HostGator vs InMotion Hosting

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hostgator vs inmotion

HostGator vs InMotion reviews are popular because of both brands’ reputation. They have been in the industry for a long time and gained thousands of clients due to their services and quality. Settling with one of these companies for hosting services might be difficult considering their reputation. Nevertheless, in-depth comparison will show slight differences that brings one above the other. This review will give you an idea about what these companies offer.

Package features and prices

HostGator vs InMotion comparative reviews present price similarities in terms of affordability and offered packages. Both companies have three plans and while both are budget-friendly, HostGator’s plans are cheaper than InMotion.

As for plan features, HostGator’s basic plan has additional e-commerce essentials compared to equivalentInMotion plan. Mid-priced plans cost the same, but HostGator advanced to the competition with its relatively cheaper business plan. Both business plans come with fully-loaded features that allow online entrepreneurs to get their internet businesses started.

Reliability and stability

Server reliability and overall stability is a vital information for those reading a HostGator vs InMotion review. Both companies offer 99.9% guaranteed uptime while highlighting specific investments only one of them offers. InMotion invested on Speed Zone technology that ensures clients will have fast-performing servers. HostGator, on the other hand, promotes its green technology, assuring high performance servers and data centers without carbon footprints left behind. As both companies offer utmost reliability, your next consideration is the type of technology you wish to invest on.

Customer support

Similarly with reliability, both companies extend all day, everyday support for clients. Both have phone, email, and live chat email support, which allows customers to choose their preferred mode of reaching out to their experts. Nevertheless, HostGator vs InMotion reviews highlight the former being above the latter in terms of customer satisfaction on support. This high customer rating is probably because of HostGator’s comprehensive portal page with tutorials about webhost service maintenance. This feature seems unavailable through InMotion. Its customer support services, however, are easy to reach and gives fast responses.

General features

HostGator vs InMotion hosting shows difference in terms of supported operating systems. InMotion mainly offers Linux-operated servers, which is a common operating system choice for hosting customers. HostGator aims to extend services for other individuals who are comfortable in using Windows for hosting by offering this operating system with its hosting service. This operating system option gives way to better customization choices for clients, which is most needed by e-commerce website owners. As for freebies, HostGator gives more freebies for the same price as InMotion’s plan rates. Essentially, clients will get utmost value for their money by signing up with HostGator due to all its offers at cheap prices.

Overall, HostGator and InMotion are both household names in the online industry. Their experience, expertise and services make them stand out among other competitors. While offering exceptional services at a price, careful examination shows that HostGator’s plans can give more value to your money, making its hosting plans the best investment you can have for your website.

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