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In 2020, it might seem like everything has a price and a cost, but if you want to watch movies, it is possible to download movies legally online on free movie websites. Visiting these movie sites are not classified as pirated or illegal, like many torrent sites may make you feel, these days. If you do a simple Google search on free movie websites, you will be inundated with many kinds of options from legal to illegal downloading and paying a price to watch movies such as Netflix or Hulu.  

Here, we present you with a list of free movie download websites, where you can download excellent entertainment just by a click of a button, without paying any money for it. There are also free websites to download music and sports, but in this article, we will focus on only genuinely free movies-based websites.  

We will focus on 10 best websites that you can use to download and stream movies and TV shows for free. We will also provide you with the website URL for these websites so that you can go to these websites and explore them yourself.  

The 10 Best Legal Sites to Download Movies Are as Follows: 

1. The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive is one of the best platforms for streaming movies online in 2020. You can view the free movie and TV shows on The Internet Archive for no cost at all and it has a wide selection of movies. The Internet Archive is not only for movies, it is a not-for-profit digital library that offers numerous contents from a wide variety of data, including movies, movies, and books which it is most famous for. Because of the latest torrent links that The Internet Archive provides,  it easily allows for hundreds of movies to be streamed without spending any money.  

There is a wide variety of movie options to choose from as the website is constantly growing with a lot of new content added every day. Some of the movie names that are available in The Internet Archive include the Original Jungle Book, Night of the Living Dead, Iron Mask, and many others from action movies, silent films to comedy movies.  

The catalogue on the website is divided into categories and genres of films that you can choose from, which becomes easier to find the movie you want to watch. You can also get a free virtual library card that allows you to do many interesting things such as access forums, upload videos bookmark favourite content and many other such actions. The Internet Archive also has web crawlers that can predict what type of movies you might like to watch based on the content you have chosen previously on the platform.  

The Internet Archive was not always as famous for movies as it is in 2020, because after 2015, The Internet Archive mostly provided direct links and large size movie downloads which used to fail. But since the past few years, The Internet Archive has improved drastically and provided useful content that anyone can use from anywhere in the world. It is an added advantage that The Internet Archive does not have country restrictions like some other websites mentioned on this list.  

2. YouTube 

There are chances that you have used YouTube to view videos of many kinds and would have head the name of YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing and hosting website which provides great visual content from around the world. The company has grown drastically over the last few years and provides ad-supported content for free.  

YouTube is said to have more than 100 full-size feature-length films that are available on the platform for anyone to view and download. If you cannot afford to pay the premium price for Netflix or Hulu, then YouTube could be a good movie-streaming platform for you, offering you many videos to choose from. Even if you have access to Netflix, but just want to explore free movie sites, then YouTube could be a good option.  

The best place to find free movies on YouTube would be this link, which you can click and watch many free movies, anywhere you want. You can watch movies like The Terminator, Legally Blonde, Zookeeper, Flawless, and many other movies. A few authorized channels on YouTube you can try are Maverick Entertainment and The Paramount Vault. There are many other movies and videos available on YouTube that you can stream and search for specifically.  

However, one of the downsides to YouTube is that you must be extremely specific in searching for free movies and unless you search for the right movie, you might not get the full movie for free. Also, it is important to note that these free movies are currently only available in the USA. If you from another country, then you will have to look at specific lists for other countries and can also try The Internet Archive, Vimeo, and Retrovision, which are available almost in every country.   

3. Retrovision  

You can access many old classic movies and TV shows while streaming these videos for free. The site also allows you to download the movies so that you can watch it in your own time, without internet access, even if you are offline. You can also download Retrovision on your Android phone, as Retrovision has an Android App called Classic UHF, letting you watch on your move.  

One of the best features of Retrovision is its search function which is extremely easy to use because of its genre-specific menus. Like The Internet Archive, Retrovision splits its movie catalogue into different popular categories such as Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and Drama. You can select any movie you want to watch and download it on your computer. These categories are also found in the top menu which you will easily notice as you enter the Retrovision website.  

Retrovision has a wide range of selection of classic movies and is the best of its kind on the internet for free movie watching. Some of the movies that you can watch include, Man in the Attic (1953), Eyes in the Night (1942), Killers from Space (1954), and a Stranger in Town (1948). The best thing is you will not find any advertisements while you are streaming the video. This is a great advantage with Retrovision as many of the video streaming platforms today, rely on ads.   

One of the main drawbacks you might face with Retrovision might be video quality which is not all that great. The video quality is said to be less than DVD quality, but with the minimum quality that Retrovision offers, you can view the full-length feature film. Retrovision also allows you to perform full screen and adjust your volume control and you will not face any buffering issues. Retrovision is also known to work best with a Chrome browser.  

4. Le CiNéMa Club 

Le CiNéMa Club was founded in 2015 with roots in New York and Paris, the film capital hubs of the world. It is a vastly curated Indie film streaming site, which offers many short creative films for free. Le CiNéMa Club is known to feature one movie a week, focussing on independent and international movies, sometimes featuring short films and other times feature films.  

There is also space in Le CiNéMa Club for filmmakers and critics to share the movies they specifically enjoy watching. Filmmakers such as Lynne Ramsay, Alex Ross Perry, Robert Pattinson, and Bong Joon Ho are among those who have contributed to the website. This feature is one of a kind and is not found on most free movie streaming websites.  

Le CiNéMa Club recently re-launched its website with a new improved user-interface which is simple to use. Although mostly featuring shorter films and feature films, the website is open to films of any length. You can also pick and choose which movie you want to watch when you click on the Archives section and browse through the many movies Le CiNéMa Club website has to offer. Selections of the movies vary in genre and you can decide whether you want to watch the movie on the specific week as announcements on weekly free movies are made on the website.    

Le CiNéMa Club also has a journal section on their website which features exclusive interviews, a curated film list, and an interesting image gallery. At the time of writing this article, the website is streaming “Just Walked Naked!” which is a film by Emmanuel Mouret. It has also previously featured “Keep It for Yourself” by Claire Denis’. The rare and unique genres and types of films that Le CiNéMa Club features, suggests that it is one of the best online viewing platforms for movies. Moreover, the Le CiNéMa Club website can be viewed everywhere around the world without restrictions without paying a dime. 

5.  Sony Crackle  

Crackle is owned by Sony and is a great website for streaming well-known movies from big media sources such as Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Fox Digital, and others. Crackle is only available for free in North and South America. If you are in this location, then there are many benefits to watching movies from Crackle because you get access to a wide variety of content that you might not get anywhere else for free.  

Crackle is known to have a user-friendly interface and protect your privacy with a sign-up. The main reason for setting up an account is to allow you to add content onto the watchlist. You can create your watchlist once you have signed up on the website. Based on your priorities or genres you most prefer to watch; Crackle will suggest recommendations for your future movie content.  Although Crackle comes with some ads and commercials while streaming its movies, you might not find the same list of Hollywood movies for free in other movie streaming websites. Crackle also has an Android and iOS mobile applications as well, which will surely be beneficial for you if you want to watch movies on the go.   

Crackle is also not only for movies; you can also download popular TV shows like Dexter and Sinfield. Crackle has a wide selection of programmes and movies available, many popular Hollywood movies that you will have heard of or even watched a few times. Crackle provides a lot of information about the movies that you are watching such as the release year, rating, runtime, and available audio options, which might be useful before you decide to watch the movie. One of the downsides is the quality of movies on Crackle, as none of them are in HD. 

You can also share the movies on Crackle on social media accounts such as your Facebook or Twitter profiles. The playback screen has all the regular standard controls that most movie streaming websites have. Crackle is known to have a reliable streaming performance, but it does not have offline viewing or sophisticated features. If you are in another country other than North and South America, and still want to use Crackle, you might want to install a VPN to access Crackle.  

6. Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is an OTT (over-the-top) facility that makes free entertainment content available through the internet. Although Pluto TV is famous for providing the option of streaming free TV shows and channels, Pluto TV also has a decent size of available movies. You can watch free movies on more than 75 TV channels which have a variety of categories. The channels are divided into different categories, which are, movies, news, TV, tech, sports, and other popular segments. 

The Pluto TV service is known to provide more than  250 live channels which you can view as soon as you are on the website. Pluto TV has a wide range of genres and categories that you can choose from. You can also view 80’s movies and Black Cinema.  Pluto TV brings content from a total of 75 media partners and has also signed deals with MGM and Warner Bros.  Pluto TV has also recently added a Star Treck and CSI channels and can be viewed on a range of streaming devices, instead of on just your computer. Some of the supported devices for Pluto TV include all Android and iOS devices, Google Chromecast, Amazon Kindle Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. This wide range of options to view Pluto TV from are a great addition to anyone’s movies and TV viewing.  

One drawback of Pluto TV is that some channels are only available in the USA. But with the range of channels that Pluto TV offers, there might be a few channels that you can find in your country. A lot of content on Pluto TV is available worldwide and it does not need any kind of subscription to view the content. Pluto TV also needs a reliable and stable internet connection which is faster than 5mb to stream all the movies and TV shows.   

7. Hotstar  

With many free movie websites focussing and giving access only to the USA, Hotstar is slightly different, as it focusses on Indian movies. With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both featuring Bollywood movies, Hotstar is also a Bollywood-centric movie website. Hotstar is a good alternative for free movie streaming and download even when you are offline. Hotstar can be used for other things apart from movies as well, as it also features news and sports.  Hotstar is free only in India, which is again restrictive to someone from another country because even if you are in the USA you will have to pay for Hotstar.  

Hotstar also has some Disney movies which might be great to show your kids and have a family night. Hotstar has a user-friendly interface where most of the movies and other features are divided into categories that you can choose from. It also has a premium section where you can download HBO related TV and movie content. With Hotstar you can access different channels that are usually found on TV and can stream them live with your internet connection. Hotstar also features different Indian languages apart from Hindi and Bollywood movies, which means it is also a movie website for different Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.   

Hotstar also has some English content and you can get access to movies like The Lion King and Avengers. Hotstar targets Indian audiences from all walks of life, with mainstream content suitable for Indian nationals. It also has a good amount of popular Indian movies such as Bodyguard, Housefull, Kaabil, and Raid. There is also a well-designed app for Hotstar that you can use on your mobile phone.  

8. Vimeo  

Vimeo is a well-known name in today’s free video-downloading websites. It is almost as popular as YouTube and acts as a good competitor to YouTube movies. Vimeo has mostly a mature audience who offer constructive feedback so that the website can keep improving on their features. Vimeo has a great movie collection and offers many options if you want to watch free movies online. Vimeo offers free independent movies and documentaries that can also be uploaded by anyone. Unlike YouTube which relies on advertisements, Vimeo does not have many adverts and provides an ad-free experience for users.  

Vimeo provides many features such as a password protection option and allows you to replace videos after it has been uploaded on the website. You will also not lose any of the previous stats that you had on your videos if you had uploaded a video before. Vimeo also has a high definition playback support feature. Although Vimeo is mostly free, there is also a paid and premium version to watch movies, that you can choose.  

Vimeo is known for the availability of hundreds of short films. It has many unique creative films available for free and holds a modern approach that you might not find in other movie streaming websites. Several films from big production houses are also available on Vimeo. If you want to see a full-length feature film on Vimeo, you might have to buy the subscription. 

Another good thing about Vimeo is that it is not as strict as YouTube when it comes to copyrighted material. If you want to share your movies on Vimeo, then we suggest you own the rights of any media that you wish to share. Vimeo does not have any country restrictions and can be accessed from anywhere, unlike the YouTube movie content which can be accessed only in the USA.  

9. Yahoo View 

Yahoo View is a free video-on-demand online streaming website that functions the way Hulu once used to. Yahoo View succeeds in the previous 2011 Yahoo on-demand site which was called Yahoo Screen. Hulu has cooperated with Yahoo in making Yahoo View is offering the available content.  

Yahoo View has a modest collection of movies available to view for free, but they might not be the most popular movies that you want to watch. Yahoo View also offers many international sitcoms and anime shows that other platforms do not offer. You can also view many popular TV shows from the best US broadcasting groups such as NBC, FOX, and ABC. There are many notable shows you can watch on Yahoo View such as Empire, Fresh Off the Boat, Scandal, Shark Tank, and Speechless. They also have a wide variety of genres and categories available to view from Action movies to Romantic movies.  

The Yahoo View interface is accessible and offers decent features like full screen and audio options. The video quality is also quite good, and the movies can be viewed. Bear in mind, that you would have to sit through many advertisements and commercials from Yahoo View as all content on the website is ad-supported.  

One drawback of Yahoo View is that most content of Yahoo View is only available in the USA. If you are in the USA, then that is great, if you are not, you might want to try the other worldwide streaming websites mentioned above. Alternatively, you can try installing a VPN to view Yahoo View but there are no guarantees that it might work outside the USA.  

10. Kanopy 

Kanopy offers a large selection of movie content to educational institutions as they have partnered with libraries and universities around the world. Kanopy delivers unique content for free. To gain access to Kanopy, you need to have library access credentials from a University. Kanopy is currently available in a few countries which are mostly the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.  

The best part of Kanopy is that it is completely advertisement and commercial-free. This is because the university partner institutions pay for the movies watched by faculty and students. You can find films and genres of every category on Kanopy, but the website mostly focusses on documentaries, as they are the most beneficial to college students.  Kanopy’s content also includes foreign films, classical films, independent features, and experimental work, that many other streaming contents, which is unique and other platforms might not have.  

Many scholars from universities contribute to and have access to Kanopy, which improves the quality of the service. Kanopy has a good user interface and provides good services to students. However, you might miss out on Kanopy if you are not a student or faculty of a University.  

Our Verdict on the Best Free Movie Download Sites 

This article has provided an overview and a listing of 10 best free movie streaming sites that are available for internet users. As you might have noticed, different sites have their features and options available to users.  

If you want to browse a free movie site anywhere in the world then we recommend going for: The Internet Archive, Retrovision, Le CiNéMa Club, and Vimeo. 

If you want to stream free movies available in the USA, then we recommend going for: YouTube, Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, Vimeo, and Yahoo View.  

If you want the best quality movies to watch from, we recommend going for: The Internet Archive, YouTube, Le CiNéMa Club, Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, and Vimeo.  

If you want unique content that cannot be found in many platforms online, then we recommend going for: Le CiNéMa Club, The Internet Archive, Retrovision, and Hotstar 

If you want to stream English movies for free, then we recommend going for: The Internet Archive, Le CiNéMa Club, Pluto TV, Sony Crackle, YouTube, and Vimeo.  

If you want to stream TV shows then we recommend going for: YouTube, Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, and Yahoo View 

If you want to watch good short films and documentaries, then we recommend going for: YouTube, Vimeo, Le CiNéMa Club, and Kanopy. 

Various restrictions are present in each of these websites, that we recommend you think about, such as your location, whether you are associated with a University, or the kinds of movies or TV shows you would prefer to watch. Based on these, you should decide on which platform suits you the best.  

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