How to install AppCake From Cydia

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AppCake is the next big thing for Apple users after Installous. A lot of individuals download it nowadays because of its offered features. People who downloaded this app leave positive comments about how it worked for them.

If you want to experience its features, take note of the following details and procedures to let you start using AppCake on your Apple device, regardless of its type.

Jailbreaking your Apple device

The first step in installing AppCake is jailbreaking your device. Cydia won’t install on your device unless it is jailbroken, which means you won’t get AppCake as well from it. Jailbreaking your Apple device is simple by using jailbreaking programs like Greenpoison or RedSnow.

Jailbreaking is a process that you can do yourself at home. Download Greenpoison or RedSnow online and run it in on your computer. These are among the famous jailbreaking programs known for their easy user interface. Procedures in using the platform is available on the website where you decide to download the program. Follow the guides as you jailbreak the phone.

One of the good things about jailbreaking is some packages include Cydia. Hence, you simply need to install and configure it on your device. In case Cydia is unavailable with the jailbreaking program, you need to download it online and install it manually.

Keep in mind that jailbreaking is a safe process to do on your device. In case the device blackout, simply restore your device to its factory setting with iTunes. Some people also consult professionals in jailbreaking the phone and let them do the job. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be on your way to installing Cydia and AppCake.

The benefit of using AppCake

AppCake is one of the famous Installous replacement and it has a lot of benefits offered for you. Its primary benefit for it is the fact that it is easier to install compared to other alternatives. Several steps are all you need and you’ll be running it soon. All you need to do is to find the right repo.

Some alternatives may also work great on your device, but they are difficult to install on your device. Several users are able to install them although they have better technical knowledge to ensure it will work. Cydia and AppCake have easy to use features that you will absolutely find beneficial.

Installing Cydia

Download Cydia through your device. Wireless connection is needed to download and install this app. Find a specific mirror where you will find Cydia. Be sure to download the latest Cydia version on your device.

Once downloaded, run the program and the installer. You may need to click the archiver or extract the file. The program will initialize and will show several information about the installation process. Wait for several minutes and restart your device. You’ll know that Cydia is installed when the icon appears on the screen. Some configurations may be required once you run Cydia then continue with the next procedure.

Installing AppCake

The first part of installing AppCake is finding an AppCake repo online. Several repo sites are found online, but the official repo is You can choose other repos although it is recommended to obtain it from the official one as they offer updated repos. Save the information on paper, as you will need it later when you finally obtain AppCake from Cydia.

Once you have the repo, open Cydia and tap Manage. Select Sources -> Edit -> Add. From there, type the repo on the URL dialog box that will appear after selecting Add. Tap Add Source.

After adding, wait for Cydia and your device to recognize and verify the repo. There are instances when a warning dialog box will appear. Don’t worry as you only need to tap Add Anyway option and it will do the job. From there, wait and tap for Return to Cydia option when it appeared. The sign that this procedure has completed successfully is seeing the iPhoneCake repo added on the device. Tap it and search for AppCake+. Select Confirm and go back to Cydia.

Reboot your device to initialize AppCake. This will let you find and download apps through AppCake. The procedure is done and you can start using the downloaded apps on your device.

Installing AppCake is something that will let you enjoy similar features with Intallous. Follow these procedures and be confident in installing it on your device. You will start to use cracked apps and even take pleasure on their offered benefits on your mobile device use.

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