How To Get An Indian IP Address

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Every device that accesses the internet has an IP address, which is like a geographic address. It is through the IP address that websites and online services determine your location. Some websites use geo-blocks to reject or limit access based on the location indicated by the IP address.

If you have recently traveled or relocated from India, you may be missing streaming platforms such as Hotstar or Indian TV. Also, you might not be able to access crucial services like the Bank of India online platforms. When you try to access anything, you get an error message. This is mainly because of the geo-blocks mentioned above.

In this article, we will explain how you can bypass the geo-blocks and access Indian content from anywhere in the world using a virtual private network (VPN).

What is a VPN, and how does it work?

A VPN is a series of connections channeled over the internet that encrypts your data as it travels back and forth from your connecting device to the internet. It also helps the user to get around geo-blocks and access censored sites. For instance, if a server is located in a different country, it will appear as if you are in that country. This way, you can access things you couldn’t using normal connections.

Data is routed from your connecting device such as computer or smartphone to the VPN network. The data is encrypted before being sent to your endpoint. Your online destination will see your data coming from the VPN server and its location and not from your IP address.

Initially, VPNs were used by businesses and corporations to protect sensitive data. However, nowadays, personal VPNs are increasingly becoming popular as people try to bypass online geo-blocks.

There are several benefits associated with VPNs. First, your traffic is encrypted, making it invisible to your internet service provider (ISP) or any unauthorized person or entity. This helps to keep your online activities anonymous. Finally, depending on the VPN service, you will be able to connect to servers from different parts of the world and obtain an IP address from the region of your choice. It is an excellent way to bypass regional blocking and access regular services even if you are located outside the designated areas.

How to get an Indian IP address

Follow the steps below to get an Indian IP address.

  1. Register to a VPN service of your choice
  2. Download the VPN software. Choose a version that is compatible with your device’s operating system.
  3. Select one of the VPN’s Indian server
  4. Try to access geo-blocked sites such as India TV. A reliable VPN service should enable you to access the content as if you are in India.

Can I get a paid VPN for free? 

Most VPN providers have several payment plans to choose from. In order to get the lowest price for a premium service, some VPN providers require the user to subscribe to the long-term plans. However, if you only need to use the VPN for a short time, you can take advantage of the free trial. In most cases, you will be required to pay upfront, but you can cancel at any point within the time given and get a full refund.

What is the best way to get an Indian IP address?

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best VPN for getting an Indian IP address.

  1. Numerous Indian servers
  2. Reliable and high-speed connections
  3. Good security and encryption features
  4. Strong multi-platform support
  5. Exemplary logging policies.

Best VPNs for India and Indian IP addresses


ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Island and is one of the most popular VPN service providers on the market. Even though there is huge competition on the market, ExpressVPN has been able to stand out from the crowd, delivering more features than the rest.

In terms of pricing, the company offers a 30-day trial. While it is not entirely free, it means the user gets a 100% refund before the thirty days expires. This is a good way to try the VPN and if it does not meet your needs, you can opt-out and get your money back.

ExpressVPN comes with three main plans. It is good to note that all plans include unlimited bandwidth, which is a great feature for users who want to stream video or audio. In addition, all the plans offer 24/7 customer support. 

The first plan is a basic month-to-month subscription available at $12.95 for thirty days of service. You will get discounts if you are willing to commit for long term plans. For instance, the 6-month plan cost $59.95, which equates to about $9.99 per month. On the other hand, the annual plan, which cost $99.95 offers even a better deal of about $8.32 per month.

ExpressVPN has over three thousand servers in 160 locations spread across 94 countries. In addition, this VPN has the widest platform support than any other provider on the market. Apart from the popular clients such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, the VPN also support custom firmware for some routers such as Asus, Linksys, and Netgear.

The company uses its own DNS servers to protect your internet traffic. In addition, it uses high-end encryption systems that prevent even advanced attackers from prying your online activities. Another bonus security feature is the split-tunneling system that allows you to control the activities that will be routed through the VPN or your regular internet connection.

The best part is that ExpressVPN offers fast speeds and is capable of unblocking a variety of Indian platforms such as Hotstar.


  • Fast connections
  • Impressive privacy and security features
  • Great customer support
  • Compatible with a wide range of platforms


  • Slightly expensive


CyberGhost was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Romania. Currently, it is one of the most growing VPN providers in the industry. Recently, the company updated its system with a sleeker user interface which is not influenced by Windows Metro UI.

This VPN is available on three plans. The one-month plan cost $12.99, which is similar to ExpressVPN. Even though you are going to pay more for longer plans, it is way cheaper than the one-month plan. For instance, the annual plan cost $63, which equates to around $5.25 per month. Also, there are two and three-year plans that are available at $88.56 and $89.99, respectively. Although these savings are tempting, it is good to start with the monthly plan to see if the VPN addresses your needs.

There are several payment methods you can use to purchase the CyberGhost plan. For instance, you pay using traditional methods such as credit card or PayPal. Also, if you want to remain completely anonymous, you can use Bitcoin.

The VPN will enable the user to use up to seven devices simultaneously, making it a great option for individuals with a lot of household devices. On top of that, there are instructions on how to configure a router to use the service.

Romania is outside the ’14-Eyes’ group of countries that share data with intelligence agencies from other countries. Also, the company operates a no-log policy, which means that your online activities will remain anonymous. Furthermore, the company uses AES-256 encryption, which is an effective security measure.

CyberGhost has numerous servers, 14 of which are located in India. Also, the VPN is compatible with a lot of platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, Chrome, iOS, etc. In addition, the VPN supports all major protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec.


  • Allows up to seven devices
  • A large network of server
  • Clear no-logging policy
  • Numerous endpoint countries


  • Poor performance in speed test


This is a Panama based VPN provider with over twelve million customers across the world. It is one of the biggest VPNs in the industry with over 5000 servers in approximately 60 countries. NordVPN has approximately 13 servers in India. You can access the VPN using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other platforms.

In most cases, VPN service providers add new servers on an as-needed basis. Therefore, a large pool of servers is an indication the VPN provider is popular. Normally, a large network of servers ensures that no singular server is congested. This means you are unlikely to encounter an overcrowded server on NordVPN.

It comes with four pricing tiers that include $11.95 monthly, $83.88 annually, $95.75 every two years and $107.55 every three years. All the plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can pay using a credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and other online payment options.

NordVPN has put a major emphasis on security by including features that are not offered by other providers.

  • Kill switch: This feature helps to cut your connection automatically if your connectivity is interrupted.
  • DNS Leak Protection: Your connection may be prone to DNS leaks if you set up your VPN manually or recently reset your Windows. This feature helps to prevent such leaks.
  • Onion Over VPN: For extra protection, NordVPN enables the user to transmit traffic first through their servers before sending it to Onion Router.
  • Smartplay: This feature enables the user to access over 400 geo-restricted services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Double VPN system: Traffic is directed to more than one server before being sent to its destination.

Apart from security and privacy, it is important to consider performance when looking for a VPN. There is no need of having uncrackable encryption if it compromises your internet connectivity speed. NordVPN offers impressive speeds compared to other VPNs on the market.


  • Numerous servers in India
  • Enables access to most streaming services
  • Blocks ads and other web threats
  • Good performance
  • OpenVPN protocol


  • Clumsy interface


This US-Based VPN service provider claims to be the best on the market. The company boast of features such as over forty thousand shared IP addresses, zero traffic logs, and 24/7 customer service. However, IPVanish has only two servers in India.

IPVanish comes with a very simple pricing scheme with only three options that include $10 monthly, $26.99 every three months and $77.99 annually. Just like other VPN services, you will get various special deals and discounts. For instance, you can get up to 20% discount on your first billing cycle.

Unlike other VPNs, you won’t need to pay more to gain access to more features. All the plans have similar features.

There are only two major payment options on IPVanish that include PayPal and credit cards. Other anonymous payment methods, such as bitcoins or prepaid gift cards are not accepted. 

One of the most alluring features of this VPN is that you can connect up to ten devices simultaneously. In addition, it supports a wide range of clients such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and even Amazon Fire TV. Also, IPVanish website offers setup guides for Linux, Chromebooks, and other platforms. 

Compared to other major VPN providers, IPVanish is very stingy when it comes to testing their services. It does not offer a free trial, and you will only get 7-day money-back guarantee.

In terms of privacy, IPVanish uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption and support highly secure protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. Also, the Window client has an in-built kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, which helps to keep your real identity completely anonymous. Unfortunately, mobile apps do not feature the kill switch, which makes them more vulnerable to security and privacy issues.


  • Good performance
  • Impressive security and privacy features
  • Ten simultaneous connections
  •  Automatic IP address cycling
  • Geographic diverse servers


  • Limited payment methods


PrivateVPN is a small VPN provider based in Sweden. Although it has only two servers in Indian, it claims to be the best VPN service for streaming, privacy, and security. The company is confident enough to offer up to 30-day refund on all the packages if you are not satisfied with their services. 

Even though the company has few servers, they appear to be placed well such that you will unlikely encounter a crowded server. In addition, the provider offers multiple encryption levels for improved security and privacy.

PrivateVPN has only a fraction of servers compared to other providers in the industry but competes with top-rated providers such as ExpressVPN.

One of the prominent features of PrivateVPN is the connectivity of up to six devices simultaneously. Therefore, you will be able to surf the internet with more than one device on a single account. This is much more than other providers offer.

It supports a wide range of protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and IPSec to offer you tailored privacy and anonymity. Also, this VPN features IPv6 leak protection and kill switch to hide your identity even when you are not connected. There is also an AES 256 encryption, which is one of the highest levels on the market.

Some VPNs may cause dramatic slowdown on the connection speed. PrivateVPN has an impressive speed of up to 66mps. However, you can better results if you use servers closer to your location.

The company offers only two payment plans at the cost of $7.67 for the monthly plan and $45 for the annual plan. You can pay using major credit cards, PayPal, or even other anonymous methods such as bitcoins. There is also a referral scheme where the user can earn redeemable points when they refer others to sign up.


  • Fast speeds
  • Zero logs policy
  • Allows up to six devices simultaneously
  • Advanced configuration settings


  • Fewer servers


Although Surfshark is a relatively young VPN provider, it is quickly growing to become popular, competing even with top rated players. It is based in British Virgin Island with a cluster of servers in Indore and India.

The monthly plan is slightly expensive, at $11.95. Nonetheless, the annual plan is cheaper than most providers at $72, which equates to about $5.99 per month. However, the two-year plan is the real bargain at only $48. In fact, this is the lowest price on this list.

Surfshark supports a wide range of payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Ali Pay. However, you will need to pay upfront since Surfshark does not offer a free trial.

This VPN has numerous privacy and security measures such as secure protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch. Actually, the Surfshark has private DNS on each server for added security. There is also a Double VPN system that direct traffic to more than one server for improved anonymity.

Getting started with Surfshark is very straightforward. On the Windows client, you will only need to download and install the VPN software, choose a signup option, and select a payment plan. There is no third party involved in the process. 


  • Cheap two-year plan
  • Good privacy and security features
  • Easy to use
  • No log policy
  • Industrial encryption and protocols


  • No free trial

Can I get an Indian IP address with a free VPN?

A free VPN may seem like a good option, but there are several reasons why you should avoid it. Since it is a cheap alternative, free VPNs are likely to have more users than the paid counterparts. However, the network size and infrastructure cannot support the numbers. As a result, you might experience slow connections, especially when streaming videos. This is not an ideal option for people who may want to access internet services daily.

Ideally, free VPN providers will need funds to run and maintain the systems. Since they do not charge the users directly, they make money in various ways. For instance, they inject ads that can be very frustrating, especially when streaming videos. Other free VPN providers are suspected of using cookies that track the activities of the users even when offline. Some even sell the user’s browsing history to thirdparties without consent.

Free VPNs exposes the users to more risks than they seek to avoid. Recent research revealed that most free Android VPNs has malware and don’t really encrypt user’s traffic. These free VPNs providers offer very shady services. In fact, there has been a case where a popular free VPN sold its users’ bandwidth to be used in botnets.

Even though these free VPNs are affordable, don’t trust providers that do not care about your security. Choose a VPN with a good track record in terms of security and privacy.

What Indian TV services can I watch with VPN?

As long as you are using a reliable VPN with a server in India, you should be able to access and stream Indian TV services even from abroad. Here are some of the popular Indian TV platforms that you can stream.

  1. Hotstar
  2. Indian TV
  3. Jiocinema
  4. YuppTV
  5. Spuul
  6. Voot

Are there ways to get an Indian IP address without?

VPNs are not the only way you can bypass geo-blocks and access internet services and content from other regions. There are other several ways you can obtain an Indian IP address.

Use The Onion Router (Tor)

This is a highly encrypted but very slow browser that helps to provide anonymity to the users. It is mostly used by individuals trying to access the Dark Web. Despite being very popular, the Tor browser is not fully secure, and your activities can be tracked.

Compared to VPNs, the Tor browser is very difficult to use. For instance, an easy task, like accessing servers from other regions may require numerous steps and manual settings. This maybe a challenging process for beginners.

Use a proxy

A proxy works similarly to a VPN with only slight differences. For instance, proxies do not focus much on the privacy of the user. If you want to remain anonymous and hide your online activities, a proxy may not be a good option.

Unlike VPNs, encryption of data in proxies mostly happens to the web browser traffic and not necessarily from your device. Also, VPNs can encrypt data from P2P programs, gaming clients, and even VoIP services like Skype while proxies can’t.


There are different ways in which you can get an Indian IP address. Even though proxies and free VPNs may seem like affordable options to access online services, they are not reliable in terms of privacy and security. ExpressVPN is our top choice VPN and the best way to get an Indian IP address and access Indian online services.

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