HostGator vs iPage

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hostgator vs ipage

Looking for host providers will surely include reading HostGatorvsiPage reviews online. Both companies are established brands in the hosting business for quite a time. Their exceptional services make choosing slightly difficult for clients. Nevertheless, careful examination will show differences on services and features among the two companies. Here’s the comparison of these leading hosting companies’ offers.

Plan features and prices

A HostGatorvsiPage review starts by inspecting its plans. HostGator offers three plans: the Hatchling, Baby and Business hosting plans. The Hatchling package, which is the basic option, is available at $4.95 monthly with numerous freebies even at its affordable rate. The Business plan is a complete featured service for $12.95 monthly and ideal for e-commerce and business owners starting their businesses.

IPage, however, has a basic single plan for $3.50 monthly. Although this price is ideal for starting online entrepreneurs looking for affordable services, it’s still best to have several plans to choose from and find the best match for their needs. Plan options also aid in customizing services as needed by clients. This price is probably a promotional offer, which means the price won’t be the same forever.

Reliability and stability

Server reliability is also a vital information to check in a HostGatorvsiPage review. HostGator is famous for its 99.9% guaranteed uptime while the same guarantee is not indicated on the competitor’s page. The truth is there’s no clear detail about its uptime although like HostGator, iPage offers eco-friendly hosting services. All the servers and other equipment running in data centers can be problematic for the environment. It’s a good option for hosting companies to employ energy efficient features to prevent excessive emissions to the environment.

Customer support

In any comparative reviews like HostGatorvsiPage, it’s noticeable that companies’ differences are noticeable on their customer service and support. Clients look for a company that can offer round the clock customer support for any issues experienced on servers daily. HostGator and ipage extend 24/7 customer support through phone, email and live chat. HostGator, however, gained awards for customer support because of its astounding number of satisfied clients.

General features

The two companies become famous in the market for its reliable hosting services, eco-friendly features, and 24/7 customer support. Nevertheless, HostGator is very clear when it comes to reliability by offering its 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Perhaps the major downside of iPage is its limited plan option. Its promotional price may also leave negative impression to some clients because of its nature. It implies that the price will change in time. It leads potential clients to think of the immediate price change before signing up.

Overall, HostGatorvsiPage reviews may not show significant differences, but in-depth examination will show that HostGator is a level better than iPage because of its guaranteed uptime. Moreover, it gained notable reputation for extending superb customer support. The variety of hosting plans gives way to clients finding the best plans that suit their needs without worrying about immediate price changes.

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