How to Access Keepsafe for PC, Windows, and Mac

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What is Keepsafe? 

With Keepsafe you do not have to be concerned about storing your photos, videos, and any files that you wish to store. Keepsafe is one of the best vault applications in the technology industry. Keepsafe is an encrypted application for you to store your important photos and videos safely. Keepsafe will help you keep your files safely, especially with those items that you would not want to share with anyone else.  

Once you install Keepsafe, you can share your files only with some people whom you trust and know for sure that they will not misuse your files.  The best thing about the application is that it offers one of the best privacies and security on your PC, Windows, and Mac devices. If you like to have apps on your PC because it is more convenient then you can also download Keepsafe on your PC. If you like to have it on your phone instead, then you can also download Keepsafe on your phone.  

We will explore the different ways in which you can store data on Keepsafe and provide you with information on how to install Keepsafe for your PC.   

How does Keepsafe Protect Your Files? 


Keepsafe is mostly used to keep your data and any information you choose to store safe and secure. Keepsafe is not only for photos and videos. You can store many things on Keepsafe including personal photos, videos, credit cards, driving license, ID cards, and any other important information that you might want to store. Keepsafe has a free limit of 5000 files which should be sufficient to store most of your private data. If you have more files, you can use the paid Keepsafe version.  

Backupprotection, and Encryption: Keepsafe has many methods to protect your files and keep them away from a threat. With military-grade encryption along with encryption for your backups, with multi-layers of encryption keys, you can completely trust that Keepsafe will store your photos and files carefully without causing any harm. Keepsafe also uses strong SSL and auto-lock options. Keepsafe is known to have a very user-friendly interface which makes sure anyone can use the app. 

Keepsafe also secures your data through biometric aspects with a pin code and a fingerprint touch ID if you choose to have those features on your devices. Keepsafe also has a backup system in the private cloud. Once you have everything locked in Keepsafe, no one can see or access your files without your approval.  

This means, that no one can view your files unless you want them to. If you want to share a few files with friends, family, or trusted people in your life, then Keepsafe will surely allow you to do that. You can make a private album for your photos and videos and share it with anyone you want. Even though others can see your file, unless you permit other people, they will not have access to your data.  

What is the Point of Private Cloud on Keepsafe? 

A private cloud on Keepsafe helps you to get your own backup space. This option is made to be available in all your devices, whether it is PC or mobile. A private cloud can be greatly beneficial in case you lose access to your data. For instance, if you lose your phone or someone hacks into your PC, then you can rest assured that the private cloud will backup and sync all your Keepsafe information.  

You will be able to retrieve all your saved information through the private cloud. Keepsafe also makes sure that even in your backup with a private cloud, all your data is encrypted. Keepsafe is one of the safest ways to ensure that your data is protected. Keepsafe will also enable you to synchronize your files between different devices.  

How much does Keepsafe Cost? 

As mentioned before, there are both free and paid versions of Keepsafe. You can store up to 5000 files with the free Keepsafe version. But if you need to store more data and want access to the premium version then you should get the paid version. The Keepsafe premium version is $4.99 a month or additionally if you want to pay for the whole year, then the cost is $23.99 annually. We recommend the paid premium version as the cost of the price is worth the privacy and security features that you get from Keepsafe.  

Steps to Install Keepsafe on PC Windows and Mac Laptops 

It can be simple and easy to download Keepsafe on your laptop, whether it is Windows or Mac. Follow the five steps below and start using Keepsafe today:  

1. The first step is to download the android emulator. You can additionally download the BlueStacks emulator from BlueStack’s official website.  

2. The second step is to install the emulator on your PC, Windows, and Mac laptops 

3. In the third step, after you have installed, open Bluestacks and type “KeepSafe” in the search bar and click the enter key 

4.  The fourth step is to install Keepsafe in the Google Play Store application  

5. In the fifth and final step, BlueStacks will download and install the Keepsafe application, from the Google Play Store. You can now locate Keepsafe on the BlueStacks home screen, and start using the app. 


With Keepsafe you can store important data and keep all your important files and photos or videos in a safe place.  Keepsafe has powerful tools to keep your data safe with locking features and one of the best encryption tools. You can sync and recover any of your photos and videos with the help of the private cloud feature on Keepsafe.  

You can also enjoy safe sharing both on your smartphone or PC and additionally share all your important data in one place, with the people who matter most to you.  Keepsafe is a reliable application and one that we would recommend for anyone who wants additional storage space, privacy, and security. 

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