Einthusan Alternatives: 8 Sites For Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

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Einthusan is a popular movie streaming website that boasts of quality content and variety that is made available to its users, that too free of cost. Yes, you’ve heard it. Free of cost movie streaming in the age of the internet where every tiny fragment of relevant information that has some cost associated with it. It’s amazing for such a website to exist that provides a huge chunk of the hit movies of the Indian cinema, in varying quality depending upon your connection speed. 

Einthusan is unlike most of the streaming website and comes with minimalistic features and design that feels inviting to the user. The website does not use any moving animation sliders and is easy to load for most users. Opening the Einthusan website registered under the domain name Einthusan.tv, you will find a welcome page containing a few tiles with the content language mentioned below each one of them. Einthusan very proudly claims to be the number one South-Asian video service provider in the business and mentions a few other quirks on the home page. 

It proclaims itself to be one of the leading premium streaming services and content providers of full-length feature films in on-demand superior HD. They strive towards one singular goal of becoming the epitome of South Asian content providers. They are even in expansion mode and are trying t bring music with a higher bitrate, along with audio clips, and music videos. So future users may have more exciting stuff coming their way. 

Einthusan also claims to host 100 percent legal entertainment. They claim their library to be ginormous, with a movie library of over 4000 plus titles on the platform. Along with the jaw-dropping number they also claim each piece of the content to be legally licensed and have been sourced from nine languages of the Indian cinema. They also claim to be involved in scouting and acquisition of more licensed Indian movie titles and are increasingly working towards the goal. The idea is to provide non-redundant content with as much diversity as possible. 

By clicking on any of the nine tiles, you will be directed to their sub-section of the content based on the language preference that you chose. The page contains a few tiles that ask you to login/register, explore the movie repository, and a few other tiles. You don’t need to log in or register to use the website and can directly navigate to the movie repository. By clicking on the movies tab you will be directed to the main page where all the content resides. 

The page allows you to sort the movies alphabetically, the release year of the movie, its popularity based on the viewing metrics, and the rating. They also contain a few other tabs like Cast, Director, Composers, that do not contain accurate and relevant information. They exist to fill the vacant slots. Moving to the bottom you will find the catalog section that lists the movies according to most watch time, regional hits, staff picks, coming soon, and recently added titles. 

The mentioned titles are uploaded on the website and are completely watchable in their online player. Once you click on a title, you will arrive on the player page where the player will run the movie in varying quality, as per its availability on the website. The in-website player has all the controls useful in maneuvering the video title. Your connection speed is displayed at the top of the webpage. 

Einthusan Hindi movies make up for most of the content on the website and are preceded by the Einthusan Tamil movies, and Einthusan Telugu movies. The website has all the content it boasts about on the webpage with newer additions every day. Even older movie titles belonging to veteran actors like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachhan, etc are available in viewable quality. 

Einthusan has slowly migrated towards the premium user base and is solely focused on that purpose. The premium users of the streaming service get options like chrome casting the content onto the smart televisions, a feature that is extremely sought after, by the users. The premium section also means riddance form lengthy advertisements and pop-ups all over the screen. For a one-time payment fee of 25 dollars, you can remove all of the trash advertisements and pop-ups that ruin the experience on a video streaming platform. 

All of this sounds too good to be true, and it is but the website still exists and allows users to watch the above-mentioned content in varying quality. But the questions about Einthusan being a legitimate business platform are scattered all over the internet. It is not economically feasible to host and keep updating your repositories, and still manage to stay afloat by offering free content.  

Another thing to note is that the website that claims to be a giant in serving the Indian cinema, is banned by almost all Indian Internet Service Providers. That means it is impossible to access the website if you own an internet connection, via any means in India. The concept of catering to Indian users and not being available in the country itself means that the website has been flagged due to security concerns and infringement of copyrights.  

The website is also riddled with advertisements and pop-ups all over and makes it difficult to enjoy the so-called free content without wasting your bandwidth. The only way to access it is by using a VPN and that comes with the cost of low-speed that will become unbearable in terms of a seamless experience. The only truth about this is that you are willingly participating in the act of piracy, knowingly and still are not able to use a streaming service to its fullest. And if you manage to fall for that 25 dollar scam, it is way more than what a paid streaming service in India will cost you, for legitimate content.  

So why pay for content that is initially labeled free, is pirated and not even accessible in your country via proper channels. It is better to migrate to Indian streaming platforms that are licensed, serve free content with an advertisement, and is accessible within your legal rights. We’ve come with quite a few legitimate Einthusan movie alternatives that are way more superior and free.  

These are our picks that provide free movies in India- 

  1. Hotstar 
  1. Voot 
  1. SonyLiv 
  1. Zee5 
  1. YouTube 
  1. JioCinema 

The above-mentioned streaming platforms have a few quirks that differentiate them from each other. To know more read further. 

1. Hotstar 

Hotstar is a popular name in the Indian video streaming industry and enjoys a user base that never fails to reward the content with multiple viewing sessions. Hotstar is one of the mature streaming platforms that was among the first to introduce such a service in India. It is owned by one of the biggest TV networks in India and delivers rich content to its users both in the TV and movie genres. The recent acquisition by Disney has increased its popularity on another level with many users subscribing to obtain premium content, worthy of binge-watching. 
The newest popular additions to the streaming service include movies like Lootcase, Khuda Hafiz, Angrezi Medium that will keep you engaged with a good plot and exceptional cinematography. Hotstar recently paid tribute to a deceased Bollywood star by making the movie completely free among all its users, irrespective of their subscription plan. This is a bold move and is a generous offer coming from a streaming platform. As the content gets older, you can watch those titles for free but that comes with advertisements that can slightly ruin your experience. 

2. Voot  

Voot is the subsidiary of the Viacom 18 networks to migrate to an internet streaming platform to extend the usability of content on internet-enabled devices. Voot has a rich content library that will cater to the diverse user base of the streaming service that visits it on a regular basis. Voot has a lucid layout with easy navigation that can be of less hindrance when you are using the platform. The content is segregated by labels that consist of Movies, Shows, Web series, Channels, and News. So you won’t miss the experience of your cable service provider with live TV and serials, that are uploaded regularly. 

Voot provides a ton of Bollywood blockbusters that have mesmerized the audiences in the past and continue to add newer movies to its repository. Popular hits like Ishqiya, Deewar, Bajirao Mastani are available on the platform. It also has the biggest south blockbusters such as Petta, Mai hoon Surya Singham, KGF, etc that will fulfill the needs of people who enjoy southern cinema as well. Due to the availability of content from different languages, Voot serves as a reliable alternative for Einthusan Telugu and can be used to watch movies from both Bollywood and Tollywood. 

3. SonyLiv 

SonyLiv is another famous video on demand platform hosted by one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry, Sony. Sony is the owner of many popular movie franchises and that can be observed in its video library. The entertainment giant also invests in a lot of Indie content that is one of the hot trends when it comes to surprising and engaging content with good performances. The streaming services collect all the content from their various TV channels and presents in categorically on the website.  

The collective efforts have yielded a decent collection of Bollywood blockbusters that will keep you hooked for longer than expected. SonyLiv is also a hub for viewing the work south superstars and has a huge collection of Tamil, and Telugu movies that have gained a cult following among the audience. It serves as a great alternative to Einthusan Telugu and is free to watch in most cases. Only the newer titles are added to the premium category and are slowly shifted after a while. But considering a free alternative it is still great to have such a huge collection of movies and TV shows. 

4. Zee5 

Zee5 is fairly newer and still manages to house a commendable set of the Indian cinema in a free/subscription-based model that is capable of providing an uninterrupted visual experience. It is an extended arm of the Zee network and provides movies, TV shows, live TV, and web series that are produced by the network. The streaming service has a clutter less layout that helps in shrinking the time wasted on scouting your best options, and use that in consuming content. It is a complete package and is a great way to shift yourself from the traditional cable TV to a better quality platform that is easy to operate. 

Zee5 has popular recent hits like Uri, Omerta, Kedarnath, Simbaa, Hacked, etc that are available on the platform. Zee5 also has a lot of movies from the south movie industry that are free to watch. The content of south cinema is slightly less than the other platforms but still has a few best picks. It is also producing Zee original content in the form of both web series and movies that are getting better than the yesteryear cinema that lacked finesse. 

5. YouTube 

YouTube is a platform that isn’t oblivious to any single soul with a smartphone on the planet. Owned by Google it has the biggest number of creators on a single platform. They also enjoy a huge fan following that is present on their channel as soon as a new video is posted. YouTube offers a premium segment as well that has some amazing shows and documentaries, that are available to the premium users. The premium segment has some Indie releases as well that can surprise you in terms of story and videography. YouTube also allows you to rent movies at a nominal price that is available for a limited time after which the access to the title is blocked. It is an interesting option that is for the viewers that don’t want to own the title but are there for a one time watch. 

Not everyone is on YouTube to pay for the content they have to watch and are always in search of free yet engaging entertainment pieces. YouTube is one of the many platforms that newer movie studios are using to ensure the global reach of their content, and gain some followers in the process. This has shown a tremendous rise is the number of movies that are being uploaded on the platform every single day. The content is not limited to a single language as regional cinema is gaining tremendous popularity on YouTube. 

You can see several southern movie makers that are uploading legitimate copies on the platform to ensure that their work reaches different parts of the country without any added fees. Apart from that Bhojpuri and Bengali cinema is also enjoying a huge number of hits on their regional content that was earlier only available on select channels and physical copies. People enjoy free content that does not bug them from time to time to pay for it. Not all channels upload a legitimate copy, so be wary of such content and also report if you find any duplicate content. 

YouTube is also emerging as a popular spot for the old Indian cinema as they are a hot favorite among the retired and old age people that have access to a computer or smartphone. Big movie studios of the 80s and 90s like Shemaroo and Rajshri are uploading most of their content on YouTube that is completely free to watch, via their official YouTube channels. This makes YouTube a very popular platform to watch both old and new content. 

6. JioCinema 

JioCinema is offered by the telecom giant that is known for integrating content from different platforms on theirs and thus offering a large number of releases without having to scout for a single title on different streaming services. But there is a catch if you want to access JioCinema on your phone or computer. It is made available only for existing users that have subscribed to their plans on their sim cards, which can be monthly, quarterly, or even annually. So the only thing stopping you from accessing the digital movie library of JioCinema is a registered mobile number of the brand. 

Movies of almost all major languages are available on the streaming service that can be enjoyed on your handheld devices and your computer/laptop. It boasts of a collection of over 4000 titles that surely contains a few picks of your choice, be it Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and thus offering an exclusive experience for free. It is the best alternative to Einthusan and almost any illegal platform with the only requirement of being an existing Jio subscriber, that covers most of the citizens of India. 


These are the best streaming services available in India that are not flagged by any ISP of the country and offer great content that is licensed and of great quality. The above-mentioned platforms are the best alternatives to Einthusan. 

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