How to Download ES File Explorer for PC: Windows and Mac?

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What is ES File Explorer? 

You can manage all your files with ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer lets you easily manage your files with the file manager app where you can share all your photos, videos, music, movies, and apps. These apps can also be shared from one device to another device easily. The best thing is ES File Explorer is free of cost and you can share files without paying any money.  

ES File Explorer is a file storing and file sharing application, that can be used on both mobile and PC. 

What is ES File Explorer Features? 

To use ES File Explorer, you need to download the app and have a basic internet connection. You can share many of your files without worrying, and the files can be anything from pictures to ID cards. You can also compress and decompress your files, while even adding it onto an encrypted ZIP file app.  

ES File Explorer is very user friendly for PC and laptop usage. You can download your files onto Cloud Storage, Yandex, Dropbox, and many other cloud platforms, which you can rest assured will keep your backup files safe and secure. From your PC ES File Explorer, you can also manage your files on your mobile phone.  

With WiFi SMB, ES File Explorer also lets you access your desktop PC from your smartphone. They also have a multi-linguistic application and an incredibly unique file explorer feature which lets you find your file easily on your PC on Windows or Mac. You can also transfer files between Bluetooth devices, either for yourself or if you want to share it with friends and family.  

You can also transfer all your files without any difficulty as ES File Explorer has a very friendly user interface which makes using its features more accessible.  

Why should You Use ES File Explorer? 

ES File Explorer has a large customer base of up to 500 million people using it at a time, with the largest market being in China. You should use ES File Explorer if you are looking for a third-party file manager and a cost-effective application that can store all your mobile and computer files into one place. You can also transfer files between devices and store as much information as the app allows.   

One of the best reasons you should use ES File Explorer is for its file manager tools. With ES Explorer you can have access to the most basic and advanced file manager tools available. Some of the features include copying, pasting, renaming, moving, compression of files, and checking details.  

 ES File Explorer also allows for sharing files from both internal storage and SD cards. They also have a recycle bin, and a tool to hide files which are not usually found in other file manager applications.  

ES File Explorer also supports network sharing and cloud storage of files, so that you have a backup and do not miss out on any of your files which could be lost. You can also access the cloud storage from both android, iOS, and PC. They also do not have any limitation on file size and the type of file that you can store on ES File Explorer.  

How to Install ES File Explorer on PC Windows and Mac Laptops? 

Although ES File Explorer is mostly known to be used for android devices, you can also download it on your PC with a third-party emulator called BlueStacks android emulator. We recommend BlueStacks because it is the simplest emulator to use and the most user friendly among all other emulators.  

Follow the following steps to download ES File Explorer on your PC: 

1. First Step: Open Bluestacks Android Emulator and sign in to your Google account 

2. Second Step: Search for ES File Explorer on Google Play Store  

3. Third Step: Once ES File Explorer has opened on Google Play Store, click on the install button  

4. Fourth Step: You should see ES File Explorer installed on your PC  

5. Fifth Step: After ES File Explorer has been installed, you can locate the app in Bluestack’s main screen. Finally, use ES File Explorer on your PC without any concerns. 

Controversy and Caution 

In the past few years, there seems to be some controversy surrounding the use of ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer is said to have some Click Fraud dispute, Charging Boost Adware, and also might not be available on Google Play Store due to the controversies. We suggest you double-check on whether the application is available on Google Play Store, as it might not be in some countries. In June 2020, the Government of India also banned ES File Explorer with 58 other Chinese origin applications.  

For these reasons, we suggest you proceed with caution.  

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