared server may cause legitimate marketers’ emails to be identified as spam as well.

Traffic competition

Shared hosting provides storage and bandwidth for every website stored in a server. Website operations often run smoothly in shared hosting service. But your site will load slowly if the other sites you share the server with receive higher traffic. A slow-loading website is a horror for every website visitor. They won’t wait for your page to load and just visit other sites. At this point, SEO campaign is impacted negatively.

It’s best to change hosting service in case your site continues to load slow than expected.

Porn- and spam-polluted server environment

Google, which is the main target of SEO, evaluates every website saved in a server. The search engine will evaluate reliable websites from porn sites and spammers. Nevertheless, experts cite that Google may generalize that every page in a server is a porn site once it noticed that it’s porn-infested. This affects SEO ranking and overall competitiveness of a website.

Overall, shared hosting is not the direct cause of several SEO issues. Several factors involving the service’s features and third party factors like neighbor sites can make SEO ineffective for a website owner. Fortunately, many webhosts currently offer services to future web owners, which meet their requirements and matching today’s demand in the online industry.

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