How to Change Netflix Region

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How to Change Netflix region?

Having a Netflix subscription enables you to access unlimited movies and shows from almost anywhere in the world except in certain countries such as China and the UAE. It is important to note that the content you can view will depend on your location. For instance, Netflix catalog is very limited in some countries. However, there are certain procedures that to change netflix region you can apply to trick Netflix that you are located in a different region such as the US to gain access to more content.

One of the simplest and common ways is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It enables you to tunnel internet traffic through an intermediary server located in a different country. In addition, a VPN helps to hide your IP address by replacing it with another from your country of choice. Apart from masking your location, it will also encrypt your traffic so that your activities cannot be monitored by anyone even your ISP.

How can I change Netflix in my region?

Below are 5 steps to help you access Netflix in another country

  1. Set up a Netflix account
  2. Download, install or log into a VPN
  3. Connect to a server in the country where you want to watch Netflix shows.
  4. Go to the Netflix website. It will automatically connect to the site of the country you have selected.
  5. Enjoy watching your shows and movies

If you change your region via VPN but still unable to get Netflix, you can try the following steps.

  1. Contact the VPN provider’s customer care for advice on which server location to use. Most providers have customer care support that provides a prompt response. In fact, some even have a live chat where you can get your issues sorted out. If you do not get a response, you can try the following options.
  2. Try disconnecting and reconnecting. In doing so, you might get a different IP address that may not be blocked
  3. Connecting to a different server in the same region is another option to get a different IP address that might not be blocked
  4. Some accounts such as Google account cache your IP address. Close these accounts and trying logging again into your VPN account.
  5. Disable location services on your device or browser
  6. Clear cache, cookies and temporary files on your device
  7. If your device is running on the Windows 10 operating system, you can try trying deactivating the IPv6. Also, you can flush DNS cache through a command prompt ipconfig/flushdns
  8. If can try changing the name of your Wi-Fi network to avoid Google’s geolocation services. To do this, disconnect your device from the network and add “_nomap”(without the quotation marks) at the end of the network name. Try reconnecting your device to the network again.

It is important to note that Netflix knows that subscribers use this procedure to gain access to geo-restricted content. Netflix will block traffic to an IP address if it discovers the address is connected through a VPN. If you see this message below, know that Netflix has blocked your traffic.

Nevertheless, some VPN service providers(ExpressVPN) will help you work around this challenge by maintaining their servers. This way, you will have reliable access to various Netflix libraries. Therefore, it is imperative to select a VPN provider that offers exemplary services. Also, the provider should high levels of security and privacy.

Below are some of the best VPN providers that will help you watch any country’s version of Netflix

  1. ExpressVPN

Located in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is hailed to provide the best VPN services. It has a network of over 1500 servers that are spread over ninety-four countries. This means that you will have an immense choice of Netflix libraries.

ExpressVPN also helps to unblock several versions of Netflix in countries such as the US, UK, Japan, Canada, France, and many others. It also enables users to access streaming services such as iPlayer and Amazon Prime at great speeds. Interestingly, you can try it with a 30-day refund guarantee. The provider has a 24/7 customer support, both live chat and messages, to help you in case of any issues.

What more, ExpressVPN will help you gain access to plenty of other geo-restricted content such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO. Even though the provider has an extensive network of servers, each server is optimized with speed. This means that you can stream or download shows and movies without buffering.

Why are privacy and security a major concern? It helps to prevent ISPs, government agencies, and hackers from snooping on your online activities and personal information. In some countries such as the UAE, it is illegal to access certain websites and apps.

ExpressVPN employs military-grade encryption, 256-bit AES, which provide high-level secrecy. In addition, it has a kill switch and DNS leak protection for added privacy and security. Furthermore, this VPN does not monitor user’s activities or record their IP addresses. Also, it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and certain Wi-Fi routers.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN with a network of over 3300 servers that are located in over sixty countries. It is popular for its ability to unblock Netflix in countries such as the US, Canada, Netherlands, France, Spain, UK, Australia, Brazil, and many others. Also, users can access various streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO and BBC iPlayer at impressive speeds. One major advantage of using NordVPN is that some of its servers are specifically dedicated to video streaming. Their customer care services are available at any time of the day for assistance and support.

In terms of privacy and security, NordVPN will get you covered. For instance, they use 256-bit encryption and do not keep log records whatsoever. In addition, unlike other VPN service providers, NordVPN has a security feature that protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The security and privacy features are backed with a DNS leak protection and a customizable kill switch. This makes sure data do not leave the encrypted path.

If you intend to use several devices, then you should choose NordVPN. It allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously without compromising on speed. Also, it is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost has a huge network of over 1200 servers in more than fifty-seven countries. Although it does not unblock Netflix in some regions, it provides access to US Netflix which has one of the largest libraries.

Also, it provides access to some of the popular streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, among others. Interestingly, you can easily access many of these sites through a dedicated tab. You just need to click on your favorite site and you will get connected to the appropriate server. The speed is amazing enabling you to stream in HD and even sometimes UHD.

CyberGhost is an excellent performer in terms of privacy and security. It involves 256-bit encryption that is backed with a kill switch and DNS protection. Additionally, it does not monitor your activities or keeps log records.

  1. PrivateVPN

Although PrivateVPN does not have a large network of servers, it is available in more than fifty-six countries. This means that you will have access to a wide variety of Netflix libraries. In addition, you will also get access to almost all streaming sites including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others. The speed is great enabling you to stream and download content without buffering.

It comes with 128-bit and 256-bit encryption protocols to ensure that you are protected for ISP and government interference. The encryption protocol is backed with a DNS leak protection and a kill switch. There is also a no-logs policy giving you utmost privacy.

PrivateVPN allows you to simultaneously connect up to six devices. These devices can be running on Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS. There are massive discounts on long term plans. However, dissatisfied customers are given a 30-day money back guarantee.

  1. Ivacy

Compared to the other providers listed above, Ivacy is smaller and younger. Nevertheless, it has the ability to unblock Netflix and popular streaming sites such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, among others. Furthermore, there is a vibrant customer care support that is available 24/7 in case of any issue or assistance.

Ivacy comes with incredible speeds that enable users to stream videos at high definition. Also, security and privacy measures meet high standards with strong encryption and no-logs policy. Chinese users should consider this VPN because it bypasses the Great Firewall.

One main advantage of this VPN is its affordability. In fact, it is one of the most affordable VPNs on the market today. In addition, you can connect up to five devices at the same time. It works well with any device that uses Windows, MacOS, Ios or Android operating systems.

  1. SaferVPN

SafeVPN has a fair network of more than 700 servers that are located in over thirty countries. It is located in the US and reliably unblocks Netflix in the UK, Canada, etc. The servers are specifically labelled to enable users to switch easily without needing assistance. This VPN also helps you to access streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, among others.

Security and privacy issues are taken care of. For instance, in terms of privacy, there is a no-logs policy and user IP addresses are not recorded. This means that your identity will remain anonymous. On the other hand, there is a 256-bit AES encryption that is backed with a kill switch and a DNS leak protection. Even though it is based in the US, it is a great choice for Chinese users since it bypasses the Great Firewall.

Can I use any of best free VPN to change region on Netflix?

You have probably come across free VPNs that are advertised everywhere on the internet. It is advisable to avoid these free VPNs for several reasons. First, it takes a lot of effort for the provider to offer Netflix access. Free services do not have enough resources to provide access on an ongoing basis. In most cases, a free VPN will only allow you to explore another country’s catalog but you will not be able to watch anything.

Moreover, these free services have a limited number of servers compared to the paid services. As a result, you may not get access to the Netflix library you are looking for. Sometimes you can get lucky and access Netflix catalog. However, you will be subjected to slow connection or even queue in some servers.

Privacy and security is a very important factor to consider when using a VPN. Since free VPN service providers need to make money, they do so through unorthodox methods. For instance, they interrupt users with annoying pop-up ads. Some even access user logs and sell to third parties.

Which country versions of Netflix are available?

Netflix was founded in the United States. In the first decade of operation, it was only available to US citizens. In 2010, the company embarked on a massive expansion plan starting with Canada. Currently, Netflix is available in a majority of countries worldwide except in China, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. Due to the massive market in China, the company is agitating for licensing deals to start providing services.

Even though Netflix is found in most countries, the number of shows and movies available varies depending on regions. Some countries such as the US have a huge catalog while other countries such as Croatia have a small selection. The discrepancy is due to different licensing agreements in each region.

Does Netflix allow VPNs to access content?

In the recent past, Netflix has been getting strict on subscribers that access content through VPNs. If they detect an IP address is coming from a VPN server, they block traffic to the address. This means that you might be blocked even if you connect through a server in your country. Therefore, it is important to choose the VPN very careful.

Netflix blocks out subscribers because of licensing restrictions. This means that the company is limited to the regions they can offer their services. However, if these constraints were not there, Netflix could be accessed from any location.

Can I use a DNS proxy to change region on Netflix?

Most DNS proxy service providers claim that they have the ability to unblock Netflix and other popular streaming sites. Certainly, you will able to access content if the IP address provided is not blocked by Netflix. However, these DNS proxies are not reliable since it is very easy for Netflix to identify and block them.

Moreover, most DNS proxies are unreliable because they only have a few countries available. This means that you will have less content at your disposal. ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer DNS service is probably the only proxy that has reliable services. Although it can be configured separately, it is available by default when you connect to ExpressVPN.

It is important to note that DNS proxies do not encrypt your traffic. Therefore, your activities can be viewed by your ISP, government or even hackers. Since most of them are free, they might engage in fraudulent practices such as collecting and selling your data to third parties without your consent.

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