How to Install Kodi on Mi Box With Different Methods

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As you have landed upon this article today, we are sure you must be a fan of Netflix, YouTube, hulu, and other online streaming services which must have led you to buy a Mi box. You must have surely heard about Kodi if you are using Mi box or even read about it somewhere. Kodi is an awesome media player to watch high-quality definition content for home entertainment. It was developed by XBMC foundation in June 2004. It usually works on all the android boxes and has a wide user base. Today, we are writing this article to help you with installing Kodi on Mi box quickly.

Kodi is a highly recommended media player for android boxes as it also supports various add-ons to provide enhanced functionalities like support for ultra HD movies. You can install add-ons from third-party repositories easily by enabling unknown resources option in Kodi media player.

What Does Kodi Do?

Once you install Kodi, you will feel just like you are using a set-up box for watching TV. All the major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android and Linux support Kodi and moreover it is available totally for free of cost and you do not need to pay a single penny to use this awesome player. Even 4K content is available for free by simply installing some add-ons. We will guide you about this player on your Android box, so read on to know how to install Kodi on Xiaomi Mi box and other Android boxes.

What is Xiaomi Mi Box & How to Install Kodi On Mi Box?

kodi on mi box

For those who are not aware of the Mi box, let us give you a brief idea that it is just like a set top box of a TV but it works by using the internet and not by using digital satellite methods. You can access content from Netflix, YouTube, etc directly on your TV without the need of using any additional devices. It is powered by Android operating system and hence it works just like your smart TV. You can download and access all apps available on Google Play Store. What more, you can install Kodi on Mi box for free as it is an open source software. You might have used fire TV or chromecast to access online content on your traditional TV, Mi box also provides such functionalities for your television and on the top of it Kodi does the rest of the work for you. The methods that we are going to show you will not only work on Mi box but also for any other similar devices running on Android. So here goes the first method.

Guide To Download Kodi on Mi Box – Mi Box Kodi

You do not need to be a technology expert to do anything that we are going to suggest here. Hence, please follow this steps to download Kodi for Mi Box.

  • Start your Mi box along with your TV and go to the Google Play Store.

Kodi on Mi Box

  • We know you have also received an awesome remote with your Mi box and so make use of it to search for Kodi app. Just press the microphone button on the provided remote and say ‘Kodi’ to find the app. Google Play Store will effectively search for the keyword and scan the entire play store to present you the apps containing the keyword that you spoke.

Kodi on xiaomi Mi Box

  • You can easily identify Kodi application which will appear on the top results. Just tap on the app name to see the download page.
  • Click on install button to see all the list of permissions required by Kodi before installation, now again click on install to download Kodi on your Mi box.

  • It will download on your Mi box very soon, then click on the open button to launch the app.
  • You are done. You have already installed Kodi on Mi box, now you may go ahead and install add-ons to unlock more cool features.

The above method was a very simple method to download Kodi on Mi box but there are other methods also which we are going to introduce to you. So here goes the second method.

Alternate Method to Install Kodi On Xiaomi Mi Box

We recommend downloading using the first method but if you face any issue, then here is the second method. But before applying this method, follow the below steps:

  • First, go to the home page of Kodi application. It should look something like this:

install Kodi on xiaomi Mi Box

  • As you can see the kodi logo in the above screenshot, click the gear icon of settings just below that.
  • Now you must have entered application settings. Click on ‘system settings’ as seen on below snapshot.

  • A sidebar from the left should appear now, like this.

Mi Box Kodi

  • You are already there! As you can see unknown resources option above, you just need to turn it on. After that, you will be prompted with a message like below:

  • Just click yes here and you are done.

Watch Kodi Content using the Mi Android Box

  • Firstly, visit the Kodi official website on your computer to find the official APK file of the Kodi Android app for Mi box.
  • Download the app and transfer it to your USB or pen drive.
  • Now insert this pen drive to your TV and open the drive on your TV.
  • Locate the kodi apk file for installation and click install to access it.
  • It will be installed very soon and then you can just open the app, as usual, you will be required to accept the permissions before using it.

Final Words

Now that you have installed Kodi on your Mi box, you will be able to enjoy the best high-quality content including 4K movies. You can also visit our article on how to watch 4K movies on Kodi to know more about various add-ons which will let you access 4K content for free. You can also install Kodi on your Android TV by simply downloading the app from the play store to your TV. We hope you found this article helpful and we made it easy for you to install Kodi on Mi box. Always stay tuned for more articles like this.

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